Simon Cowell’s Net Worth and How He Spends His Millions

Fame and fortune are two things that happen to go hand in hand as the former almost always leads to the latter while the latter most certainly brings the former even when the person in that position is not seeking for it. Simon Cowell’s net worth is proof that the first statement is true as he is one of the many people who have been able to parlay their fame, with his coming about as a result of his ear for music, into hundreds of millions of dollars.

From working behind the scenes to help acts like Westlife create music that helped them achieve worldwide fame and multiple accolades, Cowell has become a mainstay on some of the most viewed and highly rated television shows where he gives his candid opinion on the talents of people who wish to become entertainers. Through these ventures, the Englishman has been able to afford himself a lavish life that even other rich people wish they enjoyed. Read on to find out more on the talent show judge’s earnings, what exactly his net worth is and how he spends his money.

What is Simon Cowell’s Net Worth

According to multiple celebrity wealth calculating websites, Simon Cowell’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million. The one time artists and repertoire (A&R) consultant for BMG was able to garner such gigantic net worth, thanks to all his music and entertainment-related ventures.

As the story goes, Simon Cowell made his first million in the mid-1990s following the success of the music of actors Robson Green and Jerome Flynn, who he notably went to lengths to convince them to sign with him and make music. Following the success of the duo, he signed boy bands like Five and Westlife whose success further brought him more millions.

With his impeccable ear for music evident for everybody to see, Cowell took up the role of judge on the first series of the British music competition TV series, Pop Idol in 2001. At the end of the first season of the show, he signed the top two acts from it and helped them create records that reached number one on the UK chart and were among the best-selling records of the year and decade.

In the years that follow, Simon Cowell also increased his net worth by signing lucrative contracts to appear as a judge on other music and talent shows while he also created some of his own through his newly formed Syco Entertainment company. The music mogul, who is now currently named amongst the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME, further signed a few more acts from the shows he presided over, like One Direction, who fetched him millions more through their musical success.

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How Does Simon Cowell Spend His Millions?

Simon Cowell’s Net Worth
Simon Cowell and Partner in Bugatti Veyron (image source)

Thanks to his huge net worth, Simon Cowell has been able to afford himself a very lavish lifestyle that includes owning exquisite mansions on different continents and having some of the most luxurious and vintage automobiles in his garage, among other things.

Cowell owns homes in London, England and Beverly Hills, California. When in London, he lives in a five-bedroom house in Holland Park, where people like the Beckhams and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page also reside. British newspapers have recently reported that the star has put his home up for sale for £15million as he looks to move into a six-bedroom house in Wimbledon. In the US, Cowell resides in a Beverly House mansion he built from the ground up after having bought the property in 2004. The house is a 6-bedroom 6-bathroom mansion that features amenities like a high-tech media theatre, state-of-the-art gym, luxury spa, swimming pools, and a separate live-in Butler’s and Maid’s quarters.

In addition to his jaw-dropping net worth, Simon Cowell also has classic car collection which includes a Bugatti Veyron which goes for about £1million, a Bentley Continental GT that sells for about £160,000, a £650,000 Jaguar Eagle Speedster and a £160,000 Lamborghini Urus SUV. Others include a £130,000 Morgan Aero Ss, an Aston Martin Db7 and Db9, and a Ferarri California, among others. Another quite famous car in his garage is the Rolls Royce Phantom which sells for around £320,000. Cowell famously found himself to be a victim of the MTV show Punk’d where the luxury vehicle appeared to have been stolen and had caused an accident, putting him in panic mood.

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