What To Know About Sari Arambulo’s Family Background and The Works That Made Her Famous

Hollywood has remained the leading film industry in the world for several decades, so much that it is no longer a contest, the industry has been able to achieve this dominance through the revolving door of fresh talents who join the industry each day. One such talented person who has become a part of the Hollywood fabric is Sari Arambulo, who joined the industry as a child actress in 2008.

Sari has since remained an active part of the industry, transitioning from a child star to adult actress whilst simultaneously growing her career by appearing in projects like Chase Champion, Modern Family, Girl Meets World, and A.P Bio. With a majority of her life already dedicated to her acting career, Arambulo is on track to become one of the biggest names in the industry in the next couple of years and we have got all the details about her journey thus far.

A Childhood Filled with Arts and Athletics

To fans of the NBC comedy, A.P. Bio, Sari Arambulo is Grace, a young student who is a part of the ensemble that delights viewers on each episode of the show. The character and the show is part of her ongoing effort in building a long and lasting career in the leading entertainment industry in the world, Hollywood.

As for the girl behind the character, Sari Arambulo was born on the 20th of April, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Upon hearing or simply looking at her name, one can deduce that she is not a Caucasian, at least not completely. The actress is Filipino, however, as far as her nationality is concerned, Sari, having been born in the United States, is an American.

The actress grew up in L.A. and attended the Notre Dame Academy. While there, she excelled in sports such as volleyball and basketball. She also exhibited an artistic side and participated in dance classes and musical theatre. From these activities, Sari expanded her repertoire to voice lessons and participating in hip hop dance competitions.

She eventually started auditioning and got tapped to do commercials. Sari’s very first commercial was a SpongeBob ad at the age of ten. The gig involved eating tiny tangerines and dancing around, an experience that she found to be quite cool. As a result, she fell even more in love with acting.

Sari Arambulo
Sari Arambulo (left) with castmates of A.P Bio Spence Moore and Allisyn Ashley Arm  during an interview

Juggling College and her Acting Career

At the age of 12, Sari Arambulo made her first screen appearance on in the 2008 film, Brown Soup Thing, as Lita Mansulud. She did not land any other projects for the next few years and thus began a life of pursuing auditions while simultaneously attending school. Sari was in college, at the University of Southern California, when she returned to the camera, starring as Zoe in See Dad Run in 2013. In the same year, she starred in three more projects namely The Soup Investigates, Perception, and Trophy Wife.

While she managed college life, battling assignments and exams, Sari Arambulo continued to appear in films and TV shows like The Middle, Girl Meets World, and Chase Champion where she played a recurring character named Nikki. She also starred in Abby Normal, Astrid Clover, Modern Family, Buccaneer Galaxy, and a Spanish show on Estrella TV, Noches con Platanito. In just over a decade of being an actress, Sari, has appeared in over 15 movies and TV Shows, with the greater percentage of them being TV Shows.

Gaining Stardom on A.P. Bio

Although she has acquired an extensive filmography thus far, Sari Arambulo’s most popular role yet is as Grace in the NBC comedy, A.P Bio. A.P. Bio revolves around the machinations of Jack Griffin, a disgraced Harvard philosophy professor who is forced to return to his hometown in Ohio and become an advanced biology teacher at the local high school. Such fall from grace makes Griffin go off the rails and he takes to manipulating his intelligent students into gaining revenge on his perceived enemies. A.P. Bio features an ensemble cast comprising of the likes of Glenn Howerton, Aparna Brielle, and Tucker Albrizzi.

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In the series, Sari portrays one of Jack’s students named Grace. Her character is super sweet, kind, cute, and intelligent but lacks street smarts which account for her landing in hilariously-awkward situations. A.P. Bio debuted on NBC in 2018 and has received positive reviews. It has propelled Arambulo to the limelight and she has disclosed that she loves working with the cast and crew as they are incredibly talented. The actress has also revealed that her long term goal is to play a kickass action character as well as produce her own films.

Saru Arambulo
Arambulo and her elder sister

What We Know About Her Filipino Family

Sadly, even though Sari Arambulo never shies away from praising her parents or talking about them on her social media feeds, she has yet to reveal concrete details about their or her siblings’ identities. What we do know is that her parents are of Filipino descent. We have also been able to garner from her interviews that she has an elder sister, who is seven years older than her, as well as a brother.

Despite this paucity of details, there is no gainsaying the fact that Aari’s family played a crucial role in her emergence as one of the most exciting talents in Hollywood. They supported her lofty aspirations rather than laughing it off as just silly dreams. They also went the extra mile by paying for the classes that she needed to hone her skills.

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She Has Been In A Longterm Relationship with Jack Edman

Although she is juggling several things at once, including her blossoming acting career and academics, Sari Arambulo has still managed to find time for love, and she is currently in a relationship with the tall and dashing Jack Edman. Edman is also an alumna of the University of Southern California where he studied economics. He received his degree in 2018 and now works as a special events program coordinator at the institution. Given that Arambulo also studied at USC, it is quite possible that this was where she first ran into Jack.

The couple commenced their relationship in the year 2015 and has been together ever since then. Edman is quite supportive of his girl’s career and constantly tweets details about her latest projects. He also never shies away from professing his love for her and in March 2020, he shared a post celebrating their five years of togetherness. Given such sentiments and longevity, it would not be surprising to hear wedding bells tolling for this particular couple in the nearest future.

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