kids' tantrums
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Tantrums are fact of children. They are an emotional equivalent of a summer storm – sudden and most times fierce. One minute you and your child are having mom and baby time, the next he or she starts throwing tantrums – whimpering, whining and then screaming to go home.

And they are no pretty sight to behold. Besides kicking, whimpering, screaming, or pounding the floor, they may throw things, hit, and even hold their breaths until they become blue. Good enough,  they go as quickly as they come. More on the plus side, they are the joy of parenthood and sometimes get us laughing at the silliest reasons they get angry.

Some parents have captured moments their babies flew into a tiny ball of rage while screaming over the silliest things. Below are some of the funniest parenting nightmares people submitted to parenting blogs tagging them “Reasons My Son Is Crying”.  Have fun checking them out!

He Sure Doesn’t Like Homemade Products

Can’t One Enjoy Lunch Mixed With Dirt, At Least For Once?

Door Mats Taste Better Than Strawberry Ice Cream

A Warm Embrace For Used Nappy


A Ghost Probably Shoveled Down This baby’s Muffins …

He Left Some Of His Limbs At home And Needed To Get Socks For Them

That Lunch Is Very Important

Get Out Of My way

Once You are A Mom Or Dad, You Should Be Able To Fix Everything


Toilet Fun

Let Me Out, But How Did You get In… In the First Place?

Shouldn’t There Be Rainscreen Too?

Dog Poop As A Playmate….Nice!

Next Time, Find Somewhere To Rest Doggy

Hips Can’t Lie… Little One

Awww,  His Sister Is Wondering What She Has Done Wrong

The Lego-Man Needed To Be Dead

His Head Needs To Be Punished

Not A Bad Idea To Get Everything There Is To Get

He Is Brave Enough To Survive Without Them

Who Is Walking Who Now?

Couldn’t Resist The Yummy Taste Of Styrofoam

He Doesn’t Want Your Wishes

Is His Turn Forever

He Is A Big Guy And Can Walk Alone

This Little Girl Doesn’t Like To Be Joined …. Especially Not During Breakfast