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The host of the long-running radio program, The Sean Hannity Show, has proven that he doesn’t only know how to be successful career-wise; he is also an expert at sustaining a lovely home. The controversial TV star and his beloved significant other (Jill Rhodes) have been having quite a happy marriage for over two decades, prompting many to wonder their secret. But the answer is glary – they share a lot in common. Read on to find out more about Sean Hannity’s wife.

What Is Sean Hannity Known For?

You may have read about it online, way before Sean Hannity became a beloved TV legend, he was a business contractor and owned a house-painting business. Then without any prior experience, he hit the airwaves in 1989, taking up his tell-it-all approach while working as a volunteer talk show host.

Though he describes his first radio stint as terrible, Sean Hannity became fascinated by the hosting and decided to make it a career, working in different radio stations. Years of consistency and professionalism culminated in a job offer by FOX Network Channel in 1996 which marked his TV debut.

He started out in Fox as the co-host of the show Hannity & Colmes, an American political television program wherein he used to present the conservative perspective while his co-host, Alan Colmes presents from a liberal point of view.

Hannity’s defiant persona and his creativity turned the show into a much-watched political show filled with both lessons and entertainment. Given the success of the show, Hannity started his iconic Sunday night TV show titled Hannity America in 2007. He later abandoned Hannity & Colmes and began another show titled Hannity, which became a replica of Hannity America.

While building a TV reputation, Hannity didn’t abandon hosting radio programs. In 2001, he launched the radio talk show, The Sean Hannity Show, where he weighs in on current American issues and political matters. His method of hosting drew a widespread audience and soon the show began to air in over 500 radio stations in the United States.

The same year, he signed a $25 million contract extension deal with ABC radio and when Citadel communications took over ABC radio three years later, he signed a five-year contract worth $100 million with the new management. In 2013, the contract proved worthwhile as the show recorded more than 13 million audiences tuning into the show every week, placing Hannity on number 72 of Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of the same year.

Hannity has since signed more lucrative contracts with different radio stations including Premier Networks and other stations controlled by Salem Communications. In addition to his TV and radio presence, Hannity has appeared in some movies such as Atlas Shrugged: Who I John Galt (2014), The Siege (1998), among others. The celebrated host has also thrived as an author. Thus far, he has published three New York Times Bestsellers including Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism.

Who Is Sean Hannity’s Wife, Is He Married?

Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes and if that name sounds familiar, that’s because she is a journalist in her own right. She was born on the 27th of August 1962 which makes her nearly a year younger than her husband who was born in 1961. Jill spent much of her early life in Alabama where she was born. There, she had her education, obtaining a degree in journalism from the University of Alabama.

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity became lovers when she was working as a columnist for the Huntsville Times while Sean Hannity was mainly working on radio shows at WVNN. Their first encounter was work-related and that was in 1991 after which they spoke mostly on the phone while crafting news ideas together. In 1992, they finally met and supposedly, Hannity planned a work meeting concerning the Huntsville mayoral debate he had organized. It turned out to be a surprise date. Their work friendship became a romance and without wasting any time, they wedded the following year. Since their union in 1993, the two who began their marital journey in Atlanta, Georgia have maintained the strong bond that has held them together from the start.

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Jill Rhodes’ Children

Sean Hannity's wife
Sean Hannity’s Wife Jill Rhodes and their children: image source

Jill’s marriage to Sean Hannity has been fruitful. The two have two children; a son named Patrick Hannity and a daughter named Meri Kelly. Patrick was born in 1999 and his sister, in 2002.

What Is The Net Worth of Sean Hannity’s Wife?

Although Jill is a successful journalist, she is reserved and hardly shares her personal details. Therefore, her net worth and a good number of other info about the woman is not known to the public. On the other hand, Sean is one of the highest-paid news anchors on Fox Channel with a salary estimated at $36 million yearly. His net worth is $80 million, most of which he earned from his media engagements and his successful books.

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