Does Shemar Moore Have A Wife Or Girlfriend and Why Is He Rumored As Gay?

Smoking sizzling looks and perfectly sculpted build are two phrases that aptly describe Shemar Moore, the star of Criminal Minds. The popular actor is indisputably among the sexiest men in Hollywood. But while Moore receives wide praises for his physique and looks, there is a lot more to him than what meets the eye. He is an award-winning entertainer who began his career as a part of the cast of The Young and the Restless where he breathed life into the character of Malcolm Winters.

Having come from an interracial union featuring a white mother and a black father, Moore grew up imbibing the values of determination, hard work, and honesty from both parents. The actor considers his being born into a home where he could get the best of the two sides as a stroke of good luck – the major testament to this is the star’s exotic good looks. But despite his looks, he had a hard time becoming an actor.

Shemar Moore had to go the long route of working as a catalog model before being able to land roles on screen. This happened despite the fact that in his college days, he featured in a good number of stage productions, and it was from all his early activities that the emerging celeb got the necessary inspiration to try his hands at acting and modeling at a professional level. His initial years were fraught with a lot of struggles, and he was already surviving on a shoestring budget when The Young and the Restless offered him a lifeline through a successful audition. It would appear that fate and providence started smiling on him from then on as he was able to launch his career through the show. Moore later made his foray into film acting following the success he recorded on television.

A Look At Shemar Moore’s Past Relationships

Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore with Anabelle Acosta image source

Like that of most celebrities, Shemar Moore’s dating history is not hidden away from the public. From what is perceivable, the dude’s dating life is full of activities, and he has dated some popular stars in both the music and movie industry.

One cannot help but wonder whether the star of Criminal Minds has ever waited on the other end of the aisle for a woman who would bear the title of his wife. Well, records have revealed that he had dared the turbulent waters of matrimony once in his life. This happened at the beginning of his career as it is reported that he wed actress Sanaa Lathan.

Following a four-year relationship, the pair decided to take things a step further by tying the nuptial knot on the 11th of May, 1990. However, their marital journey couldn’t endure beyond six years, and they had to call it quits on the 15th of July 1996. It would appear that the couple kept the matter of having kids on hold as they never had any children.

Though the reason behind his divorce is not known, Shemar Moore’s interest in the opposite sex seemed to not have been affected at all. This begins to ring true when you consider his dalliance with several other celebs, including the likes of Toni Braxton, Bobbie Philips, Gabrielle Richens, and Kimberly Elise. Others include Halle Berry, Ashley Scott, Anabelle Acosta and of course, Lauriane Gilleron.

The details of his relationships with all these women are not known, aside from that with Shawna Gordon – an African American football player who he was with from 2014 to 2015.

The Controversy Surrounding His Fling with Toni Braxton

Shemar Moore and Toni Braxton – Image Source

After he had a fling with music star Toni Braxton, Shemar Moore publicly spoke about their affair. Braxton did not appear to like what he had to say as she was quick to voice her displeasure about his behavior.

When asked whether he has any regrets about the incident, the veteran actor said that he doesn’t regret his comment one bit but that he only regrets the way it was interpreted by her and other people. He revealed that two of them have not had the opportunity to meet since then but that he has seen and spoken with her mum and sister. Moore also said that he has no way of knowing how she felt about the whole thing to date, especially since he did not mean for his statement to sound malicious.

According to the movie star, he doesn’t take himself to be above anyone and had no plans to offend her. Though it didn’t last, he described his time with the singer as nice, and that it wasn’t part of his agenda to offend her with what he said.

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Why Shemar Moore Has Been Rumored To Be Gay

Over the years, it has become the norm for celebrities who have remained single for a long time to be called out for being gay. All you need is one social media controversy, and boom, the ball is already in motion and will continue to gather moss on the way.

In the case of Shemar Moore, the rumors started a while back when he allowed himself to be caught in a Snapchat photo hanging out in a place that appeared to be a gay nightclub. Moore was quick to defend himself by saying that he has some fans that are gay and that there is nothing more to it. He dismissed the accusations as mere simple-minded ignorance which he would not want any part of.

According to the entertainer who put out a video to address the rumors, he said that the men he appeared with are inspired by him and he takes joy in being an inspiration to people regardless of sexual orientation. He then went on to say that he loves women in all sizes, shapes, and colors before adding that anybody who is in doubt of his sexuality can send their girlfriend over to his house for a weekend and watch what will happen.

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