Sheena Parveen
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Sheena Parveen is a beautiful meteorologist who makes people want to watch the weather news over and over again because of her immense beauty and intellect. she is regarded as one of the most highly rated meteorologists around and currently works for NBC (National Broadcasting Commission) in Washington as a weather forecaster.

Sheena Parveen Biography

Sheena was born on 23rd May 1987 in India. Though she was born there, she was brought up in America at the Gulf coast of Florida. So it should come as no surprise how good her English is. Her dad who is an Indian was a computer programmer and her mum, an American, was a real estate employee. Being an only child, she had an incredible childhood. Sheena has a mixed ancestry of German and Indian. She played volleyball in her school days and even played for the school team. She is a Christian by religion.

Early Life and Career

She spent most of her childhood days in Florida where she developed an interest in space and weathercast and was always fascinated by the weather; the forming of clouds, the different patterns of clouds in the sky and the thunderstorms, which made her inclined to that field. Following this, she put her interests into studying meteorology and emerged as a weathercast reporter. She is a certified broadcast meteorologist. The weathercast celebrity attended the Florida State University and studied meteorology there in addition to taking a minor in Mathematics.

Sheena Parveen started her career with ABC’s associate MSBC- TV in Florida. In 2009, she moved to WCTV and joined the team as a weather forecaster and columnist where she went on to host a segment called ‘Pet Adoption’, which was airing every Sunday morning. In December of 2011, Parveen joined NBC10 in Philadelphia and quickly become the local news “It Girl,” as she was dubbed by the Daily News in 2012. She was highly respected and did her job to the best of her abilities. In addition to giving weather updates for Philadelphia, Parveen also contributed to weather reports for other stations like 101.1 MORE FM, CSN, the Flyers, and 76ers. The meteorologist had been with NBC10 for five years but currently works for NBC4 in Washington, D.C. Her experiences in life and workforce have made her the woman she is today.

Who Is Sheena Parveen’s Husband?

Even with her popularity and recognition, she lives a rather private lifestyle and over the years, Parveen’s dating life has been a subject of a lot of unconfirmed speculation. She has been romantically linked to a lot of notable people like William Green, former NBC10 anchor Jamison Uhler, Hugh Jackson, and of course Hollywood actor Jason Statham. Considering she is only 30 years of age, it makes one wonder just how true these rumors are. Jason Statham rumors were later dismissed because she had only met him once which was during one of her news coverage segments. There was a rumor that she was married to a guy named Charlie but later got divorced because of marriage problems. Sheena Parveen never made any comments regarding that news. So it is unclear how true the news was. She is a dog lover and has two of her own which she spends quality time with. She gives the treat to fans by giving them a sneak peek of her pets and enjoys sharing holiday pictures on her Instagram account.

Sheena Parveen’s Salary and Net Worth

Sheena Parveen is one of the highest paid TV personality with an annual salary of $1.7 million dollars from NBC Washington and has an estimated net worth of around $3 million dollars. She also has brand endorsements and advertisement and makes a substantial income from them. She has maintained this amount of net worth because of hard work and dedication learned and carried over the years.

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Other facts about Sheena Parveen

Sheena is a certified meteorologist who holds a license from the American Meteorologists Society. She is a beautiful lady with brown hair and brown eyes.

Her height is 157cm and her weight is 48kg.

She does not smoke either does she have any tattoos.

As expected, she is very active on social media platform and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

The damsel is all natural and has not done any plastic surgery.

As of 2018, she has no kids of her own and is not pregnant.

Sheena Parveen enjoys visiting new places and always finds time to spend with friends and family.

Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.

Sheena Parveen is a self-proclaimed animal lover and in her Instagram account, there are more animal pictures than that of humans. She helps animal rescue agencies find homes for lost pets.

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