Dissecting Sheena Parveen’s Meteorology Career, Net Worth and The Identity of Her Husband

Along with COVID-19, ISIS, data security and privacy, and the refugee crisis and migration patterns, climate change is one of the five most discussed topics in the USA and much of the world at the time of penning this post – according to an online study we carried out. That’s to be understood given that the weather is one factor that affects everyone at once without a single shade of discrimination. So, it’s little wonder why good meteorology journalists like Sheena Parveen usually have a large following on social media and virtually every street. In this post, therefore, we are paying profound attention to the life and career of one of TV’s most loved weather forecasters today.

This Is Who Sheena Parveen Was Before Her Fame

The weather forecaster was born on 23rd May 1987 in India. However, she was brought up in America at the Gulf Coast of Florida. So, her demeanor and a good command of the English Language should come as no surprise. Sheena Parveen’s Indian dad Mike was a computer programmer, while her mom Sherry, an American, was a real estate employee.

Being an only child, the future meteorology expert often had the entire home space to herself, which gave her ample time and opportunity to get deeply fascinated by nature. This way, as she spent most of her childhood days on the coast of The Sunshine State, she soon developed an interest in issues surrounding space and weather and often mused on questions like the forming of clouds, the different patterns of clouds in the sky, and the thunderstorms.

As a part of her general fascination with nature, Parveen also developed the over-arching love for animals, which she is known for today. She has a mixed ancestry of German and Indian roots. Apart from her love for nature, she has always loved outdoor sporting events, playing volleyball in her school days, and even regularly made her high school female volleyball team. She is a Christian by religion. Let’s see how some of the influences of her early life helped her career rise.

How The Meteorologist Rose to Prominence

Like we earlier mentioned, Sheena Parveen developed an interest in climate-related issues right from childhood. Following this, the weathercast celebrity attended the Florida State University, where she studied meteorology in addition to taking a minor in Mathematics. Then, she went ahead to become a licensed broadcast meteorologist with a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal from the American Meteorological Society. In case you need to know, this is the top standard recognition for Meteorology journalists in the United States of America.

Sheena’s on-air professional Meteorology career story started with Fox’s associate MSBC- TV in Tampa, Florida. Later on, in 2009, she moved to WCTV in Tallahassee and joined the team as a weather forecaster and columnist. There, she hosted a segment called ‘Pet Adoption,’ which was airing every Sunday morning. Pet Adoption was a pet-themed program, where Parveen put her love for animals to an excellent career use.

In December of 2011, the weather journalist joined NBC10 in Philadelphia and quickly became the local news “It Girl,” as she was dubbed by the Daily News in 2012. Working with NBC10’s First Alert Weather Team, she was highly loved and respected, especially by the generalities of Philly residents. In addition to giving weather updates for Philadelphia, Parveen also contributed to weather reports for other stations like 101.1 MORE FM, CSN, the Flyers, and 76ers.

After working with NBC10 for five years, the Meteorology expert moved over to NBC4 in Washington, D.C. After about 2 years of relatively uneventful stay in Washington DC (compared to her years in Philly), it was announced that Sheena was heading to NBC7 in San Diego. There, she became the weekday morning meteorologist for News Today and News Midday, working alongside Marianne Kushi and Greg Bledsoe.

Sheena Parveen NBC & San Diego
Sheena Parveen at the NBC 7 San Diego recently: Image source

Some of Sheena Parveen’s career highlights include covering Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and the 5-day marathon coverage of the blizzard of 2016. She is also remembered for the 2013 coverage of a devastating EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

How Much Does Sheena Parveen Earn from Her Job?

Sheena Parveen is one of the highest-paid TV personalities with an annual salary of $1.7 million. As of early 2020, her estimated net worth stood at around $4 million. Apart from her regular weather casting job, she also has brand endorsements and advertisements and makes a substantial income from them. She has maintained this amount of net worth because of hard work and dedication learned and carried over the years.

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Is She Married or Dating Anyone?

Even with her popularity and recognition, she lives a rather private lifestyle, and over the years, Parveen’s dating life has been a subject of a lot of unconfirmed speculations. She has been romantically linked to a lot of notable people like William Green, former NBC10 anchor Jamison Uhler, Hugh Jackson, and of course, Hollywood actor Jason Statham. Considering she is only 30 years of age, it makes one wonder just how true these rumors are.

Jason Statham rumors were later dismissed because she had only met him once, which was during one of her news coverage segments. There was a rumor that she was married to a guy named Charlie, but later got divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Sheena Parveen never made any comments regarding that piece of news. So it is unclear how true the rumor was.

The only date of Sheena’s that has confirmed media backing was her relationship with the NHL star Scott Hartnell. In her days in Philly, she was reportedly seen in cozy moods with Scott who was then Philadelphia Flyers’ left-wing. However, in recent years, we have not seen Sheena and Scott together again.

Sheena Parveen may well be single, but she has what takes her affectionate passion in the interim. Being a dog lover, she has two rescue dogs that she spends quality time with. She gives the treat to fans by giving them a sneak peek of her pets and enjoys sharing holiday pictures on her Instagram account.

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