A Look at Sebastián Marroquín’s Net Worth, Sister and Family Legacies

You might not immediately be familiar with the name Sebastian Marroquin, but there is every chance that you have heard about his father – Pablo Escobar. Despite his father’s infamy, Sebastian has managed to make a name for himself as an architect and engineer; a change of name definitely helped make this possible.

Since his father’s demise, Sebastian and his family have traveled around trying to find a new home for themselves. This is completely understandable since having the last name ‘Escobar’ can put a target on his back. Sebastian Marroquin has now settled down in Argentina where he is building a life for himself.

Background and Early Life

Though he is now known as Sebastian Marroquin, his birth name is actually Juan Pablo Escobar Henao. He was born on the 24th of February, 1977 in Medellín, Colombia to Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao. His mother, Maria, was only sixteen when he was born. He also has a younger sister, Manuela.

Though his father was a notorious drug dealer, Pablo Escobar was careful to see his son did not follow his steps. Severally, he warned his son against using drugs. Sebastian grew up in wealth, he and his family lived a lavish lifestyle – thanks to his father’s choice of occupation. However, after his father was killed by the police, their assets were seized, rendering his family broke.

Pablo’s mother fled with Sebastian and his sister to Mozambique. Shortly after, they traveled to Argentina on Tourist Visas before settling down there and becoming citizens. It was then that he changed his name from Juan Pablo Escobar Henao to Sebastian Marroquin believing he had been cursed by a voodoo priest he met in Mozambique. He chose his new name from a phone book.

Sebastian later attended a private technical school, earning a degree in industrial design. After that, he progressed to the University of Palermo where he studied Architecture.

Sebastian’s Self-Made Wealth

Disassociating himself from his father and refusing to adopt his father’s last name may have implications but it did mean a new beginning for the young man, especially regarding his personal wealth. His father had his money in properties, and arts. He even stacked a significant amount of money in planes, homes, and farms and his net worth was estimated at $10 billion at the time of his death. But with all that being extorted by both the government and other drug gangs, Sebastian had little to fall back to.

Even when things were very dark, Sebastian still tried to find his path and follow it. He eventually found moderate success as an architect and the author of the 2014 book Pablo Escobar: My Father which he wrote under his birth name, Juan Pablo Escobar. He also starred in a 2009 Argentine-Colombian documentary film Pecados de Mi Padre (Sins of My Father) which talks about his family’s life after their Escobar’s death. The film which featured Sabastian meeting with the families and children of those his father had killed, eventually made huge success at the market with lots of positive reviews. The documentary even received a good number of awards including the Miami International Film Festival and the News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

Outside his life-long career as an architect, Sabastian has engaged himself in some other businesses that help build his net worth. The former drug dealer’s son has an organic clothing line called ‘Escobar Henao’. He has said that he intends to donate the profits to Colombian Charities as well as using the profits to help his father’s victims. With his mother’s strong support, he started a career in interior decoration and coaching after which he began to work on Nexo Urbano, a real estate company focused on urban development. Despite all these, his exact net worth is not known to the public.

Though Sebastian Marroquin was only 16 when his father was killed in Medellín, Colombia, many expected that he would take over his father’s drug business, especially after he promised to avenge his father’s death. However, he instead distanced himself from his father’s legacy. He also admitted that the threat he made about avenging his father’s death was a mistake.

What’s Left of Sebastián’s Family Legacy?

Its been decades since Sebastian’s father passed away and although he is eager to distance himself from his father’s violent legacy, Sebastian has not failed to keep his father’s legacy. As a matter of fact, the Colombian architect still tries to profit off his father’s name.

Sebastian has tried multiple times to register his father’s name as a brand but has been unsuccessful in every attempt. He was also involved with the family textile business which sold clothes with his father’s name and likeness to earn extra money.

The Escobar Family: Image Source

His father, the infamous Pablo Escobar, died on the 2nd of December, 1993 – a day after his 44th birthday. The police were able to locate Pablo after he made a call to his son. They were able to track his telephone usage to his location where he was seen through an open window, talking on the phone.

Though Pablo attempted to escape by running to the roof, he was shot by the police during a shootout. However, there are many who believe that Pablo actually killed himself instead, as he had always said that if he were ever cornered by the police, he would be the one to take his life.

The Monaco Empire

The Monaco Empire before demolition

One of the biggest legacies of the Escobars remain the Monaco empire which was recently demolished. Although the demolition of Pablo Escobar’s empire on February 22, 2019, rendered the Escobar era a complete history, the site still left a lot to remind us of the drug lord. The six-story building with a penthouse was symbolic of the once almighty criminal’s empire, and a top tourist attraction in Medellin’s El Poblado neighborhood. But after its demolition, the site was turned to a public park dedicated to thousands of people killed in Colombia by drug gangs.

Meet His Sister – Manuela Escobar

Sebastian has a younger sister, Manuela Escobar, who was born on the 25th of May 1984. Rumour has it that Manuela was the apple of her father’s eye, that the drug lord would go to any length to make sure she was happy. Tales have it that he allegedly burned $2 million to keep her warm.

Like her brother, she has worked hard to distance herself from her father’s legacy and has adopted a new identity. She presently lives in North Carolina in the United States, where she works as an Electrical Engineer.

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