Scintillating Details of Sharon Case’s Divorce, Relationships and Net Worth

You don’t spend over 30 years in an industry without becoming a notable figure, especially when that industry is Hollywood, where being notable is the default state of affairs. Sharon Case made herself one of the prominent women in the industry following her debut in 1989, in a television show titled General Hospital. Since she appeared on the show, Case has never looked back and has gone on to star in several other television series and films.

The life of the actress has been an exciting tale of success and disappointments. Apart from being an actress, she is also a former model, a fashion designer, and an entrepreneur who currently has a jewelry line.

The Early Life of Sharon Case

Michigan-born Sharon Case has had a romance with performing arts ever since she was a child. Born on the 9th of February 1971 in Detroit, she devoted herself to dancing, learning different styles from ballet to jazz. California is known as the home of performing arts in the United States, particularly acting, and Sharon got a chance to be closer to her dream as early as the age of three when her family relocated from Detroit to Chatsworth, California.

Growing up in California gave Sharon a chance to create a path to a life as an actress, and she started with modeling. When she was a teenager, she opened herself up to a career in modeling; appearing in auditions and other modeling events. She was eventually snapped up by a modeling scout when she was 17.

A stint in modeling for Sharon Case involved five months in Japan as a model. Empowered by the exposure and financial strength of her time as a model, Sharon returned to the United States, heading over to Los Angeles to kickstart her career as an actress.

Her Exploits as an Actress

She worked in the theatre for a while before she started taking part in projects made for the screen. As part of her resolve to become a professional actress, she took to the stage, appearing in plays like Grease and The Nutcracker. Although not a singer, appearing in those musicals, including The Wizard, helped her gather credits that bettered her quest in becoming an onscreen actress.

Her little time in theatre finally paid off when she got her first role as an actress on television. She got cast as Dawn Winthrop on the popular ABC drama, General Hospital. Her performance during the audition for the role helped secure the part, which was a recurring one. After appearing in General Hospital, she followed it up with another appearance on another ABC show, Doogie Howser, M.D.

The beginning of Sharon Case’s on-screen career was a pretty decent one. She appeared in several shows as a guest star within the first two years of her debut, including shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, and Cheers. In 1992, she played the role of Debbie Simon on As the World Turns before she joined The Young and the Restless in 1994, playing the character Sharon Newman which was a regular role. She has been playing the role from 1994 to date. So far, the actress has been in a total of 12 television shows. When it comes to movies, Sharon hasn’t starred in plenty.

Sharon Case
Sharon Case in Young and the Restless: image source

Playing Sharon Newman in The Young and the Restless, she has received several nominations for her work, including a Daytime Emmy Award which she has been nominated for five times.

She Has Amassed a Modest Net Worth

Outside of her work in television, she is an entrepreneur who created a fashion jewelry line in 2010. The jewelry line is named Pomp, and she launched it along with her close friend Elif Inanc. She sells the line of affordable jewelry on the shopping media outlet, QVC Network.

If you have been working for over three decades, especially in Hollywood, you are bound to have a significant amount of wealth to your name. Sharon, who has been appearing on a show for over 20 years, has been able to accrue a $3 million net worth. Her life as an actress has been a successful journey into wealth and the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

It is difficult to quantify the success of her jewelry line, but there is no doubt that the venture has been a significant contributor to her net worth.

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Sharon Case Is a Two-Time Divorcee

Sharon Case
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All evidence suggests Sharon Case is a single woman at the moment. But it wasn’t always the case as she has been married twice. Her first marriage was just before she made her on-screen debut. The supposed husband’s name is unknown, and the marriage itself ended in the same year it began, in 1988. Observers and fans suggest it might have been a quickie wedding with her teenage lover, considering she was 17 years old at the time.

She got married again nineteen years later. This time, to a furniture businessman named Sandy Corzine. We don’t know much about him, but they were in a relationship for two and a half years before they got married in 2007. The ex-couple got married in Mexico and were together for almost three years before they got divorced in 2009. The marriage was both the couple’s second. Sandy was previously married to an unknown woman.

She Might Be Dating Mark Grossman

Since the divorce, we have learned very little about Sharon Case’s love life. The actress has kept mum when it comes to her love life, a fact that has left several fans disgruntled. However, based on recent social media evidence, that might be changing.

The actress has been seen in several suggestive moments and positions with her Young and the Restless co-star, Mark Grossman. The pair have shared plenty of scenes on the show and the level of chemistry between them appears to be fueling an off-screen relationship.

Unfortunately, neither Sharon Case nor Mark Grossman has confirmed that they are in a relationship.

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