See Inside The $200k Oscars 2016 Goodie Bag Which Comes With A $277 Toilet Paper Roll

It can be quite difficult and tasking to come up with a gift for someone who has it all, if you have a super rich friend then you understand what I mean. It gets even worse when that person is a Hollywood star- someone who can get virtually afford almost everything he/she wants at the snap of a finger. That said, the 88th Academy Awards aka Oscars 2016 is looming and if you are follower of previous events then you are probably aware of the luxury goody bags gifted to nominees which debuted over a decade ago.

According to Distinctive Assets an LA-based company and organizers of the luxury bags since its inception, this year’s gift bags will be given to nominees in the category of best actor, best actress, best director and the host of the show, hello Chris Rock. If you’ve not yet seen the listthe lucky nominees who stand a chance to this treat include highest-paid actress Jennifer Lawrence and BAFTA winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Each of the consolation prize bags is valued at a whopping $230,000, the highest-ever and double of the $125,000 ones that were dished out last year. The 2015 version included a $20,000 mind-control from a psychic, liposuction vouchers for the plastic surgery addicts, luxury condoms and sex toys while the 2016 gift bag comes with more eye-brow raising items from vampire breast implants to an all expense-paid trip to Israel, tour of Japan, Audi car rentals, luxury female arouser, cosmetics, a $277 toilet paper roll by Joseph toiletries and more.

CEO of Distinctive Assets Lash Fary in his website states that the bags are not gifted on the basis of “need” but as a way of saying thank you to the stars for donating their time free-of-charge to attend high profile events. Non-winners apparently have nothing to lose, it all feels like a win-win situation.

Here is a detailed look at the list;

1. Joseph Toiletries Tissue paper roll – $277

Joseph Toileteries Tissue Roll Oscars 2016

Distinctive Assets do want celebrities to wipe their bums like royalty that is why they added this cloud-like tissue paper which took 60 experts 5 years to create. According to Swiss company’s website, the tissue is made of 100% tender virgin new-growth cellulose fibers without any additives like binders or chemicals mostly used in wet wipes to both avoid irritations on sensitive skin and harming the sewage systems as well as our environment. It also comes with two lotions- Gentle Cleaning which is said to be better than water and Balancing care which offers long-lasting protection. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow fancies the idea, she has promoted the product on her Goop website.

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2. Nuelle Fiera Arouser – $250

Nuelle Fiera Arouser Oscars 2016

The vibrator which can be wearable is provided to enhance foreplay.

3. Silvercar Audi Car Rental – $45,000

Audi Silvercar rental Oscars 2016

In case celebrities get bored of any of their super cars, they can hire any Audi vehicle of their choice for a whole year, that is until the next Oscars free of charge as it has already been paid for.

4. Vampire Breast Lifts – $1,900

This one will be included only in the ladies bags. For Hollywood sweethearts who don’t fancy implants, the vampire breast lift is the answer for their sagging boobs. The procedures uses the individual’s blood to enhance the look of her breast.

5. A 10-day trip to Israel – $55,000

Israel Beach

And no, it isn’t just the transportation the Oscars are paying for, it is an all expense paid trip including accommodation plus they will be flying first-class.

6. A 15-day walking tour of Japan – $45,000


7. Cosmetic maker Lizora will supply nominees with their tea inspired natural skin care products all year round – $31,200

8. Halo Purely for Pets will donate 10,000 pet foods to any animal shelter of the nominee’s choice and in their name – $6,300

9. An ultimate fitness package from the Fit Club in a private villa – $6250

10. A Steamist spa collection in your house – $5060

11. Gifts from Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como and Golden Door Spa, California – $15,000

The list is endless, there is also a personal training session from celebrity trainers, personalized gift baskets, clothing, chocolates, other skin care products, screen protector, Memobottle plastic water bottles which can fit comfortably inside a purse/handbag, handmade jewelry and more.

According to Forbes, companies whose products are included in the Oscars 2016 gift bags pay a fee of $4, 000 to have their products added as a marketing strategy, hoping to receive sponsorship deals, so, it’s all about the business.

Uwa Echebiri
Uwa Echebiri
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