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If you combine guns, which is one of America’s favorite tools with the country’s high rising thirst for entertainment, you get the reality show – Sons of Guns. The show ran for five seasons and in that time, produced a couple of television personalities, one of which was Stephanie Hayden Ford, who, along with her father, Will Hayden, was one of the more prominent casts of the show.

Since the show ended, Stephanie Hayden Ford and her family haven’t enjoyed the calm and enjoyment that comes off the end of a successful show. From cases of sexual assault to battery, Stephanie and her husband, Kris Ford have been dealing with one scandal after the other.

To those who might not be familiar with the name or wish to learn more about this TV personality, here is an article about Stephanie Hayden Ford

Who is Stephanie Hayden Ford?

When it comes to Stephanie Hayden Ford, very little is known about her background or her childhood years. She is known to have been born to father Will Hayden, and there is no information about her mother. Interestingly, Stephanie is known to have had a close relationship with her father, which began all the way since she was a child when she was handed her own gun at the age of five by her father.

The fascination with guns which was cultivated by Stephanie Hayden Ford’s father would later grow into a business partnership following the completion of her education. Together, they established Red Jacket Firearms LLC which was based in Louisiana, where she is believed to have been born and raised.

For Red Jacket, Stephanie Hayden Ford worked as an Office manager and made a few appearances on the reality TV show, Sons of Guns that made her father, her husband, Kris Ford, and herself public personalities.

The train of satisfaction and joy that came from selling profitable weapons to law enforcement and security firms, along with a successful reality TV show came to an end when her father, Will Hayden was accused of rape. The show was subsequently canceled and their other business partner, Joe Meaux moved his business interest to two new companies he established.

Stephanie Hayden Ford, on the other hand, has continued to live outside of media spotlight after the incident with no information on her current life.

Stephanie Hayden Ford
Stephanie with other co-stars of Sons of Guns

Personal Life

Although there is a strong chance she has been in a number of relationships, Stephanie Hayden Ford has been in two major and significant relationships over the course of her life. The first was with William Scott, with whom she had a son. The second, so far, is Kris Ford, whom she is currently married to.

Little is known of her relationship with Kris Ford, but the two of them are believed to share two children together. Their children, however, is not the only thing Kris and Stephanie Hayden Ford have shared as a couple. They were also arrested in October 2014 for alleged child abuse, after they were accused of beating Stephanie’s child from her previous relationship with a belt. Stephanie, who was accused of watching while the incident happened was charged with being a principal to cruelty to juveniles while her husband, Kris Ford was charged with cruelty to juveniles.

Since the incident, Stephanie Hayden Ford and Kris Ford have lived consciously away from the spotlight.

Net Worth

Sons of Guns was the brainchild of Will Hayden, father of Stephanie Hayden Ford. The two of them both own the company that is the primary subject of the reality show, and thus, Stephanie is equally entitled to the money earned from the show.

There is no doubt that a show that ran for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes earned a considerable sum, both in advertisement and in increased business to their gun shop, Red Jacket Firearms. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Stephanie Hayden Ford is estimated to be worth a sum of $500,000.

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Other Facts About Stephen Hayden Ford

  1. Although she was a significant member of the gun shop, she only appeared in five out of 65 episodes of Sons of Guns.
  2. Her father, Will Hayden was sentenced to three life imprisonments following a guilty charge of aggravated rape.
  3. A lover of guns, Stephanie Hayden Ford’s favorite gun is the RJF-built, suppressed AK-47.
  4. Other than guns, her hobbies include photography, horse riding, and rock climbing.
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