A look Through Sidney Crosby’s Career Honors and Relationship History

The official sport of Canada is ice hockey. It is also the sport that has the highest viewership and followership in the country. Being one of the best players in this field means that you are recognized by the entire country, and this is the fate of Sidney Crosby.

He is known as a consistent champion, in college games, and accomplished Olympian for representing Canada in different hockey frontlines, including the 2005 World Junior Championships, 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics, 2016 World Championship in Prague, and World Cup of Hockey (2016). Although his success is something that has been quite obvious to hockey lovers, the Halifax, Nova Scotia-born hockey center player hasn’t been so vocal about his personal life but we rounded up some interesting tidbits about him.

How He Became An Ice Hockey Champion

Sidney Crosby’s fascination with Ice Hockey began when he was a child. By the time he was two, he spent significant time practising his skills with putting pucks into a net. His father was also an avid lover of the game and was a part of an Ice Hockey team that played at a Junior level. Halfway through his high school education, Crosby who was a straight-A student at Astral Drive Junior High School transferred to Shattuck-Saint Mary in Minnesota, United States. The transfer was facilitated by his desire to play on the school’s team as they are recognized for their ice hockey program.

But prior to his high school education, Crosby was slowly becoming a household name in ice hockey circles. He had begun to garner attention from the media for how well he played and by the time he was eight, he had already started giving news interviews.

When he was fourteen, he joined the Minor Hockey League also known as the Midget League. His skill as a good Hockey player was easily recognized by the general public, that when he was 13, his parents tried to get him to join the Midget Hockey League in Nova Scotia, the province he hailed from. This league was for children aged 15-17 and he was only 13, the case went to court but his family lost. By the following year, he was able to play in the league.

Professional Career Exploits

In 2005 he started playing on a professional level after he became the first pick in the 2005 NHL entry draft. The Pittsburgh Penguins was the team that signed him and his first game on the team was played on the 5th of October, 2005 in a game against the New Jersey Devils.

Like any athlete, Crosby has had periods in his career where he had to take long periods of break, mainly because of injuries he had during the years between 2010 and 2012. But this has done little to taint his career that has been filled with successful games.

Sidney Crosby or “Sid the Kid” as he has come to be known has played with the same team for the entirety of his professional career in ice hockey and he is on his country’s national team. He plays the position of the Centre and shoots left. He has had a significant role to play in the success that both his team and country have enjoyed.

Best Moments of His Career

Sidney Crosby’s widespread recognition is proof of how well he plays the game of ice hockey and the awards he has won are one of the many ways the world of hockey has recognized his skills. In honour of Crosby, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League has retired the number 87 as he was born in 1987. Olympic Gold Medals, World Cup Hockey MVP, All-Star Team and Best Forward are some of the awards he has won for playing in international games.

As a member of the NHL, he has won the Stanley Cup champion, the Prince of Wales Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, and many other awards. These honours started coming to him even as a junior league player before he launched his professional career.

What His Love Life Looks Like

Sidney Crosby has curated an image of himself for the world where he is only known for one thing, and that is ice hockey. His private life is not one that a lot of people are privy to.

But it is known that despite attaining a status that guarantees an abundance of interest from men and women alike, Sidney Crosby’s dedication to living a simple life has meant he hasn’t engaged in the serial dating that many public figures in the sporting world are known for. Therefore, it is believed that his current girlfriend is his first, and the only girlfriend he has ever had. The name of the lucky woman is Kathy Leutner and they have been together for over a decade, having started since 2008.

There are no concrete details available to fans and media alike because, unlike several other celebrities, the Canadian hockey player prefers to keep his personal life away from media attention. Like Crosby, Kathy is also a very private person.

But regardless of the duo’s attempts to keep their private life under tight wraps, it is known that they were set up by a mutual friend who thought they would be good for each other. Considering that they have remained together, it is safe to say that friend was right.

Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby with girlfriend and model, Kathy Leutner

What We Know About Kathy Leutner

Information gathered about Kathy Leutner shows that she is a model who has worked for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and has featured on a number of magazines. She once competed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search in 2011 and has had a modestly successful modelling career.

Despite their long-lasting relationship, and with multiple people already referring to Kathy as Sidney’s future wife, there hasn’t been any major plan for marriage in their future. They are, however, expected to get married sometime in the not so distant future as the duo currently live together in Nova Scotia.

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The Lovebirds Have Had Their Differences

Sidney Crosby’s relationship with Kathy is generally considered one of the strongest and most admirable in sports but it hasn’t all been a happy story for the two of them either. They reportedly broke up between 2010 and 2011 for reasons that remain unknown, but evidently, they found their way back to each other in further proof that they are meant to be.

Their relationship has also been able to survive the most daunting differences of all – supporting different teams. While Kathy does support her boyfriend during his games and even attend many of them, her true support lies with Philadelphia sports teams. She is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, a football team, but doesn’t let that come in the way of her romance.

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