Fascinating Facts About Sheldon Bream, Shannon Bream’s Husband

Most people only know Sheldon Bream as the husband of Fox chief legal correspondent, Shannon Bream. This doesn’t really come as a surprise given that Shannon is on TV and naturally has more exposure. The truth, however, remains that her husband is so much more than just another celebrity spouse and has an interesting back story.

A little digging into Bream’s background will reveal that he hails from an athletically-renowned family. Further investigations would also disclose that he has survived situations that would overwhelm an ordinary man. Have we whetted your appetite enough to know more about Mr. Bream? Then, read on and discover more interesting facts about him.

Interesting Facts About Shannon Bream’s Husband — Sheldon Bream

He is related to former MLB player, Sid Bream

Sheldon Bream was born on the 30th of October 1970 in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania. He hails from a Christian family background comprising of his parents, Sylvester and Jouetta Bream, as well as three siblings namely Sid, Stan, and Theresa. Bream grew up in Mount Holly Springs where he attended Carlisle High School. During his school days, he played as much as three sports including football, baseball, and basketball. In doing so, he continued a long family tradition which has seen all of his siblings play one school sport or the other. 

The most illustrious athlete in the Bream family, however, remains his elder brother, Sid. Sid played college baseball at Liberty University and was later drafted into the minor leagues in 1981. He spent a little over two years there before being called up to the MLB in 1983. A first baseman, Sid spent over a decade playing for various teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. The high point of his career was the year 1992 when he won the National League Championship Series with the Atlanta Braves in 1992. Sid retired in 1993 and is now a motivational speaker.

Sid Bream speaks at Mt. Holly Youth Sports Opening Day
Sid Bream speaking at Mt. Holly Youth Sports Opening Day in 2012

He was the director of the Washington Speakers Bureau

Upon completing his high school diploma in 1988, Sheldon Bream proceeded to Liberty University, located in Lynchburg Virginia, to study Business and Sports management. He earned his degree in 1993 and subsequently delved into the corporate sector. Bream spent nearly a decade paying his dues before being appointed director of bureau relations at the Washington Speakers Bureau in 2005. 

The Washington Speakers Bureau is one of the world’s premier agencies for booking motivational speakers, and Bream served as their director for 13 years. He subsequently decided to go into business for himself and set up his own booking agency, Bream Speaker Management, in 2018. After launching his company, he invited his very first regular speakers including his beloved wife Shannon Bream, Fox News contributors, Jason Chaffetz, and Richard Fowler, as well as conservative radio host, Lawrence B. Jones.

Sheldon Bream
Bream and his wife, Shannon

Sheldon Bream is married to his college sweetheart 

Sheldon and his wife, Shannon Bream, have a unique love story that goes back to the 90s when they were still college students at Liberty University. Their first meeting was when Shannon won Miss Virginia in 1990. Though at that time, they were both dating other people, the two began as bosom friends and soon became impossible to separate. In 1995, after graduation, they got married and have stayed together ever since. 

On 31st December 2015, the couple celebrated their 20th anniversary. Despite them being very busy in their respective careers, they have figured a way to sustain the flame of their relationship. For a marriage of over two decades, some might find it strange that the lovers have not produced any child yet. But the choice to expand their family is solely theirs and as it appears, the two are more concerned about their pet, Jasper, than making babies.

His wife is a trained lawyer and former beauty queen

Sheldon’s wife is a classic definition of beauty with brains. She won the Miss Virginia title in 1990 and was among the top finalists in the 1991 edition of Miss America pageant. Additionally, she also won the Miss Florida pageant in 1995 and finished fourth place in Miss USA 1995 pageant. Shannon utilized the prize monies and scholarships from her pageant wins to fund her college education at Liberty University. She finished in 1993 and attended law school at Florida State University. She subsequently qualified as a lawyer in 1996 and spent the next few years practicing her profession. 

After five years of legal practice, Shannon found that she was unfulfilled and courageously decided to leap into journalism in 2001. She spent the next six years working for TV stations in North Carolina and Washington D.C. She subsequently joined the big leagues after she was hired by Fox News in 2007. Though Shannon is not a trained journalist, her inborn skills have made her a standout in the field. She has anchored several fox programs such as America’s Election HeadquartersAmerica’s News Headquarters and Fox News @ Night. She has also risen to become their chief legal correspondent thus still utilizing her legal background.

Sheldon Bream is a cancer survivor 

In the year 1994, Sheldon noticed a slight ringing in his ears. He tried various treatments but the problem persisted. The doctors eventually conducted a cancer check and it emerged that he had a tumor, the size of a golf ball, in his brain. The diagnosis predictably devastated Sheldon and Shannon, who were engaged at the time, but they refused to give up. They shored up their courage and Sheldon later underwent a nine-hour surgery. The surgery successfully removed the cancerous mass but resulted in several paralysis of his facial nerves. 

This paralysis persisted for several months as doctors didn’t offer much hope in their prognosis. The couple, however, persevered and relied on the love from the Christian community to get through the trying times. They also hung on to their faith and were rewarded when Sheldon slowly regained control of his facial muscles. They then tied the knot and his recovery continued at a faster pace. Sheldon has now regained control of almost all his facial muscles and his wife remains ever grateful to God. She has also learned to put all her trust in him and faithfully accept any adventure that he sends her way. 

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