Who Is Winona Ryder’s Long-time Boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn and Are They Still Together?

By now, Winona Ryder is no longer unknown to a lot of people all over the world. Her appearance in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things has catapulted her into the realm of globally recognized actresses in the world. This new status comes with an extra focus on her life, particularly her personal life where we have learned she has been dating Scott Mackinlay since 2011.

Winona’s boyfriend may not be the Hollywood royalty people were expecting him to be but he is a successful man in his own right. As a fashion designer, he is the founder of multiple clothing brands and it has clearly been a venture successful enough for him to attract a high-profile actress like Winona Ryder.

Learn more about Scott Mackinlay by reading below.

Who is Scott Mackinlay?

Having dropped onto the media radar recently, a few key details are still unknown about Scott Mackinlay, like his exact birth date. At the moment, it is known that he was born in October 1980 in New York. As for his childhood background, there isn’t a lot of information to pick from when it comes to the actress’ boyfriend.

A man often described as an incredibly private individual, the only background information that appears to be available about him is the fact that he attended New York School of Design where he put his passion for fashion designing to use.

The information available about him shows that when he isn’t trying to save the planet through his clothing designs, he is a lover of body surfing.

What Does He Do For A Living?

Scott Mackinlay, the designer, began his career working for Hollywood personalities. His creativity and designs were welcomed among the privileged community of Hollywood royalty and he took advantage of this in 2001 to establish one of his brands, Rogan. He established the brand along with another designer, Rogan Gregory.

Together, they created a new denim look that is described as old and washed out. The look was quite popular but the process of achieving it required the use of a lot of water, a fact which did not sit very well with Rogan and Scott who are environmentally conscious people. In response to the development, they decided to create an environment-friendly brand. The result of the decision led to the creation of Loomstate. The new brand which is their solution to clothing processes that pose a threat to the environment is based on making clothing out of organic cotton. Although the acceptance of the new process and product was initially slow, Loomstate has grown in popularity. The company can boast of clients like Chipotle Mexican Grill, a fast food chain in the US. The company is responsible for the uniforms of the chain’s staff.

Their raw material, organic cotton is sourced across the world in places like Turkey, Peru, India, and the United States. Scott Mackinlay is completed dedicated to making environmentally friendly designs and some of the results have been fascinating, such as the Chipotle uniforms which are made from Tencel – a yarn made from tree and wood pulp.

While two of his brands has been in collaboration with Rogan Gregory, his third brand is a collaboration with the musician and rock star, Bono. The designer and the musician, along with his wife have collaborated to create a clothing line, Egan.

As part of the achievements and recognition of his work as a designer, Scott Mackinlay has been made the head of Sustainability Steering Committee for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The actress’ beau is also a board member of the Council for Textile Recycling.

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Are They Still Together?

Scott Mackinlay
Scott and his girlfriend, Winona Ryder

When it comes to celebrity relationships, the smart decision for fans is to never get attached, regardless of however perfect the pairing might be, because, from a statistical point of view, they break up eventually.

However, for Winona Ryder and Scott Mackinlay, that day hasn’t come as they are still together since they began their relationship in 2011. The long-term relationship has brought questions of marriage from their fans but the couple seems to be interested in maintaining their status as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Winona Ryder is notable for starring in films like Beetlejuice, Autumn in New York, Edward Scissorhands. The latter is significant because she once dated one of her co-stars in the film, Johnny Depp, before she met Scott Mackinlay. Apart from Stranger Things, she has also appeared in shows like Friends.

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