Shannon Millard – Biography, Family, Facts About Bart Millard’s Wife

Do you know Bart Millard? If you are familiar with the singer, you know he is popular for the song, I Can Only Imagine, a song whose lyrics have inspired a movie that was released in 2018. The popularity of both the song and the movie has turned Bart Millard into one of the leading gospel singers in America today and all these achievements have been achieved alongside his wife, Shannon Millard.

They say behind a great man, is a great woman. The phrase could not be truer for the Millard family who has been together all through high school to adulthood. Shannon has watched her husband grow from an upcoming musician into becoming a Grammy-nominated singer and they have also been able to raise a beautiful family with children.

In this article, we take a look at the woman behind the man – Shannon Millard.

Shannon Millard Biography

As mentioned earlier, Shannon Millard is the wife of popular gospel singer, Bart Millard. Although Bart regularly credits Shannon for her support as his wife, she is not one to embrace public life.

Several details about the life of Shannon Millard is unknown, including her date of birth, but considering the closeness in age to Bart Millard (they were in the same grade when they met in high school), one could say that Shannon Millard was born in the ’70s. She is believed to have also been born in Greenville, Texas. Other details like her education history and professional history are unknown.

Family And Relationship with Bart Millard

Shannon Millard
Shannon Millard with her husband and all five children

For everything one could achieve in life, there are very few things that are better than coming home at the end of the day to a family that loves and cares about you, not because of your achievements but because of who you are.

That is the role Shannon Millard has been playing in the life of Bart Millard since high school. She met her future husband while he was in 8th grade at her high school in Greenville, Texas. Through interaction with each other, Shannon Millard came to fall in love with the patriarch of the future Millard family.

There is so much that is beautiful and admirable about her relationship with Bart Millard. Firstly, the couple began dating right from high school as the first romantic partner of each other. All through the challenges of being in a band and the long days on the road, their love for each other stood the test of time and they eventually got married about twenty years ago.

With such a long history behind them and the challenges that bore songs such as I Can Only Imagine, Shannon Millard could be forgiven if she had chosen to one day walk away from Bart, but not only has she remained steadfastly beside her husband, together they have been able to raise five beautiful children split into three sons and two daughters who are named Sam, Charlie, Miles, Gracie, and Sophie respectively. Shannon Millard and her family currently live in Greenville, Texas.

How Much Is She Net Worth?

There is no indication that Shannon Millard is leading a professional life of her own. At the very moment, it does appear that Shannon Millard has taken on the responsibility of catering to the needs of the family as the housewife. This makes it challenging to determine her net worth but considering the strength of the love between Shannon and her husband, Bart, one can presume that they operate a philosophy of what is mine is yours and thus, Shannon Millard could be said to be worth $5 million.

Bart Millard is estimated to be worth the above-named amount as income accrued from his tours and music which has seen him reach heights like over 2.5 million sold copies of the single, I Can Only Imagine.

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Other Facts About Shannon Millard

  1. She is Not Active on Social Media

Unlike her husband who is a regular Twitter user, Shannon Millard is not who you would describe as a big social media person. Although she has an account, @skmillard, she is not an active user.

  1. She is Blonde

No, not the other meaning. Shannon Millard actually does have blonde hair. It is a light brown hair that has been passed down to all five of her children.

  1. She is a Christian

It goes without saying considering who her husband is, but Shannon Millard is a Christian. The name of her church is, like many of several details about her life, unknown.

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