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She is an epitome of beauty and you would not be far from the truth if you choose to dub her “beauty with brains”. She is none other than SSSniperWolf. Internet queen who has been making the rounds as not just an amazing game player but also a social media star. The fast-rising celeb has garnered much fame since the inception of her social media career in 2013 when she first started by posting Call of Duty videos on YouTube. Just like Pokimane Thicc, Sniper is regarded as one of the top game influencers on YouTube. In addition, she is also working as a host of the show titled Clickbait with SSSniperWolf.

Who is SSSniperWolf and How Old is She?

SSSniperWolf was born in England, on October 22, 1992, with the given name Alia Lia Shelesh. The social media influencer was raised alongside three siblings in a conservative family in England where she spent her early years before making the conscious decision to move over to the United States. There, she received a high school education. Soon after she graduated from high school, Sniper enrolled at a community college but didn’t continue because of the series of issues she had with the school authorities.

Later on, the amazing game player transferred to a different school, where she pursued a career in pharmacy; however, The rising YouTuber harbored a natural dislike for chemistry which made her switch over to nursing. SSSniperWolf joined YouTube in 2013 and upon the discovery that it was actually proving difficult to bring her education and newfound career at equilibrium, she decided to quit school in order to face her social media career.

SSSniperWolf’s Career Achievements

Lia developed a keen interest in gaming at a very tender age and when she was six; her father got her a play station game. While she was growing up, she took the time to master her pad tapping skills. Among her most favored games include Саll оf Dutу: Вlасk Орѕ 3, Оvеrwаtсh, Наlо 5: Guаrdіаnѕ, Dеѕtіnу, Меtаl Gеаr Ѕоlіd V: Тhе Рhаntоm Раіn, Еvіl Wіthіn, Untіl Dаwn, and a lot more.

She also adopted the name SSSniperWolf courtesy of her character in the popular Metal Gear Solid game. Starting her career in 2013, Lia posted her first game playing videos on her channel. Her exceptional gaming prowess attracted several game-loving fans to her channel; thus bringing her into the limelight. She became famous for posting video game character cosplays, as well as, Call of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid.

However, following the tremendous successes she recorded in her first channel, the amazing star began a second channel titled LittleLiaWolf in 2014. She uses her second channel for DIY videos, showcasing her talents about craft, recipes, and home goods. Meanwhile, SSSniperWolf currently has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, over one million on Twitter, and over 10.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Additionally, she was named on the Forbes List of Top Influencers in the Gaming category. Asides from her gaming and social media career, Sniper is also a television host for the popular show called Clickbait with SSSniperWolf. The 2017 episode of FANtasies dubbed “Ready to Kill.” Featured her on set. We cannot fail to mention the 2018 Ultimate Expedition – an adventure series which is also one of her credits.

Presently, the female gamer can boast of over a billion views on YouTube. Her career as a social media influencer has been an overall success, and the following she has gained on YouTube over time has, in turn, boosted the number of her daily views on the platform.

Meet the Members of her Family

The amazing game player and YouTube Star came from a loving and caring family. Though the identity of her parents is not known, she seems to be close to them, especially her dad who gifted her with a play station game at the age of six.

She has three younger siblings – two guys and a girl who is eight years younger. Both SSSniperWolf and her only sister have always been fond of each other. They both play and hang out together; Lia has also featured her sis several times on YouTube channel and even has one video dedicated to the young lady.

YouTube Has Made Her Rich

The most recent update of the YouTuber’s wealth pegged it at $15 million. Ѕѕѕnіреrwоlf’s net worth which was reviewed in May 2020 makes her one of the highest earners among the social media influencers of our time.

A lion’s share of the internet personality’s wallet came through her activities on YouTube. She garners revenue through adverts and sponsorship.

Ѕѕѕnіреrwоlf has acquired several choice properties over the years. With the revenue she garnered from her YouTube monetization, the social media star procured a house in February 2014. Though she omitted to mention the market worth of the building, she recorded a video of herself while buying the property and shared the same on YouTube.

Another video showed the beauty purchasing a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray worth $70, 000. There is a video of her buying a Bugatti, but that is not all. Ѕѕѕnіреrwоlf boasts of a Меrсеdеѕ S550worth about $100, 000, and there are still other exotic brands of automobiles.

Relationship with Evan Sausage

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage image source

Taking a sneak peek at her love life and relationships, Sniper has not been linked to many love affairs. She has been having an off-and-on relationship with a fellow YouTube star Evan Sausage. Born on March 28, 1992, Sausage was raised in Arizona. Just like SSSniperWolf, Sausage is well-known for playing games such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Call of Duty.

Sausage joined Twitter in 2013 where he connected with Sniper after commenting on her tweet during the same year. After a while, they kicked off their relationship, and in 2014, Sausage created his own YouTube account where he uploads gameplay videos. Their relationship went through some rough patches that caused them to separate in 2016. However, their love survived the hiatus and they were able to bounce back stronger than before.

Since then, the pair has done lots of videos in collaboration. Interestingly, Sniper revealed in 2015, that she and Sausage bought a house together and would likely be getting married soon. The lovebirds are currently focused on reaching the peak of their careers. SSSniperWolf lives with her pets – two dogs named Tuna and Kaz.

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She Is Quite The Eye-Candy

SSSniperWolf is a very gorgeous lady and she has an attractive personality. As obvious in her videos; you can’t overlook the fact that she’s got curves in the rightful places. In addition, she is not very tall, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches which is an inch less than the average height for American women.

She has sporty body measurement (breast-waist-hips) of 35-24-36 inches and weighs 54 kg (119 pounds). Lia has black hair and brown eyes; she wears a bra of size 32C and a dress of size 6.

The popular YouTuber has one phobia; she is actually terrified of going to see the doctor, in fact, she has not seen a doctor for over a decade and is well aware that she is taking her fear of visiting a physician to the extreme. However, the beautiful damsel is hale and hearty without any known health issues whatsoever.

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