Exploring How Sonia Azad Became a Well Known Journalist and Her Relationship History

Sonia Azad is one TV anchor who could pass for a model because of her beauty and composure. The Emmy award-winning journalist is popular for being a health and wellness reporter for WFAA, an ABC-affiliate based in Dallas, Texas. Her sessions also air on TEGNA stations and web platforms. As an experienced science journalist, Azad has touched thousands of lives with her daily reports on News 8 Daybreak from Monday through Friday. She is also known to have covered crime, weather, politics, and international stories.

Although she is not the type of person to be crazy about expensive wears and accessories, her polished and elegant appearance speaks a lot about her personality. With growing success in journalism, her admirers have become interested in not just her profession but her personal life, most importantly, her love life.

Azad’s Persian Roots Influenced Her Passion For Journalism

WFAA’s Sonia Azad was born on September 17, 1982, to Persian parents who resided in Texas. Growing up with her Persian family, she would come to develop an immense love for Asian culture. Though she has not revealed details regarding the identity of her family, there is no doubt that she maintains a close-knit relationship with them.

By her own testimony, her unique passion for journalism began to bud from her childhood days when she would watch news bits about happenings in the Persian Gulf and would dream of reporting such events herself someday. Although she has not shared a lot of information about her early years, this is one indication that the TV star had an exciting and inspiring upbringing. While she has her ethnic origins traced to Persia, she holds the American passport by the virtue of her birth. She also speaks of her love for South Asian culture and fashion and that is why she is fond of wearing the Indian sari.

Sonia attended the University of Texas where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism. She then proceeded to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism for her Master of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism. Azad also has additional certification from Northwestern University’s law school where she received a Master of Legal Studies.

Sonia is also a certified yoga instructor and a marathon runner. Outside her professional career, she spends her time in yoga studios where she enjoys teaching corporate classes. According to her, yoga helps her spiritual balance. It awakens her to the daily demands of her job as a journalist.

A Summary of Sonia’s Rise to Prominence As A Journalist

According to her LinkedIn profile, Sonia Azad began her professional journalism career as a general assignment reporter at the ABC-affiliated TV station, KGTV Channel 10 San Diego. That was in August 2008. She operated from San Diego, Waco, Chicago, Houston, and College Station. She worked with the broadcasting firm for ten months leaving them in May 2009.

From June 2009, she began working as a general assignment reporter with the Walt Disney Company-owned television station KTRK-TV based in Houston Texas. She spent five years and 10 months there between June 2009 and March 2015. Then in October 2015, she joined WFAA-TV, another ABC-affiliate. She has also been an independent reporter for a couple of other stations.

Sonia Azad has risen to prominence in her career mainly due to the uniqueness of the events she covers. She has received praise for reporting on some of the most engaging global and domestic events like the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster for Star Television out of New Delhi, India, the Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers in Paris, Hurricane Harvey and its medical outcome, the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Dallas, and the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Sonia is also remembered for breaking the news on the same-sex marriage of Houston Mayor Annise Parker from Palm Springs, California. It was in fact, her late 2010 half-hour report entitled ‘Passage to India’ about the Rotary International reaching out to impoverished people in Southern India that fetched her the prestigious Emmy Award in 2011. She was also named among the best reporters in Texas, in 2012, by the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters.

As expected of journalists, Azad maintains a high level of activity of on social media where she frequently shares her official sessions as well as other issues that relate to her areas of interest. For instance, she was particularly active on Twitter during the COVID-19 pandemic scourge where she tweeted and retweeted posts that held the chances to assist the public in overcoming the pandemic and other issues that it brought with it. A good example is this post where she tried to establish a relationship between the viral pandemic and “a sharp rise in cardiac events and subsequent deaths”.

Outside of work, Sonia Azad dedicates much of her time to her community. She works with the Board of Directors for the Halo House Foundation and on a regular basis. She has also been spotted delivering Meals on Wheels to some senior citizens in Southern Dallas. All these have added a feather to her career cap.

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What We Know About The Ace Journalist’s Love Life

Sonia Azad boyfriend or Husband
Sonia Azad with Teddy which she describes as her boyfriend

Despite being so popular on screen, Sonia Azad has remained quiet when it comes to details about her personal life. The young Persian beauty has no record of being previously married and neither does she speak of anyone as her husband or boyfriend.

However, there was a time she was rumored to be in a relationship with Ron Corning, her work colleague on News 8 Daybreak. But none of the two journalists ever confirmed the rumor. Meanwhile, an inquisitive fan on WFAA’s News 8 Daybreak’s Twitter handle once dared to probe into the issue and the station decided to use that as an opportunity to clarify the rumor officially. The station made a tweet of their own stating that there was no such romance going on between the duo. Instead, the obvious camaraderie that exists between them issues out of the spirit of teamwork.

Sonia herself has also expressed the desire to have a kid of her own whether with or without a husband. She has done that via her documentaries on egg-freezing and the processes involved in the new biological science. She says her aim of doing that is to encourage her fellow women to embrace the new technology while making plans about their motherhood. She once shared a video where she was seen injecting herself with hormones in that regard.

Concerning her plan to get married, she once mentioned that running a marathon in Antarctica seemed to her a more compelling dream than getting married. She once shared a photo of herself with a Teddy which she referred to as her boyfriend (photo above).

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