Shane Dawson biography, other facts
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The American youtube star, Shane Dawson, is one of the most popular YouTubers on the video-sharing website. Thanks to his video content, he has amassed millions of followers.

You may ask, what is so special about Shane Dawson and his videos? Well, Dawson is not just all about making people laugh with his sketch comedy, his videos also challenge stereotypical thinking of our society. These videos have become a huge source of inspiration to many teenagers who have been subject to bullying, abuse or neglect.

Dawson is not only a famous YouTuber but also a famous author of two best-selling books – It Gets Worse and I Hate Myselfie. He also produced several short films, podcasts, music singles and has appeared in a good number of TV shows and movies. Being one of the first people who became famous on the video-sharing website – YouTube, Shane Dawson has maintained his space in the media while combining his multiple talents. Read on to find some more facts about the California-born star.

Shane Dawson: Biography & Age

Shane Lee Yaw, best known as Shane Dawson, was born on July 19, 1988, in Long Beach, California. He was raised along with his two older brothers – Jacob Yaw and Jerid Yaw. While growing up, Dawson was a victim of abuse and bullying; at home, he was abused by his alcoholic father because he was overweight. While at Lakewood High School, he was bullied by his peers for his weight and poor family background.

Shane Dawson began to grow a passion for videos back in High school when he participated in his school project. He did not create his YouTube channel, which he named ShaneDawsonTV, until March 10, 2008, when he was 19 years old. Dawson’s first video was 3-minute sketch titled Fred is Dead. The video gained over 20 million views despite being criticized as being juvenile, crude and somewhat racist. The popularity of the video drew such a large audience and became a stepping stone to his rise to stardom. The success of his first YouTube channel led to the creation of his second channel, Human Emoji (formally known as ShaneDawsonTV2). Although Human Emoji was discontinued in 2012, it also garnered many views and subscribers.

Shane’s third YouTube channel, ‘Shane’, is where he makes daily posts of original content. As he grows further, his video content continues to change to cover wider genres like a documentary, conspiracy theory videos, and extended vlogs. His documentary series with Jeffree Star was a runaway hit. Currently, the YouTube personality from Califonia has amassed over 5 billion views on his YouTube channels. Forbes has even mentioned him in their list of famous internet celebrities. His net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Mom & Dad

Shane Dawson experienced a very intimidating and abusive childhood, but he speaks well of his parents and siblings, including his father, Kyle Yaw, who abused him for being overweight. He also speaks of his mom, Teresa Yaw, and his two brothers, Jacob and Jerid Yaw, as being very supportive of him. He has even featured them in one of his comedy sketches.

Is Shane Dawson Gay?

As it is with celebrities, Shane Dawson’s sexuality became a matter of major interest to millions of his fans but unlike many in his status who would prefer to keep their personal life private, Shane has addressed his sexual orientation openly. In 2005, the multi-talented American revealed his sexual orientation in one of the videos he posted on his channel; the vlogger said although it would be much easier to identify as gay or straight, he was bisexual.

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Who is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Shane Dawson with his boyfriend, Ryland Adams: image source

In addition to Shane Dawson being bisexual, he is also not single. The media personality is in a relationship with Ryland Adams. He spoke about his partner in a video he posted on his YouTube channel and described Ryland as his boyfriend who makes him extremely happy.

Prior to Ryland, Shane has dated a number of women and men. He reportedly dated Nadine Sykora, a fellow YouTube star, in 2010. Later, he was seen with Lisa Schwartz. Shane also was spotted with Garrett Watts whom he dated just after confessing his sexuality. His relationship with Ryland seems to be his longest so far.

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