Scott Kolanach – Bio, Facts About Stephanie Courtney’s Husband

Love is a curious thing. In an industry like Hollywood, where marrying or being with a partner who will improve your social standing is a common move taken by personalities in the industry, we still find men and women who are willing to ignore the move and find a partner they are simply in love with, even if it means marrying someone below their social standing. It is a growing trend in Hollywood which has seen a star like Stephanie Courtney marry Scott Kolanach, a lesser known personality in the industry.

The marriage of Stephanie to Scott as birthed a level of curiosity in who he is and how the union between him and the actress came to be. Well, we answer all those questions in this article. Read on.

Scott Kolanach Biography

Scott was born on the 2nd of December, 1974 to parents whose identities as of now, are unknown. He was born to them in Stony Point, New York, a fact that makes him a full-fledged American citizen.

We cannot speak to the childhood background of Scott Kolanach as there is very limited information regarding his life. Until his marriage to his wife, Stephanie Courtney, Scott was one of the many unknown entities who worked behind the scenes of stage productions in American Theatre.

Among the many bits of information unknown about Scott is his education history. We cannot say if he attended college and or how he got his start as a production team member in Theatre productions. We only know that the husband of Stephanie Courtney works today as the lightning director of ‘The Groundlings’. The Groundlings is an improv comedy group that performs in Los Angeles, a group that his wife also happens to be a member of.

In the modern professional space, diversity in skill is encouraged and Scott Kolanach has taken steps to diversify his resume. More than just a lightning director, he is also a credited producer of a drama film, Janeane from Des Moines. The film, which is a political drama based on the run-up to the election in 2012, was released in 2012.

Net Worth

By no means has Stephanie Courtney gone to a homeless shelter to pick a man to marry. Scott Kolanach is a successful man in his own right, who happens to work in a field less popular and glamorous as that of his wife. Regardless, he has been able to build a decent financial status for himself with a net worth in the region of $1 million. It, however, doesn’t compare to that of his wife who is estimated to be worth $6 million.

Relationship With Stephanie Courtney

Scott Kolanach
Scott Kolanach with his wife, Stephanie Courtney and family members

There is no available cute story on how Stephanie Courtney and Scott Kolanach met. However, considering both of them are members of the entertainment industry, it is beyond reasonability to think they met via The Groundlings, the improve group both of them are a part of in different capacities.

If you are not familiar with Stephanie Courtney, it means you probably haven’t watched shows like Mad Men or 2 Broke Girls or the film, Girlfriend’s Day. She is both an actress and a comedian and her most notable work is playing Flo, an advertising character for Progressive Insurance. Her work as the character has been featured on radio and television and as a comedian, she is also a member of The Groundlings, an improv group based in Los Angeles.

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Back to the relationship between Scott Kolanach and Stephanie, there is no timeline on when they met and when they started dating but we know they got married on the 25th of November 2008, in the same year Stephanie began to play her most notable role as Flo.

So far, the couple seems to be enjoying a happy life with no rumors of divorce. They also seems to have no interest in having a child at the moment. It has been just the two of them despite the fact that they have been married for over 10 years.

Other Interesting Facts To Know About Scott Kolanach

  1. Getting married to Stephanie Courtney has made him the brother-in-law to the notable actress, Jennifer Courtney, who is the sister of his wife.
  2. Although his own education history is unknown, his wife, Stephanie attended Binghamton University.
  3. His solitary film credit, Janeane from Des Moines, received an award nomination at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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