What is Steve Carell’s Net Worth and Which Movies Made Him The Most Money?

Having been in the limelight for so many years, stunning movie lovers with his smooth, mind-blowing acting talent, Steve Carell’s net worth has always been a topic enthusiastically discussed by fans of the actor whom many consider one of the most versatile and hard-working men in Hollywood. Having been around the industry since 1989, Carell has gone on to record astronomical strides in his career, rising to the very top of the game and winning loads of fans for himself.

Also a comedian, Carell is known for being very humorous and has starred in many comedy movies which have severally left many movie lovers holding their sides in laughter. So far, he has starred in nearly 80 movies and TV series since his career began and is not yet done. During this time, he has won a lot of awards in recognition of his excellence in front of the camera.

Apparently, Steve Carell’s net worth is expected to be quite a huge lot at the moment considering the kind of work he has been able to put out as an actor and comedian. Some of his movies are high-grossing projects and his name resounds in the movie industry. But how much is he worth, really? Does he really have so much money as is being speculated? What are the movies that fetched him the most money during his career? Let’s take a look at the facts

What Is Steve Carell’s Net Worth?

Like we have mentioned earlier, fans expect that Steve Carell’s net worth is quite a huge lot at the moment because of his achievements over the years as an actor. Some of his movies have crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office and, according to reports, his movies combined have pulled in more than $5 billion at the box office over the years. So, what is Steve Carell’s net worth right now?

At the moment, Steve Carell’s net worth has been revealed to be an amazing $50 million by different sources. Apparently, a large chunk of this money was made from his acting, however, it is noteworthy that he has other streams of income which include:

He is also a producer

Steve Carell is not just an actor but also a producer who is respected for his work. As a matter of fact, the actor already has more than 10 credits under his belt as a producer and is still doing more. Some of his completed projects as a producer include The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005, Get Smart in 2008, Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011, among many others.

He also earns as a director

Steve Carell does not only act and produce movies, but he also directs them. He has even directed episodes of TV series such as The Office and Angie Tribeca.

Steve Carell's net worth
Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman star in “Evan Almighty” (2007)

Which Movies Made Steve Carell The Most Money?

Steve Carell has starred in ‘countless’ movies and TV series since his career began in 1989 but which ones made him the most money? Our findings have revealed that the actor scored his biggest salary when he starred in the 2011 comedy film Crazy, Stupid Love. According to reports, Carell earned $15 million from the movie. He also earned $12 million for his work in the 2010 comedy, Dinner for Schmucks.

Steve Carell also raked in a lot of money from his role in The Office, an American television sitcom in which he played Michael Scott. Carell started starring in the series in 2005 when he signed a deal with NBC to feature in the lead role. The role was so successfully played that Carell won a Golden Globe Award and Television Critics Association Award in 2006 for it.

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When he began filming The Office, Steve Carell earned only approximately $87,000 per episode of the series, however, as the show progressed, his salary increased. At the peak of his work on The Office, Steve Carell was raking in an amazing $300,000 per episode of the series. This means that the actor was earning a whopping $7.8 million per season of The Office.

Apart from his work on The Office, Steve Carell has also starred in other highly successful films like Despicable Me which grossed a whopping $543.1 million, Despicable Me 2 which grossed about 970.7 million, Despicable Me 3 which grossed $1.034 billion, and Minions which grossed an amazing 1.159 billion worldwide.

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