Steven Roy – Bio, Family & Facts About Carrie-Anne Moss’s Husband

Steven Roy may not have reached where his wife Carrie-Anne Moss is in the movie industry but he sure has all it takes to get there in no time. His wife is a celebrated actress but he is far more than that. As an entertainer, the Canadian actor has starred in some mind-blowing films like Shattered and in television series like Rosewell. He has also written and directed great films like The Guest House which featured talented actors like Kristen Kerr and Aaron Priceman. However, his popularity escalated, following his relationship with the multiple award-winning actress Carrie-Anne Moss. Let’s get to know more about Steven Roy.

Who is Steven Roy and How Old is He?

Steven was born in Canada on July 23, 1966, where he also grew up and had his educational career. Unfortunately, other information pertaining his childhood is not available. Also not available are stories about his parents and siblings if any. What we know so far is that as a kid, Steven had a passion for the show business, particularly in acting and as he grew older, he worked towards achieving his dreams. First, he enrolled in a film school in Toronto where he eventually met his wife Carrie-Anne Moss who was there to equally gain knowledge about acting. From the Toronto Film School, Steven Roy graduated and due to his commitment to the business, beginning his career in the industry was not much stress for him.

Steven Roy’s Family

Steven Roy is quite a private person when it comes to matters about his family but while information about his parents is not yet available, we are able to gather some vital facts about the family he shares with his wife Carrie-Anne Moss. The two got married on November 11, 1999, and they are still enjoying their lives together as a couple. Although the couple doesn’t often share their stories on social media, they are frequently seen together hanging out with their children – two boys Owen Roy Jedan Roy, and a daughter named Frances Beatrice Roy.

Other Details About Carrie-Anne Moss’s Husband, Steven Roy

His career achievements

Steven Roy began his acting career immediately after graduating from the Toronto Film School. He received his first acting role in 1996 when he appeared as Mick Broussard in a single episode of the television series, Viper. The series availed him the opportunity to share the screen with the Irish-American actor James McCaffrey and the American actor Jeff Kaake. Also included in the series are Fay Hauser, Jamie Rose, and Douglas Roberts. In 1997, he received his first feature role in a 1997 drama film Naked in the Cold Sun. Other popular shows he took part in include 7 Heaven, Rose well and Angel.

The 2002 film The Mallory Effect directed by Dustin Guy is arguably Steven Roy’s most popular film which portrayed him as Charlie. It was his role in the comedy film that earned him more roles in films like With or Without You, Shattered and Kalamazoo?

Steven Roy’s wife, Carrie-Anne Moss

Steven Roy's wife and his children
Steven Roy’s wife and children – Image Source

Steven Roy’s wife Carrie-Anne Moss is an actress, she was born in Burnaby, British Columbia. The actress was reportedly named after the song Carrie Anne released by the rock band The Hollies. She joined the show business in 1989 but received her first role in Dark Justice which began to air in the early 1990s. However, her breakthrough role came in the 1999 science fiction action film The Matrix where she appeared as Trinity, sharing the screen with the likes of Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving, and Keanu Reeves. When Steven met his wife at the film school, they dated for quite a while before deciding to settle down as husband and wife.

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 What is Steven Roy’s net worth

Steven Roy earns much of his wealth from his diversified role in the film industry. He is a film director and scriptwriter but most of his income is from his acting roles. While his actual income annually is not known, his net worth is estimated at $3 million. His wife’s net worth is quite higher with about a million dollars. her net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Where does Steven reside?

Although Steven and his wife spend most of their early years in Canada where they were both born, the couple currently resides with their children in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

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