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Have you ever seen something in real life that looks eerily like the very same demon you saw in your dream just last night? If no, then you are about to. 37 year old Jason Barnum who is a convicted felon definitely fits the description of something that should remain in the darkest areas of our nightmares. From the Various horrid-looking tattoos that cover his entire body, to his recent attempt to shoot a cop, Jason has been described as a very bad man. Apart from the last fiasco that earned him a 20 year sentence, Jason has spent roughly 81/2 years in prison for various offences and burglaries.

It was said that the police was investigating reports of burglaries at Anchorage Hillside when Barnum opened fire on them from inside the  of the hotel bathroom where he had been hiding. When he was charged to court, the court was told that he had 14 previous convictions against him. It was also said that he went into crime to be able to maintain a lifestyle of addiction to heroine.

In support of the fact that Jason is a bad man is the fact he admitted in court that he is not a nice person. Jason has used ink to cover a greater part of his skin.

The one on his arm says ‘pain’ and one in his eye was used to darken his eyeball. To get a tattoo on your skin hurts, how much more when you get one in your eye. The eye tattoo would indicate that Jason loves pain because that is about the only reason I can think of why a person would want to get a tattoo in the eye.

This explains why he is into crime, to inflict pain on others. In that case to call Jason a devil would be an insult to the devil himself.

He even has a human skull tattooed right in the middle of his head. Some people who are sympathetic to his plight are of the strong opinion that something traumatic must have happened to him to make him become what he is today. Considering the fact that we are all born innocent, that may be true.

According to the AP, Jason claimed that he was living in the streets and that he had tried to get a job, but his beautiful face did not allow him to do that. With a face like that, I will not be surprised if Satan himself rejects the him.

Following all of the circus that this man’s face has caused, people are beginning to sympathize with him. After all, his crime was attempted murder not ugly weird tattoos. We hope his face did not influence his sentence.

(source: Buzzfeed)