Shanna Riley – Inside The Life & Family Of Roman Atwood’s Ex-Wife

Also considered an internet personality, Shanna Riley was catapulted to the spotlight following her relationship with one of the most successful YouTubers. Though the couple has since parted ways, Roman Atwood’s success story would be incomplete without mentioning the woman in whose arms he first found love. Riley’s ex-husband is famed for being a prankster as well as a family man. Here is all you need to know about his first wife, their marriage and the circumstances surrounding their split.

Shanna Riley’s Family

Shanna Janette Riley does not have a claim to fame on her own. Going by public records, it is apparent that she mostly lives under the radar. Thus, there is no information readily available to the public regarding her parents, family background, and childhood. Nonetheless, it is no secret that Riley is a native of Utah born on February 21, 1983.

There is also a scarcity of information about her educational background. While there are no records of the schools she attended, Shanna is believed to have had a conventional formal education.

Almost nothing is known about Shanna Riley’s personal life but details regarding her marriage to Roman Atwood are well known to the public. It is uncertain when the former celebrity couple first crossed paths but they became an item in the year 1999. After courting for about two years, 18-year-old Riley who had just graduated from high school and her YouTuber beau stepped things up a notch. The young couple exchanged marital vows on November 17, 2001, in a beautiful ceremony that held in Licking County, Ohio.

Shanna and Roman Atwood were presumed to be a perfect match until the year 2008 when news emerged that Shanna allegedly cheated on Roman with a producer who was seemingly a family friend. The incident reportedly took place while Riley’s husband was away on vacation. The YouTuber soon got wind of the truth which consequently led to the couple’s separation in 2008. However, Riley and Atwood officially parted ways two years later when their divorce proceedings were finalized.

Their union produced a son named Noah Vaughn Atwood; he was welcomed into the world on October 18, 2004. Riley had a happy family life with her ex-husband and son until their bitter split in 2010. Part of the divorce proceedings granted both parents joint custody of Noah. While Shanna had their only child on weekdays, her ex-husband could have him on weekends. However, following a 2015 suit filed by Shanna against Roman, she lost the privilege of joint custody. The court ruled in favor of Atwood who was granted full custody of Noah while Riley could have their son only during the Christmas holidays.

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There Is No Love Lost Between Shanna Riley and Roman Atwood

It is no news that Shanna’s ex-husband spites her. In addition to their bitter divorce battle, some of the erstwhile couple’s actions thereafter suggest that they now possibly detest each other. However, Atwood has been the more vocal one as he has not hesitated to publicly express his feelings about his ex-wife. For instance, in March 2015, the famous YouTuber posted a tweet which was a direct reference to Shanna describing her as a ‘bitch’.

What Has Shanna Been Up To?

Riley now mostly leads a media evasive lifestyle following her split from her famous husband Roman Atwood. Apart from a few appearances in some of Atwood’s vlogs while they were married, nothing else is known about Riley’s career endeavors before and after her relationship with Roman.

On a personal note, Riley’s reclusive lifestyle has made her relationship status more of a mystery. While it is uncertain if she has found love again after Roman, the same cannot be said of her famous ex-husband.

Shanna Riley's ex-husband Roman Atwood
Roman Atwood and his family: image source

Roman Atwood is currently married to his second wife Brittney Danelle Smith. Together, the couple’s union has produced two children – Kane and Cora Atwood. Moreover, if Roman’s words are anything to go by, it is safe to say Brittney has also been a good stepmother to Shanna Riley’s son.

Dormant Social Media Life

Unlike her ex-husband who is used to the spotlight. Shanna Riley now mostly lives in obscurity. Besides the few vlogs she made with Atwood while they were still married, Shanna has been inactive on most popular social networking sites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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