Who is Shakia Proctor? – Inside Details Of Her Growing Family with Cam Newton

Models are known for their exceptional beauty, spotless skins, and incredible body figures. While there are allure models, runway models, swimsuit, and commercial models, there are also glamour models who have kept the internet abuzz. Among them is Shakia Proctor, a multi-talented star who was previously a stripper and party host. She came into the spotlight following the start of a relationship with an NFL superstar, Cam Newton. In that time, she and the NFL player have become the unusual celebrity pairing, with a growing family to boot.

Shakia Proctor is a Native of Maryland

The stunning model Shakia Proctor was born in the Virginia area in the U.S. on October 6, 1988. She is the daughter of Jerome Proctor and his wife, Anne Marie. Kia grew up in Maryland, Virginia area where she got her basic education. While we do know that she has a couple of siblings, with whom she was raised, there is very little detail about her childhood, siblings, and educational background.

Shakia’s Stripper Stage Name was Hazel

Despite the abundance of glitter and colorful dresses, stripping is generally considered an unglamorous profession. Although it has its substantial financial rewards, it can be dehumanizing and, in extreme cases, dangerous. Regardless, for reasons that remain unknown, Shakia Proctor damned the consequences and began a life as a stripper. She adopted the name Hazel with which she worked in different notable strip clubs in the United States.

She quickly developed notoriety in the profession, especially at the Stadium Club in Washington, D.C., where she became a well-known figure. After a few years of dancing on stages and private rooms, Shakia said goodbye to the stripping world and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to begin a career as a party host.

While there, she explored other jobs, before taking up a career in modeling. She first worked as a hosting model for several top shows held in Atlanta.

Additionally, Shakia also did several modeling gigs for top brands in Atlanta. Reportedly, during one of these shows, she met Cam Newton, the famous NFL player, and Atlanta native. This chance meeting supposedly happened in 2013 and started the transformation of Shakia Proctor from a party girl to the girlfriend of one of the most famous faces in National League Football.

Shakia and Cam Newton Went Public at the Kentucky Derby

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The popular belief is that Shakia Proctor and the Carolina Panthers quarterback began dating in 2013. The exact events that led to it remain a mystery, but it became a public fact at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. The event, which is more known for horse racing and gambling took a different meaning that year when both of them were spotted at the derby.

The sight sent rumor mills into overdrive before they confirmed the relationship in subsequent Instagram posts. Fans of the NFL star and observers of their peculiar pairing expected a high level of exposure into the relationship, but the couple has mainly been discreet. Short of a few red carpet appearances and the occasional Instagram posts, the couple has mostly kept out of media spotlight, despite the considerable interest in their relationship.

Though Unmarried, Shakia Proctor and Cam Have a Large Family

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A family of six is a phrase that is often attached to married couples, but that is a plebeian belief that Shakia and Cam Newton don’t care for. Although they are yet to walk the aisle as husband and wife, Proctor, and Newton’s family has grown significantly in number.

The couple welcomed their first child, a son, Chosen Newton, on the Christmas Eve of 2015. At his birth, Newton took to Twitter to inform his fans about the arrival of their new bundle of joy on December 30, 2015. Two years later, the lovebirds welcomed their second child. This time, the couple had a daughter, Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, who was born on February 3, 2017.

They were not done yet as in March 2018 again, Shakia announced that she and Cam are expecting their child. On July 6, 2018, the power couple announced the arrival of another son, Camidas Swain Newton, their third child. Finally, in December 2019, the couple announced the birth of their fourth child, Cashmere Saint Newton. The baby was reportedly born two months earlier, in October.

Outside of their shared biological children, Shakia Proctor and Cam Newton also have a daughter, Shakira. She is the daughter of Shakia from a previous relationship, and she was born in 2007. And although she is not a biological child, Cam Newton has embraced her as his daughter, as suggested by an emotional post he made on social media on her 10th birthday.

Since they came a couple in 2013, the two of them have nurtured their love and family. They have raised their children in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect. Or at least that is what we thought…

She and Cam Newton Might No Longer Be a Couple

If the reports from the gossip site, TheBlast, is anything to go by, the love story between Shakia Proctor and Cam Newton might be over. According to the website, the couple hasn’t been a couple for months. Also, as of January 2020, they are in a child custody battle.

The couple has reportedly been separated since June. Their last child, Cashmere Saint Newton, has supposedly never lived with his father since his birth in October 2019. The reason for the couple’s separation is unknown, although infidelity on the part of the NFL star has been the working theory. He reportedly welcomed a child with an Instagram model, La Reina Shaw.

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One of the reasons for the child custody battle Shakia Proctor’s proposed relocation. The former stripper wants to relocate to her native Maryland while the NFL star wants the children to remain in his home in Atlanta.

Other contentious issues include a request for $15,000 for an accountant to review the player’s finances. She also reportedly wants child support payments that are above standard procedures. At the moment, it is unclear where the chips will fall.

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