5 Recent Scientific Discoveries Determining Current Events

Scientists continue to marvel us with great discoveries that are aimed at making the world a better place, in recent times alone, there have been a number of new significant scientific discoveries and events which includes but not limited to the discovery of numerous Earthlike exoplanets, the atmospheric entry of the most destructive meteor since the year 1908, the development of viable lab-grown ears, teeth, livers and blood vessels among several others. We have also seen a major expansion in the use and capabilities of technologies like that includes self driven cars and 3D printing not to mention new treatments for diseases such as HIV, Usher syndrome and leukodystrophy.

New Scientific Discoveries That Determines Present Events

While there are scientific discoveries and breakthroughs that determine the course of events, there are others that fail to do so or just manage to scratch it a little bit, Below are 5 Major Scientific Discoveries Determining Current Events:

1. Marine Robots – A New Scientific Breakthrough

In January 2013 highly-skilled scientists came up with two special marine robots that were immersed into deep waters and used in detecting endangered whales. The robots report the presence of whales to researchers on the seashore within minutes of detecting them. This is a clear demonstration that these mechanical monitors are rapidly becoming powerful tools for managing the endangered sea animals. The project deployed ocean-going robots called gliders that were well-equipped with a digital acoustic monitoring (DMON) instruments that allowed the vehicle to detect and classify calls from four different types of baleen whales; the fin, sei, right and humpback. The gliders can also be used to take measurements and to collect biological samples of the tiny zooplanktons which the whales feed on. These latest developments add up to a number of known efforts that have been put up to preserve the existence of not only the whale, but other sea animals too.

 2. First Ever Made Asbestos Detectors:

In May 2013, scientists came up with the first ever built Asbestos detectors. Asbestos has been known to cause serious health implications on human lives. It is materials made from Asbestos that cause certain types of Lung cancers that include the highly lethal Mesothelioma Lung Cancer when inhaled in large amounts. A team of researchers has developed and tested the first portable, airborne asbestos detector that is to be used in identifying materials with this poisonous component from building walls, pipes and roofs. It is widely believed that many thousands of people around the globe as a result of inhaling asbestos fiber from the air. The discovered detectors will be able to distinguish between asbestos and other less dangerous fibers such as gypsum and mineral wool. These detectors carry the identified fibers in airflow via a magnetic field where the full process of distinguishing the Asbestos components from other materials in air is engrossed. The scientific discovery of these detectors will greatly help in combating the conditions caused by excessive exposure to Asbestos components.

Barbara Hadley and Tom Rennel – Asbestos the future risk

3. The Warming Antarctic Ice Sheet:

A new study funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) found out that the western part of West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is warming up at a very fast rate. It is believed that this area is experiencing almost twice as much warming as previously thought. These latest discoveries show an annual increase of 4.3 degrees Fahrenheit in average temperatures. It is important to note that this increase is almost three times faster than the average temperature rise around the globe. Reliable sources indicate that the temperature rises in the Antarctic region will significantly lead to an increase in the world’s sea and ocean levels. This shows how dreadful global warming can be and that more effort should be put in place in order to curb this problem.

4. Human Origin: – New Scientific Discoveries

Another great scientific discovery that determines current events show that human origin might be a chimp-pig hybrid. A close comparison of human and chimp chromosomes show that a hybrid between the pig and chimp body chromosomes resembles the human DNA system. The new discoveries offer extensive anatomical comparisons that do not rely on genetic sequence comparisons. The extensive anatomical comparisons may assailable individually. The scientists argue that humans are probably the result of multiple generations of backcrossing to chimpanzees. This in itself asserts that the nucleotide sequence data comparisons would effectively mask any contribution from pig. This discovery will play a major role in determining the actual origin of humankind with most professionals specialising in human genetic engineering seeing this as a big step in knowing who we really are.

5. Comet ISON and Planet Earth:

The fifth latest discovery by scientists is the rapidly approaching Comet ISON that is coming towards the planet earth. The discoveries by the highly rated NASA team staff provides a clear view of Comet ISON coming fast towards us and is poised to brighten our sky later in the coming years. This discovery offers a rare opportunity to watch and follow a comet on its first ever pass through the earth’s solar system. It is believed that this comet will come within less than 750 000 miles of the sun on 28th November 2013. This will be so close, leading to assertions by some scientists that if it clears the Sun, this comet will eventually become as bright as a full moon in our sky.

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