Inside Simone Alexandra Johnson Dwayne Johnson’s First Daughter’s Personal Life

Everyone is familiar with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Those who do not know him as a film superstar will remember him as one of the most popular wrestlers in the 90s. His life has been in public view, a direct result of his extreme popularity. This has naturally spilled to other members of his family, such as his daughter Simone Alexandra Johnson, who is the first daughter of the Wrestling icon and Hollywood superstar.

Simone Alexandra’s primary claim to fame might be through her father but she has been working towards building a legacy that can be fully attributed to her. Apart from being a model, she aspires to follow in the footstep of her father and become a wrestling star. Because of her aspirations, people have been keeping up with Simone just as they have shown interest in knowing details of her early life.

Basic Biographical Facts About Simone Alexandra Johnson

Without a doubt, being born to a mega-rich and famous film star isn’t the worst way to begin one’s life on earth. Simone Alexandra Johnson got to enjoy the coveted status on the 14th of August 2001 when she was born to her father Dwayne Johnson and her mother Dany Garcia who was Dwayne Johnson’s wife at the time. Simone was born in Davie, Florida.

While her father is notably known as a wrestling icon and film star, her mother, is a producer and owner of The Garcia Companies which is focused on media management. Her parents were together for 10 years before their divorce in 2008.

As the daughter of a high-profile celebrity, details about her education have been kept away from the media for security reasons but we know she has graduated from high school. While her education has been kept out of the press’ reach, her budding career has been enjoying significant publicity.

Meet Her Step-Parents and Half-Siblings

As mentioned earlier, her mother Dany Garcia is the owner of a media management company while her father is well… The Rock. Her mother, since the divorce from her father in 2008, has been married to Dave Rienzi, a former personal trainer of Dwayne Johnson. Dany and Dave have been married since 2014 and the man who was once a personal trainer of Simone Alexandra’s biological father is now her step-father.

Her father, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with Lauren Hashian who is a singer and although they only got married in 2019, precisely on the 18th of August, they are already parents to two children: a daughter named Jasmine Johnson who was born on the 16th of December 2015 and another named Tiana Gia Johnson born on the 17th of April 2018. Jasmine and Tiana are Simone’s half-siblings and Lauren is her step-mother.

Simone might be the only biological child of her parents, but she has an extensive and close family that includes her step-siblings and extended family members from her father’s Samoan side. She is also very close to her father whom she often accompanies to red carpet events.

Detailing Her Exploits In Modelling and Wrestling

Simone Alexandra Johnson
Simone and her superstar father, Dwayne Johnson

Being the daughter of one of the most beautiful men in the country, Simone naturally inherited the good genes of her parents and as such became a worthy candidate for a modeling career. She has put this to good use by signing with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, IMG Models. She has developed an Instagram modeling image that has seen her acquire hundreds of thousands of followers. Her carriage and fashion knowledge have also helped her become an ambassador of the Golden Globe Awards, a feat that made her the first person to hold the role.

Born into a family of wrestlers, Simone Alexandra Johnson is following the family business and pursuing an interest in wrestling. Her grandfather Rocky Johnson was a wrestler, and her great-grandfather Peter Maivia was a wrestler too among a couple of other uncles and aunts. According to her father in an interview in 2018, Simone plans to become a WWE Wrestler and she already has the support of her father and her grandmother, Ata Johnson.

While the options are wide for Simone with guaranteed support from family members, it was said that she intends to complete her education and wants to do so by earning a business degree in college. Anyway, it emerged sometime in February 2020 that Simone is set to join the WWE and had commenced training at the WWE Performance Center. A few months later, it was confirmed that she has inked a deal with WWE; this saw her became the first fourth-generation WWE superstar and the youngest person to be signed by WWE in the organization’s history.

If there is one thing that most certainly sets The Rock apart from other global film stars, it is his physical profile. His background in wrestling has enabled him to build a profile that is so unique and makes him recognizable anywhere in the world. With Simone Alexandra Johnson becoming a wrestler, she will have to achieve a similar physical uniqueness. At the moment, she stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Her other notable features include golden brown eyes and dark hair.

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What We Know About Her Love Life

Given who she is, it is hardly a surprise that people have been asking questions about Simone Alexandra Johnson’s love life. Sadly, information about this has remained unknown as Simone is yet to disclose anything about that.

As such, it has been upheld in some quarters that she is single and focusing on building her career as a wrestler. While that is possibly true, it is also possible that Simone is dating someone but choose to keep it private.

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