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Susan Ruth Aikens, popularly referred to as Sue Aikens, is a famous American survivor, hunter and reality TV star who rose to prominence because of her role on the hit National Geographic reality TV show Life Below Zero, in which she starred alongside Andy Bassich, Jessie Holmes, Glenn Villeneuve, Chip Hailstone, and Erik Salitan.

On the show, she is tasked with the responsibility of living in extreme weather conditions several miles away from modern civilization, trying her best to survive with limited available resources. Besides her role on the show, many people are oblivious of who she really is. Let’s get that settled here, shall we?

Sue Aikens Biography – How Old is She? 

Sue Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, in Illinois, Chicago. She is of American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. Sue had a fairly good childhood until 1975 when her parents got separated and she had to relocate to Alaska with her mother. However, this living arrangement lasted a short while as her mother eventually abandoned her to fend for herself. Having tried basic jobs and finding it impossible to get the hang of, she moved into a wild wilderness camp which was owned by her grandparents in Alaska, and resided there for 16 years, thereby perfecting her survival instincts.

Her time in the wilderness wasn’t without its downside as she was attacked by a bear in 2007 while fetching water from a river, thereby leading to deep cuts on her arms, neck, head, and lips. Right after receiving treatments she tracked down the bear and shot it. In 2010, she made her move into reality TV by appearing on the show Sarah Palin Alaska as a survivor. The following year, she featured on yet another reality TV show – Flying World Alaska.

Jason Silver, Sue Aikens, and Courteney Monroe
Jason Silver, Sue Aikens, and Courteney Monroe (Image Source)

Her big break eventually came in 2013 when she was approached by National Geographic Channel and offered a chance to feature as one of six survivors on its reality TV show Life Below Zero, and as expected she accepted the offer gleefully. Ever since then, she has risen to become the most important cast member on the show and is one of the most famous survivors in the whole of North America. In 2015, while driving a snowmobile she hit an ice heave which led to a crash as well as several broken bones, torn ligaments, and joints, thereby sidelining her for a couple of months. After the much-needed break, she returned not only to the wilderness but to our screens which goes a long way to prove her dedication towards her profession.

Details of Her Net Worth

There has been lots of speculation for a while now about the net worth of Sue Aikens, with many wondering how much a survivor can possibly be worth? Well, you will be shocked. Sue Aikens over the years has been able to accumulate an estimated net worth of over $1 million. She also earns a whopping $200,000 a year from her role on the hit reality TV Show, Life below Zero.

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Family – Husband, Daughter & Son 

Like most successful women, Sue Aikens has had her fair lot of romantic sagas having been married thrice in her life. According to her, her first husband died of a brain tumor; after years of grieving over his death, she got married to Eddie James in June 1987. Their marriage lasted for 17 years until 2004 when they got divorced; Eddie eventually passed away in 2009.

Little is known with regards to her third husband except for the fact that he abandoned her for a much younger girl while she went on a trip. Sue Aikens is currently a single woman. Nevertheless, she is being rumored to be in a romantic relationship with a certain Michael G. Heinrich, but she is yet to confirm or deny this.

Moving on to her children, she is a proud mother of a son and two daughters. Due to her private lifestyle, their identities are very much a secret. However, it is a known fact that her children aren’t huge fans of the wilderness like their mother and as a result of that, they reside in more sophisticated cities. Despite the limited information as regards her children, it is known that her son got married in 2016. Her daughters, on the other hand, have been married with kids long before that.

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