What Is Ssundee’s Net Worth & Does He Have A Wife or Son?

If it is true that passion is the major key to career success, then Ssundee is one excellent proof of that. The Youtube superstar resigned his job with the US Air Force in order to enable him to pursue his gaming career. With currently over 11 million subscribers on his channel since he joined the video-sharing platform in 2009, the gamer’s over-the-top Youtube fame has been built mainly on the Minecraft video game.

Ssundee’s excellent Minecraft skills and hilarious commentaries coupled with his great sense of humor have been the secret of his YouTube mega-success.

Apart from Minecraft, the gamer also shares other videos especially kid-friendly ones. Here, you have all the relevant and fun facts about the former US Air Force soldier turned gamer in one place.

Who Is Ssundee and What is His Age?

The gamer is now popularly known as Ssundee (the name he gave to his YouTube channel when he created it). But he was born Ian Marcus Stapleton on December 2, 1988, in California, USA. Details about his family such as the names and professions of his parents or siblings are not available at the moment.

Regarding his education, story has it that Ian did not enjoy going to school as a child. Instead, he preferred outdoor activities like football and other games. This inclination eventually led him to join the US Air Force after he managed to finish High School.

While in the military, Ian became a fan of the comedian and TV personality Joe Hanson. He was especially attracted to Joe’s sense of humor and watched and followed his TV programs, especially the ‘Joe Goes’ series.

With so much inspiration from Joe, Ssundee began to seek opportunities to express his love for humor which he inevitably found in video games and commentaries. Against this background, he uploaded his initial gaming videos like ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Dota’  and more.

He soon discovered Minecraft and was highly fascinated with the amount of attention he got for his gaming skills among the gaming audience across the internet. The degree of success he saw, encouraged him to focus on Minecraft mainly.

As a result of his insane ‘Minecraft’ skills, Ssundee’s subscriber base on YouTube soon snowballed. Armed with these skills also, he has become a member of the prestigious Minecraft gamers group called ‘Team Crafted’. Apart from Minecraft, Ssundee has also become popular by playing and commenting on games such as Clash of ClansCall of DutyLeague of Legends, and Pokémon Go.

Ssundee’s Wife And Son

Ssundee wife
Ssundee and his first wife Maddie in 2011: Image source.

The YouTuber Ssundee is a married man. He was previously married to a woman named Maddie, but the pair got divorced in the year 2012. Together, they have a son named Colton.

Ian then met and fell in love with another woman, also named Maddie, and the two tied the knot in the year 2014. Maddie is also a YouTuber just like her husband. She was noted for sharing The Sims and Minecraft video games on her self-titled Youtube Channel. However, since October 2014, Maddie has transformed and transferred from Youtube to Instagram. She is now better described as an Instagram star. Maddie is three years younger than her husband Ian.

To the best of our knowledge, Ssundee and Maddie are still married. However, their union is yet to produce any kid. But Maddie plays the role of a stepmother to Colton.

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Net Worth And Earning

No one seems to know Ssundee’s exact net worth, but, as of January 2019, he was reported to be worth an estimated sum of $12 million which he has earned mainly from YouTube.

According to Socialblade’s YouTube Money Calculator, Ssundee’s YouTube Channel receives four million daily views on the average. With an estimated CPM of between $2.5 and $4, he has an estimated daily earning of between $1,000 and $16,000. This gets him a monthly estimate of between $30,000 and $480,000 and a yearly projection of between $360,000 and $5,760,000.

Other Facts About Ssundee

Ssundee’s online accounts were hacked in 2015 by a famous hacker known as @Parody. His YouTube channel, as well as his Twitter accounts were both victims of the attack. Happily, however, the YouTuber was able to get back his accounts eventually.

Ssundee left Team Crafted sometime. But we cannot say if he rejoined them.

Ssundee sparked the hashtag #PrayForSSundee in early 2018 when he took another time off YouTube. Already, his activities on YouTube had reduced from December 2017. Then, he announced he needed to take time off to work on his relationship with his second wife which had begun to experience difficulties as a result of the Youtuber paying little attention to his wife.

Ssundee stands at a height of 5 feet, 7 inches. His eye color is blue while his hair color is brown.

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