Who Is Seal, What Went Wrong Between Him And Heidi Klum And Who Did He Move On To?

When an artist specializes in crafting evergreen love songs, we naturally assume that their own love lives will be perfect. However, as history has proven time and over again, this may not really be the true situation of things. Case in point is award-winning British singer, Seal. For several years, the revered crooner brought out several hit love songs. He also tied the nut with the German supermodel, Heidi Klum. Their union lasted for several years during which they became Hollywood’s “It Couple,” coordinating elaborate Halloween costumes and throwing equally-elaborate parties. Fans lapped it all up and tipped the couple to last forever. All that nascent hopes, however, came crashing after the matrimony bit the proverbial dust

Back To Where It All Began

Born on February 19, 1963, in Paddington, London, England to Nigerian and Brazilian parents, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel was raised by his foster parents in the City of Westminster. After graduating as a diploma holder in architecture, he worked as an architect before he diverted his interest as well as career choice towards singing.

The musician started as a part of many bands and sang extensively but his actual breakthrough in the music field came when he sang the song, Killer, after meeting with the producer, Adamski. As Killer went on to be a great hit in the market, Seal found fame and popularity and then worked on to make a grand career in music.

Seal dropped his eponymous debut album in 1991. It spawned international hit singles, such as Crazy and Future Love Paradise, and helped to increase his fan base. It also fetched him lots of awards including three Brit Awards in 1992. Since that phenomenal debut, he has gone on to drop about nine studio albums. These albums have earned him various awards including four Grammy Awards, an MTV Video Award, and the Ivor Novello Award.

His Work On The Batman Soundtrack

Despite all the above achievements, Seal’s biggest single unarguably remains his 1994 track, Kiss from a Rose. This is quite ironic given the fact that the singer never liked the song which he penned as far back as 1987. He even wanted to dispose it off but his producers advised him otherwise. Seal thus kept the song in the archives until 1994 when he reluctantly agreed for it to be included in his second album.

The rejected song soon turned out to be the cornerstone as it reached the top 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Kiss from a Rose became even more famous after it was selected to be part of the soundtrack for the movie, “Batman Forever,” in 1995. Following the release of the movie, the song re-entered the charts and spent one week atop US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Seal’s exploits in the music industry (album sales and concert revenues) have netted him a net worth of $30 million. He owns two beautiful houses in Los Angeles, each of which cost him more than $6 million. The singer also has a cool collection of luxury cars in his garage including a Bentley Azure, Audi R8, and Ferrari 360 Spider.

Love At First Sight With Heidi Klum

Seal and Klum singing a duet in 2008: Image source

Hollywood has witnessed several unforgettable couplings and one of them is none other than Seal and German supermodel, Heidi Klum. The singer first spotted Klum at the 2003 GQ Awards bash in London. She was wearing a gorgeous black dress, as well as a huge smile, and he was immediately bowled over. He, however, didn’t make any move and so, the opportunity passed. The singer later got his second chance when he bumped into Klum in a hotel lobby in New York three weeks later. This time, she was the one that was impressed with his handsome physique and they naturally hit it off. They commenced a relationship and spent the next few weeks in relative bliss.

They, however, ran into a snag after they discovered that Klum was already pregnant for her ex-boyfriend, Italian businessman, Flavio Briatore. Such a huge fact could have ended any ordinary romantic relationship but not Seal and Klum’s. They held on to their love for each other and the model delivered a daughter, Leni, in May 2004. The couple subsequently got engaged in December 2004 and tied the knot on the 10th of May 2005. The wedding featured about 40 guests and took place on a Mexican beach resort. During the ceremony, they promised each other that they would always renew their vows each year.

Seal’s Family Life And Subsequent Divorce

Seal and Klum kept this particular promise all throughout the duration of their union. They organized annual vow renewal ceremonies on their wedding anniversary. They also took to throwing flamboyant Halloween parties during which they debuted their legendary costumes. Additionally, the doting Seal also brought his wife on stage for a duet during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of 2008. Through it all, the couple welcomed three additional kids namely Henry Gunther (b. September 2005), Johan Riley (b. November 2006), and Lou Sulola (b. October 2009). The singer also officially adopted Klum’s daughter, Leni, in December 2009 thus making everything perfect.

Klum with the couple’s four kids: Image source

This illusion of perfection was however shattered after a routine family vacation in Ibiza in August 2011. Tabloid reports suggested that Seal had been out partying while Klum was left to parent the children alone, a situation that the model was unhappy with. This set the tone for the couple’s separation in January 2012 and they subsequently filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in 2014 and it was largely amicable. Even though Seal lashed out at early reports that his ex may have gotten together with her bodyguard, he later described her as the most wonderful woman in the world. Klum on her own part also avoided any mudslinging. She, however, attributed the divorce to her husband’s anger issues as well as his busy work and party schedule.

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What Is His Present Relationship Life Like?

Seal has now moved on with his life, both professionally and personally. The multi-Grammy winner dropped his 10th studio album, Standards, in 2017. He has performed at several concerts and has worked as a judge on The Voice Australia. On a personal level, the crooner has been romantically linked with several women including model, Erica Parker. He and Parker started dating in 2015 and were together for a total of 18 months during which they were rumored to be expecting a child.

Those rumors, however, turned out to be false and the couple went their separate ways in December 2016. Since then, Seal has not been involved in any confirmed romance but he has been linked with his fellow The Voice Australia judge, Delta Goodrem, since 2017. Whatever the situation of his love life is, one thing that is for sure is that the singer is not likely to get married again as he believes that the institution is a flawed concept. Meanwhile, he maintains a cordial relationship with his ex, who has now remarried rock singer, Tom Kaulitz, and they amicably co-parent their four children.

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