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Shelby Stanga is a popular television personality in America who has become quite a household name. The man became famous when he appeared on the popular reality television series, Ax Men, where he is seen recovering abandoned logs from waterways. His passion and stunning dedication to his craft endeared him to many people almost immediately.

The reality star now plays the title role on his own show, The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man which airs on the History Channel. Over the years, Shelby has held many TV audiences absolutely intrigued with what he does on his show.

Who Is Shelby Stanga?

Shelby Stanga was born on the 1st of January, 1960. The exact town or city where he was born is not presently available but we do know that he was born in the United States. The identity of his parents has not been established as the man has been very private with that aspect of his life. However, the circumstances that led him to logging have been established.

The reality star took interest in logging at a very young age. When he was just nine years old, his mother asked him to stop going to school because of the extremely dangerous activities of the Ku Klux Klan in their area. When he stopped going to school, his mother asked him to fill up his idle days by either playing with his cousins or hunting out in the woods. He decided to choose the latter and began exploring the woods. Soon, however, Shelby took interest in the swamps where he began to log.

Stanga soon became very obsessed with swamp logging and would spend hours on it. Soon, his fame began to spread around his local community as the ‘swamp boy’. This adventure is what changed his life because it gave him a sense of purpose; something to live for.

After a while, people began to pay him to recover precious logs wedged deep inside the swamps. He proved very daring because he went to places other swamp loggers would not dream of going to; as a result, he became the favorite of many people in search of swamp loggers.

When he turned 16 years old, something happened which increased his visibility in the profession; swamp loggers in his area were challenged to try and remove a cypress tree which had fallen into a swamp filled with murky waters. The young Stanga accepted the challenge and set out to remove the cypress tree. He embarked on his quest with a boat, inner tubs and some ropes. He successfully removed the tree to the excitement of local residents. After doing this, his fame spread even more as a swamp logger of repute.

Over the years, Shelby Stanga has put in much work and time into his logging business that he has grown into a highly sought after swamp logger. This is what led History Channel to invite him to feature on their show, Ax Men, to showcase his life and work to viewers around America.

The Ax Men reality TV series was created in 2008 to follow the life and work of American loggers and their crews. The show captured the work of some loggers located in Washington, Northwestern Oregon, Montana, and many other areas. Shelby Stanga was invited to feature in the show during its third season. The show captured Stanga recovering abandoned logs from waterways as he gets helped by friends, cousins, nieces, his dog and his wife.

When he appeared on the Ax Men show, his popularity soared and he garnered a lot of fans; he became so popular around America that he was nicknamed ‘The Swamp Man’. Finally, on the 6th of August, 2013, Stanga launched his own series on History channel, called The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man. The show was a spin-off to the Ax Men TV series and was created to focus on Stanga’s unusual lifestyle and what he does when he is not logging.

Is He Married? Who is His Wife?

Shelby Stanga
Shelby Stanga and his wife, Donna

Shelby Stanga is a married man; he is happily married to a woman simply identified as Donna. Reports show that Donna is a Jehovah’s Witness who is heavily in love and devoted to her husband. However, there are no records of the couple having children.

Donna has frequently featured on The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man as Stanga’s life is outlined for viewers. She also helps him carry out his logging business..

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Where Is He & What Is He Doing Now?

Shelby Stanga and his wife, Donna, currently live in their home which is located near the Lake Pontchartrain in southeastern Louisiana. The man is actively involved in his logging busies and continues to feature in his reality TV series. Due to his success, Shelby Stanga is currently worth over $2 million.

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