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Not everybody in the spotlight is married to equally famous people. There are some celebrities who have gone against the norms by getting hitched to regular people. One of such celebrities is Shannon Bream, Fox TV star who married Sheldon Bream, a cooperate worker with no business in the limelight. While this is the case, Sheldon is enjoying a great and flourishing career. He once served as the Director of Bureau Relations in Washington Speakers Bureau and has gone on to establish his own company, Bream Speakers. The company is based in Arlington, Virginia, where he has continued in the same line of business as his previous workplace. Here are more facts you need to know about Shannon Bream’s Husband.

Sheldon Bream Bio

Since Sheldon is mostly known as Shannon Bream’s husband, details of his early life seems scarce. Nonetheless, it is known that he is a graduate of Liberty University located in Lynchburg Virginia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Sports management which he earned from the school in 1993. Also, it has been revealed that he grew up with his brother named Sid Bream, a retired Major League Baseball player in a Christian home that has a white heritage.

Sheldon served as the Director of Bureau Relations in Washington Speakers Bureau from 2005 to 2018. After spending 13 years there, he launched his own company, Bream Speakers, based in Arlington, Virginia. His company works to hone the skills of motivational speakers to be able to educate and inspire their audiences proficiently.

After launching his company, he invited his very first regular speakers including his beloved wife Shannon Bream, Fox News contributors, Jason Chaffetz, and Richard Fowler, as well as conservative radio host Lawrence B. Jones.

Sheldon Bream’s Family Details

Sheldon Bream
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Sheldon and his wife Shannon Bream have a unique love story that began back in the ’90s when they were still college students at Liberty University. Their first meeting was when Shannon won Miss Virginia in 1990. Though at that time, they were both dating other people, the two began as bosom friends and soon became impossible to separate. In 1995, after graduation, they got married and have stayed together ever since. On 31 December 2015, they celebrated their 20th anniversary. Despite the couple being very busy in their respective careers, they have figured a way to sustain the flame of their relationship.

For a marriage of over two decades, some might find it strange that the lovers have not produced any child yet. But the choice to expand their family is solely theirs and as it appears, the two are more concerned about their pet, Jasper than making babies.

Shannon is the daughter of Leon County Commissioner Ed DePuy, and Marie Norris, a teacher. She is a well-read journalist and news anchor for Fox News Channel. Like her husband, she graduated from Liberty University in 1993 and attended law school at Florida State University.

Though she was not trained in journalism while in school, her inborn skills have been able to make her a standout in the field.  The same skills sailed her through a humble beginning to the point of becoming Fox News’s Supreme Court reporter and anchor of America’s Election Headquarters (weekdays 2: 00-3:00 p.m(Eastern). She is also the anchor of America’s News Headquarters which is broadcasted on Sundays from (12:00 pm to 2:00 pm). Sometimes, she also anchors Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Sunday as a substitute anchor.

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Height And Other Interesting Facts

  • Height

When you look at Sheldon Bream at a first glance, apart from noticing that he is a handsome classic man, another thing that will capture your attention is his height. No, he isn’t the tallest man on earth but he seems to have a reasonable height. While it is not certain how tall he is, some sources say he is 6 feet tall which shouldn’t be far from the truth. He also has nice looking brown eyes and his hair colour is black.

Net Worth

There is no doubt that Sheldon is doing well financially and is expected to grow the more, especially now that he runs his own booming company. Much like other things about him, his exact net worth is unknown. His wife, on the other hand, earns $800,000 annually as one of the most famous news anchors for Fox and her net worth is approximated at $4 million

  • His Wife Is A former Beauty Queen

Sheldon’s wife is a good definition of beauty with brain. Apart from winning Miss Virginia in 1990, she was among the top finalists in 1991 Miss America pageant. She also won Miss Florida pageant in 1995 and finished fourth place in Miss USA 1995 pageant.

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