How Soulja Boy Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million and What He Does With It

The American rap sensation Soulja Boy started out by topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with his debut single ‘Crank Dat’ in 2007. The song only narrowly missed bagging a Grammy. He was just seventeen at the time and he didn’t even go all out to spend a fortune and follow all the protocols of the industry to throw up the blockbuster. Instead, it was merely a self-published piece on the web. That tells what a super-star he is. In terms of his financial profile, Soulja Boy’s net worth has been estimated at a massive $30 million. Let’s discuss how he accumulated his wealth and other relevant details.

How Soulja Boy Became Famous 

He was born as DeAndre Cortez Way on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, USA. Soulja probably began to manifest the musical talents very much early in life. But it was after he moved to Atlanta Georgia with his family at the age of six that the talent became obvious as he would often be found trying to emulate the top names in rap music at the time.

Over the years, the interest grew so strong he had to raise money to procure a simple musical studio which was no more than a computer set and a couple of apps and equipment.

At the age of fifteen, and less than two years to his first big hit, Soulja Boy had to write his own biography on Wikipedia (which is totally different from his current profile on the site). Not only that he told a couple of details of his life in that piece, many online comments now view it as being prophetic because he wrote about being “the next big thing on the hip hop scene”.

It is from that autobiographical account of the star that we have come to learn that he began to rap at the young age of 10 while he was a pupil at Parks Middle School in Atlanta Georgia. He also revealed about receiving an early tutelage and technical assistance from a certain Atlanta record producer identified as ‘Young Kwon’ but whose detail we have not been able to ascertain. Talking about Soulja Boy’s net worth and how he achieved it, it is clear that this is where and how it all started.

Soulja Boy’s Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As we have already mentioned, it all started in his mind: he believed in himself to the point of writing a predictive autobiography for the entire world to read. After that, without waiting for everything to be ready, he launched out. He began to establish a network by first going to learn from Young Kwon. Then, by his own testimony, he began to play around the computer in an attempt to record his own effort. That is how he ended up producing that his hit debut (Crank Dat), using a demo version of the FL Studio app.

After Crank Dat topped several charts and went close to winning a Grammy, Soulja Boy began to attract the attention of top industry players. The single received airplay from different quarters and, soon, got used as a sound-track on the HBO series Entourage. Next, Soulja Boy met the well-revered music producer Michael Crooms (popularly known as Mr. Collipark or DJ Smurf) who helped him to get signed with the Universal Music Group-owned Interscope Records.

Today, the rest is history. He has worked with the topmost names in the industry such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, MC Hammer, and more, resulting in 5 hit studio albums, several singles and tens of millions of downloads of his works. He has also made about 19 cameo appearances on films. Every one of these has meant dollars rolling into Soulja Boy’s account.

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What He Does With His Money

BMW i8
Soulja Boy poses on his BMW i8 at his Atlanta GA home: Image source

Soulja Boy achieved his net worth, not just from singing but he also reinvests his money a lot. For instance, over the years, the rapper has launched his own record label named Stack On Deck (SOD) and, with it, he has gone into record production. He has also gone into fashion designing having launched a clothing line (S.O.D. Clothing) and a shoe line named Yums. In addition to that, he founded a fashion brand (BLVD Supply) which sells all sorts of fashion accessories ranging from t-shirts to hats, backpacks, and more.

Apart from reinvesting his wealth, Soulja Boy spends his money on cars and real estate. He has one of the most expensive car collections you can find which includes such high-brow autos like a Chrysler 300, a Bugatti, a Porsche 991, and a Bentley Mulsanne. At the top of the collection is certainly his well-reported diamond-covered RC Lamborghini which reportedly cost him $250,000. As for real estate, the young star owns a home in Atlanta GA and in Malibu California.

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