The Intrigues Of Sibley Scoles’ Ethnicity, Career Transition and Net Worth

Journalism is the business of covering and reporting news and events in various aspects of life and with entertainment being a big part of modern life, there is a need for entertainment journalists. One of the most popular personalities in that field today is former E! News correspondent, Sibley Scoles. She has earned a reputation for her reporting style and the freshness she brought to the industry.

But even though we know her as a reporter, she was once into music. Transitioning from being a professional singer to an entertainment journalist is not what we see every day. Despite the perceived difficulty, she has made a meal of it, and become a star. We covered everything you need to know about how she made the career move from singing to journalism, her net worth, and an answer to the question about the reporter’s mysterious ethnicity.

The Truth About Sidney Scoles’ Background

Sibley Scoles was born on the 7th of December, 1987, in La Jolla, Northern California. She is one of two daughters born to her parents; whose names remain unknown. Other than the fact that her sister’s name is Erica, there is not much to know about her familial background.

Sidney is of African and Asian ethnicity, and her Asian ancestry is reportedly Filipino. The entertainment journalist’s diverse ethnic background is the central theme of her life so far. She grew up in the Bay Area City of Fremont. Growing up in the city was her exposure to the multicultural and eclecticism of life and art. This exposure quickly led to developed interests in several activities and types of art. She developed an interest in fashion and style, while simultaneously enjoying sports like hockey, soccer, karate, and basketball. Scoles did not just have an interest in sports. She actively competed in them, soccer and basketball in particular.

Sidney equally had a broad interest in music and followed rock and hip hop. She later began her career in music after she graduated from high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from a university in Northern California.

From Singer to Entertainment Journalist

Sibley Scoles
Sibley went from music tours to hosting E! News: image source

Having completed her academic journey, her desire to give her music interest a try birthed the persona, Sib Vicious, which she used as the stage name for her music career. She recorded and released a couple of songs, Rock That Party, Donuts, and Tie Me Down, and they got popular enough to earn her a touring opportunity with Taio Cruz and Vans Warped.

After a couple of years as a singer, Sibley Scoles made the transition to entertainment journalism. Despite having zero experience in the industry, she was offered a role as a host for Revolt News, an entertainment news show for Revolt TV. The offer made her the first female host for the media network.

Her Trajectory as an Entertainment Journalist

Since she transitioned, she has grown in height as a journalist. Sibley worked for a year for Revolt TV, hosting Revolt News and Revolt Live, she hosted EW/Road to Ether in 2015 before she joined E! in 2016. Scoles did not spend a lot of time at E! before she got a promotion as a live show host. She went on to host a few major live events and red carpets for the media outlet.

Sibley Scoles hosted E! Live From The Red Carpet, Live from E! and E! News Live. She also continued to anchor other major E! shows like E! News and Daily Pop. She was with the network until 2018 when she took another step in her career and joined Access Hollywood.

With Access, which she joined as a host and correspondent in 2019, Sibley has also worked on All Access. She is equally a correspondent, as well as a host on the show. She has hosted more than 300 episodes, hoisting her flag among longest-running hosts in Hollywood. Her success in entertainment journalism has also gotten her featured in major magazines like Forbes.

Of course, that is not to say it was a smooth transition for the former singer. She has acknowledged going through difficult training periods and cites media icons like Chelsea Handler, Anthony Bourdain, and Howard Stern as role models and influences.

In Popular Culture

Despite a successful transition as an entertainment journalist, Sibley did not rest on her laurels. Her childhood interest in fashion grew into a style. Her style, particularly her coloured mohawk, drew attention from entertainment fans, especially on Instagram, and she became a fashion icon. This has not only resulted in a significant presence on social media platforms but has also gotten her a few commercial gigs. The entertainment journalist has appeared in commercials for NBC Universals.

Sibley has a significant presence on social media with footprints on all three major social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Across Twitter and Instagram, she has a combined 80,000+ followers.

Entertainment Journalism has been a Moneymaker for Her

Sibley Scoles
image source

It is difficult to say that Sibley Scoles would have found mainstream success as a singer if she had persisted with the career. But we know that her decision to switch career gears has been financially rewarding. This is particularly interesting because when comparing the similarities between journalism and professional music, money is not the first thing that comes to mind.

Yet, having been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, the journalist has accrued an estimated personal net worth of $1 million. The journalist reportedly earns more than $111,000 per year. Along with her modest income during her singing days, and her modelling and TV commercial earnings, it is safe to say entertainment journalism has been a moneymaker for her.

No one is certain how exactly the journalist spends her wealth but when you consider the array of mesmerizing dresses and accessories she wears on TV and the red carpet, as well as the cost of her iconic hairstyle, a picture starts to come to mind.

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Body Features and Trivial Facts

Sibley Scoles is tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches with healthy body weight. Her physical appearance is further complemented with brown coloured eyes and natural black hair, which she often dyes platinum or covers with wigs of various styles. She has an intense phobia for spiders and has acknowledged she would instead jump off a waterfall than confront a spider.

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