Who Is Shauna Lake? What To Know About Her Salary, Divorce & Religion

For over twenty years, Shauna Lake has graced television screens all over America as an anchor for KUTV and in the process, she established herself as an icon in the field of journalism. Her career in a profession that has remained relevant both in its contribution to society and its lucrative nature has seen her report on several generational news.

Shauna Lake has not only been the face of news on KUTV but outside the walls of the studio, she has become a symbol of empathy and philanthropy in her community. You can learn all about her, including details about her background, relationships and career below.

Shauna Lake Biography

Shauna Lake was born on the 10th of August, 1970 in Sacramento, California. While it is believed that she was raised in a loving environment by her parents who provided for her and gave her the opportunity to pursue her dreams, there are no available details regarding her folks. So far, the only known fact about her childhood is that she was raised alongside two siblings, brothers Kevin and Jared Lake.

Much of her basic educational background is unknown but she is believed to have fallen in love with journalism right from high school, a love which was sustained well into the university at Brigham Young University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Armed with the academic qualification to begin a career in her cherished profession, she began life as a journalist in Maine, specifically in Bangor, Maine, working for an ABC Affiliate station.

After spending considerable time at the station where she gained the much-needed experience in the world of professional journalism, she got her long-lasting job at KUTV, a broadcast TV station based in Murray, Utah. She got the spot in 1994 and has remained with the station ever since.

She joined the station in 1994 as an anchor and worked on the morning and afternoon shows, along with weekend shows. After showing her talent and the ability to perform at a higher level, Shauna Lake was promoted to the role of news presenter and began to work as one of the faces of KUTV’s news program, 2News. She ran the program three times a day, alongside a fellow journalist, Mark Koelbel.

Although she is paired with a fellow presenter, during the show, she gets her moment to showcase her talent through a segment called Person to Person, a contemporary segment where she interviews and converses with celebrities and other important personalities in the state of Utah.

Although a Californian native, her long stay in Utah has made her a recognized member of the Utah community and she has repaid this status through her own involvement in the state’s community and charity work. Shauna Lake has participated in a number of city and state projects, donating her money and time.

How Much Is Her Salary?

Although she is not working in a national news network where the salary is significantly higher, her decades-long career in front of the camera as an anchor has brought her a yearly salary in the region of $59,000.

Her exact net worth is unknown but since she has been working in the station for well over two decades, one can presume that she has a net worth well into or approaching six figures.

Her Marriage And Divorce

Shauna Lake
Shauna Lake with her ex-husband, Todd Marshall and their two children

While she has enjoyed a long and fulfilling career, her personal life tells a different story. For over a decade, Shauna Lake was married to a man named Todd Nathaniel Marshall – a member of the news media community.

Their marriage produced two children, sons Cole Lake Marshall who is the first and Luke Lake Marshall. The reasons for the termination of their marriage is unknown but it came to an end shortly after a decade.

Since the divorce, Shauna Lake has remained single, at least to public knowledge and little is known of her ex-husband’s personal life.

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According to various statistical surveys, America has about 50% of its population who believe in God. While a lot of them practice that belief under different religions, with the majority being Christians and Muslims, we cannot possibly say which of them Shauna Lake belongs to and more importantly, we do not know what half of the 50% she belongs to.

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