Following Shannon Spake’s Journey to Becoming NASCAR Correspondent, Her Achievements and Family Life

Shannon Spake is an American sportscaster who has become a famous face among sports lovers in the USA. She is renowned for being strong-willed, full of life, and her style of reporting which has been described as ‘enthusiastic’ has won her lots of fans over the years. Shannon has always been a sports lover and it is not a surprise she ended up as a sports reporter who has made quite a name for herself in the field.

Having worked for different media houses in the capacity of a reporter, Spake now works as a correspondent for NASCAR, an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company. She also doubles as a basketball reporter for Fox Sports, a division of the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Let’s Meet Shannon Spake

Shannon Spake has her date of birth recorded as the 23rd of July 1976. The sportscaster was born and raised by her parents in Sunrise, a city in Florida, USA. Her full name at birth has been revealed to be Shannon Marie Speacht.

The sportscaster’s father has been identified as Don Speacht with whom she shares a special bond. According to reports, Don worked with Air Florida. Shannon has often told of how her dad made her childhood very interesting by taking her to many fun places and events, including the University of Miami-Notre Dame game at the Orange Bowl in 1987. Very little is known about any other family members of Shannon.

Growing up, the journalist was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a medical condition that causes a sideways curvature of the spine. Shannon was diagnosed with this condition just before puberty and it threatened to hinder her involvement with any sporting activities. However, she eventually had corrective surgery which involved inserting a couple of rods in her back when she was 13 years old.

Shannon attended the Piper High School, a public secondary school in Sunrise, Florida. Having already had surgery to correct her Scoliosis, she refused to take back seat at sports events and actively took part in competitive swimming activities throughout high school. According to her dad, Shannon Spake was the kind of girl that finds it hard to resist any challenge in front of her.

The sports reporter has a constant reminder of her childhood predicament in the form a huge scare on her back, which she professes to love. She stated that people always asked what happened to her back when they see her in a swimsuit, but her exact description of the scare is that it is there to tell the story of her life, of where she has been, and the experiences she has passed through. She further described the experience as just another example of not letting anything to limit you in achieving your dreams.

After graduating from high school, she proceeded to attend Florida Atlantic University. Following her graduation, she has gone on to make a great career as a journalist.

The Sportscaster‘s Early Professional Success

Shannon Spake
Shannon Spake and other journalists discuss on TV – image source

Shannon Spake started out on her journalist journey in 1999 by interning for Neil Rogers, the popular Miami-based radio talk show host on WQAM. That same year, she rose to become an assistant coordinator of on-air promotions at Nickelodeon.

In 2000, Shannon joined CBS News where she worked as a correspondent. She continued working with CBS till 2002, gaining lots of experience in the process. The next year, Shannon took up a job as the production assistant on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, an investigative sports newsmagazine series on HBO. During this period, she also worked as a freelance producer for some special TV projects which included VH1 Fashion Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and CBS’ The NFL Today.

The journalist soon landed a job with WCCB, a TV station in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also worked at Carolina Sports and Entertainment Television, a regional sports network in the US. In 2005, Shannon joined Speed Channel, a sports-oriented cable and satellite TV network.

How She Became a Correspondent for NASCAR

It was while Shannon was with Speed Channel, that she was opportune to worked as a reporter and also co-hosted NASCAR Nation. However, that was not her only gig during this time; she also co-hosted Back Seat Drivers – a talk show.

Her career in sports reporting continued to progress in 2007 when the media personality became part of ESPN reporting for the network on a part-time basis. However, luck seemed to be on her side when she quickly rose through the ranks to become a full-time reporter after some months. Contributing to SportsCenter in terms of reports, she also worked with SEC Network which is owned by ESPN. In 2013, she signed a contract extension with ESPN but left in 2014 after ESPN lost the broadcast rights to NBC Sports.

Shannon Spake joined Fox Sports in 2016 and is still working with the network till today. She covers college football and basketball for Fox Sports and also works as a NASCAR correspondent for the network. From time to time, she participates in Ironman races which according to the journalist have helped her in connecting with the teams and athletes she covers.

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How Much Does She Make as a Sports Journalist?

According to reliable sources, the average salary of a Fox Sports reporter range between $50,463 to $107,000. The exact salary figure of Shannon Spake is not certain at this moment and thus, we cannot categorically state her annual remuneration; however, it is believed that her salary falls within this range.

Over the years, Shannon who has worked with different media outfits is expected to have raked in quite a considerable amount of money, but her net worth is yet to be made public. The sports reporter is expected to keep making more money as time goes since she is still very relevant in the field of journalism.

Shannon Spake’s Family Life

In addition to her work as a sports reporter, the NASCAR correspondent has been a wife for the past 12 years and a mother for over 10 years. Her matrimonial journey started on the 14th of April 2008 when she exchanged marriage vows with her spouse Jerry McSorley. However, the details of her wedding were never publicly reported and there is absolutely no information about her relationships before marriage

A couple of years into their marriage, Shannon Spake and her husband welcomed identical twin sons Liam and Brady who joined the family on the 1st of January 2010. The 5 feet 6 inches sports correspondent obviously dotes on her family, According to Spake, nothing motivates her more than her spouse Jerry and their twin boys.

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