Is Simmi Singh Related To Lilly Singh? Here Are Facts About The YouTube Star

Does the name Simmi Singh ring a bell? She is an Indian-American YouTube star, actress, dancer, and martial artist, who rose to fame through sharing comic and prank videos on her eponymous YouTube channel. Prior to the inception of her YouTube career, Simmi had done several jobs including working at her family’s restaurant, and as an assistant stylist, as well as a sales associate, among other things.

Her online career began in 2011 when she created her first YouTube channel – TheSimszter. Since then, her channel has gone on to amass more than 800 thousand loyal subscribers. Aside from YouTube, Simmi is also popular on other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Who is Simmi Singh?

The YouTuber was born Simmi Singh on the 25th day of May 1989 and she is a native of Florida, United States. Born into a traditional Sikh family, Simmi’s ancestry could be traced back to her parent’s origin – Phagwara, Punjab, India. She is the second out of four children born to her parents. She has two younger brothers and an older sister.

Growing up, Simmi Singh spent her early years in Florida and at the age of 6, her family moved to Orlando. After settling in Orlando, her parents sent Simmi and her older sister back to their native home in Punjab where they spent the next four years of their lives learning about the Punjab values and culture. Afterwards, she and her sister returned back to the United States.

For her education, the YouTuber attended the University of Florida where she acquired a bachelor’s degree majoring in health and a minor in business. Soon after her graduation, she made her way into their family business. Meanwhile, her father owns a restaurant called Amrit Palace in Ocala, Florida.


In her family business, Simmi first worked as a server and later, as a cashier before leaving the business. She later moved to California where she got a job as a sales associate at the popular clothing brand – American Eagle. She worked there briefly before getting a new position as an assistant manager at V/SUAL. Subsequently, she became a stylist in a fashion store, a job which she didn’t like so much. She also tried her hands on becoming a pharmacy technician before pursuing her online career.

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Simmi Singh began her YouTube career in 2011. Before then, she made a video of herself and posted it on Facebook; to her utmost surprise, the video went viral, hence inspiring her to join YouTube and build a career on the platform. On her YouTube channel – TheSimszter, Simmi shares hilarious pranks and comedic videos to the admiration of her fans. According to her, her YouTube career has been greatly influenced by Lilly Singh who is also a YouTube star.

Her channel has been able to amass a massive fan following and she currently has over 800 thousand loyal subscribers. Some of her most popular videos include High School w/ My Indian Mom, When You Really Want To Be A Twin (But You are Not), and When You Are Always The 3rd Wheel, among others.

Is Simmi Singh Related To Lilly Singh?

Since Simmi Singh came into the limelight, many of her fans have been curious to find out if she is related to Lilly Singh or not. For the curious, the two ladies are not related in any way. Although they have many things in common including their last names and careers, Simmi and Lilly don’t have any familial relationship.

Also known as a Superwoman, Lilly Singh is a Canadian comedian, actress, media personality and YouTuber of Indian descent. Lilly began her YouTube career in 2010 and has featured several prominent celebrities on her channel including Amber Rose, Dwayne Johnson, James Franco, Selena Gomez, Priyanka Chopra, and Hassan Minhaj, among others. According to Simmi, Lilly is one of her greatest influences.

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Interesting Facts About The YouTube Star

1. In addition to her stints on YouTube, Simmi also boasts a large following on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

2. Simmi Singh has done a little bit of acting and has appeared on TV miniseries such as Just Another Nice Guy, You’re Sexist, and Wally Got Wasted, etc.

3. Although she has worked with Yousef Erakat’s manager, the duo is rumoured to have started a romantic relationship in 2018.

4. Simmi Singh is not so tall, the YouTube star has an average height of 5 feet 3 inches.

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