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Sierra Deaton is an American pop star who is renowned for having one of the smoothest voices in the industry. She shot to fame as a member of the Alex and Sierra pop group and has over time, succeeded in building a community of loyal listeners who are scattered around her social media pages, constantly anticipating new releases from her.

Velvety smooth and full of resonance, Sierra’s voice has been compared to that of powerhouses likes Ariana Grande and Shakira and continues to thrill her many fans with her immense talent.

Sierra Deaton’s Early Life

Sierra Deaton was born on the 11th of February, 1991, in Philadelphia, USA. Although an American, she also has British and Vietnamese roots. This is because her father, Dr. John Deaton is an Englishman and her mother, Vu Deaton, is a Vietnamese woman. Sierra has an older sister, identified as Lara Deaton with whom she grew up in Orlando, Florida.

As a young girl, Sierra was said to be a very talented singer. She would run round the house singing and acting like she was on stage, using sticks as microphones. She also loved dancing. In fact, sources have it that the singer has been dancing right from the age of 2. She would later go on to study tap, ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, and others.

Growing up, Sierra attended the Lake Howell High School located in Florida. All this time, she kept honing her skills as a singer and kept aspiring to become a professional in the industry. It is on record that she later attended the University of Central Florida.

Her Time on Alex and Sierra Musical Duo

Sierra had always had this burning desire to sing and express herself through it. It was this burning desire that led her to Alex Kinsey, another American singing enthusiast from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. When their paths crossed, they found out they had a lot in common in terms of music and so they quickly formed a group called ‘Alex and Sierra’.

Their big moment came in 2013 when they decided to take part in the third and final season of The X Factor US, a very popular American music competition television show. The couple auditioned for the show in New Orleans, Louisiana where they sang Britney Spears’ song, ‘Toxic’. The judges were thrilled and sent Alex and Sierra to the next round. Eventually they made it to the top 40 and got Simon Cowell, one of the judges, as their mentor.

Throughout the competition, the duo continued to mesmerize the audience with their smooth performances and often got standing ovations after singing. They were also hailed for having some kind of sexiness to them. It was not long before Americans started to realize that the group, Alex and Sierra was a top contender for the prize following their unblemished renditions of top classics.

Sierra Deaton
Sierra Deaton and Alex Kinsey

When Alex and Sierra appeared on their first live show during the competition, they performed their own version of Robin Thicke’s hit ‘Blurred Lines’ and immediately earned a spot in the top 12 after the judges described their performance as unique. When they eventually made it to the semi-finals, their performance was so good that the entire audience was enchanted. In fact their rendition of ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles brought two judges to tears and got the audience standing up to applaud. Thus they found themselves going to the finals with high spirits and heads raised high.

During the finals, Alex and Sierra performed ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and as usual moved the audience with their resonance and perfect sync. They were later announced to be the winner of the show on December 19, 2013, becoming the only group to ever win the American version of X-Factor. It was later revealed by Simon Cowell that Alex and Sierra were so good that they actually kept receiving the most number of votes from the public every week of the competition.

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After winning the show, Alex and Sierra went on to begin work on their music and a debut album. They went into collaboration with Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend as well as other artists to produce their album. Soon after in May 2014 they released their debut single ‘Scarecrow’ and also announced that the title of the debut album would be “It’s About Us.”

When and Why they Broke Up

After a couple of promotional videos of some of their other singles, the group was controversially dropped by their record label in 2015 and immediately went independent, announcing that they were working on releasing an extended play (EP) on September 30, 2016.

However, in 2017, they stunned fans when they announced that they had broken up and would no longer be making music together.

What Is Sierra Deaton Up To Now?

After breaking up from Alex Kinsey and disbanding the Alex and Sierra group, Sierra Deaton adopted the stage name Essy. In 2018, Sierra under the new name, Essy, released her debut solo single, ‘Don’t Hurt’ to wide acceptance from fans.

At the moment, she is determined to prove she can hold her own in the industry as an independent, solo artist and achieve her dreams of hitting it really big as a professional singer.

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