Interesting Details About Scott Mackinlay Hahn – Winona Ryder’s Partner

More famous for dating a popular star actress, Winona Ryder, Scott Mackinlay Hahn is an American fashion designer. The New York City native is also known for co-founding Rogan and Loomstate sustainable apparel brands which are also located in New York City. His once a quiet life had a dramatic turnaround, hence attracting media attention since he fell in love with the Golden Globe Award-winning actress and producer, Winona Ryder.

Winona Ryder has taken numerous roles both in television series  and movies, but she is best known for her roles in films like Reality Bites, The Age of Innocence When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story, and of course, in the Netflix video series, Stranger Things, which earned her two award nominations. Having known much about the star actress, read on as we unveil interesting facts about her partner, Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

Who is Scott Mackinlay Hahn?

Scott Mackinlay Hahn is a Jewish-American born in October 1980. Hahn is a very private person, hence information regarding his family, parents, siblings and early life cannot be reached. As per his educational background, the American citizen is yet to reveal where he attended high school and college. However, according to some reports, Hahn’s love for fashion pushed him into the fashion world and to perfect his skills and prepare himself well in the business, he attended the New York School of Design and after graduating from the school he made his way into the fashion business. Today, he is listed among the top fashion designers in the country.

He Began in Hollywood

While some would prefer to start small and gradually make it to the top, Scott Mackinlay Hahn aimed to make it big in a short time and to bring that to reality, he eyed top Hollywood celebrities. As one who is extraordinarily gifted in fashion designing, it was never difficult for Hahn to make his shots in the industry. He began to design outfits for several top celebrities reflecting their unique style statements.

To make it bigger, Scott teamed up with his friend, Rogan Gregory, who is also a well-known fashion designer and in 2001, they both founded the green fashion brand, Rogan. The fashion line was majorly producing “old and washed out” looking denim that became extremely fashionable all over the world.

Why Loomstate was Founded

In 2004, Scott and his friend co-founded Loomstate, a clothing line that is eco-conscious and society friendly with the clothing material made from organic cotton imported from different cotton-producing countries around the world. The two saw the need for a new fashion brand that will solve the issue of sustainability which the former brand lacked. Through Loomstate Hahn and his friend gave the fashion industry a unique touch of design and branding.

One of the major reasons why the clothing line is successful is the concept to which the business was founded. Through the success of his clothing lines, Scott became a member of the board Council for Textile Recycling as well as the leader of the Sustainability Steering Committee for the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA). He even topped the list of the Seven Hot CEOs and Their Cool Green Companies. Others who made the list include Charisse McAuliffe and David Anderson, among others.

His Net Worth Is Weighty

Being a famous fashion designer attracts huge financial income and it is believed that the Jewish-American designer has achieved a lot from his passion-turned business. The US top class garments outlet owner has his net worth estimated at $10 million, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit which is evident in his outfit brands under the banner of Rogan, Egan, and Loomstate.

His clothing line, Egan was also co-founded like his other businesses. He co-founded the clothing line with U2 band’s rock star Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson.

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What To Know About His Partner, Winona Ryder

While Scott quietly makes his wealth in his preferred business career, his partner was busy making name for herself in the film and movie industry. The two started dating in 2011 and have been spending precious time together as lovers, giving no room for a rumor to come between them.

scott Mackinlay Hahn with his partner, Winona Ryder: Image Source

Winona whose original name is Winona Laura Horowitz was born on October 29, 1971, in Winona, Minnesota. She is the daughter of Michael D. Horowitz, a Jewish author who emigrated from Russia and Romania. Her mother, Cynthia Palmer is also an author, editor, and video producer. Ryder started acting in 1985 and has been very active in the industry since then.

Her latest films as of 2018, is the romantic drama film, Destination Wedding, where she appeared as Lindsay, while her latest role in TV series is in Stranger Things, a science-fiction horror web series which premiered in 2016 and have her featuring as Joyce Byer. She has also appeared in music videos like “Love Song for a Vampire,” “Talk About the Blue,” and “Here with Me,” among others.

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