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Hollywood has remained the leading film industry in the world for several decades, so much that it is no longer a contest. The American entertainment industry has been able to achieve this dominance through the revolving door of talented actors and actresses who join the industry every day. One talented actress who has become a part of the Hollywood machine is Sari Arambulo, who joined the industry as a child actress in 2008.

Sari has remained in the industry, growing from a child to being an adult, while simultaneously growing her career by appearing in projects like Chase Champion, Modern Family, Girl Meets World, and A.P Bio. With a majority of her life already dedicated to her acting career, Arambulo is expected to become one of the biggest names in the industry in the next couple of years and you can learn all about her journey so far by reading below.

Sari Arambulo Biography (Age, Ethnicity & Nationality)

To fans of A.P Bio, the NBC comedy, Sari Arambulo is Grace, a young student who is a part of the ensemble that delights viewers on each episode of the show. The character and the show is part of her ongoing effort in building a long and lasting career in the leading entertainment industry in the world, Hollywood.

As for the actress behind the character, Sari was born on the 20th of April, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Just looking at Sari Arambulo or hearing her name and one can deduce that she is not a Caucasian, at least not completely. Unfortunately, the lack of details about her parents means it is difficult to ascertain her exact ethnic origins but it is believed they are from the North American continent. As far as her nationality is concerned, Sari Arambulo, having been born in the United States is an American.

Sari Arambulo did not have a normal childhood what with her acting career. At the age of 12, she made her first appearance on screen in the 2008 film, Brown Soup Thing as Lita Mansulud.

Although she did not appear in any other project until 2013, Sari Arambulo had fallen in love with acting and thus, began a life of maintaining a career while she simultaneously attended high school and college. She was in college, at the University of Southern California when she returned to the camera, starring as Zoe in See Dad Run in 2013. In the same year, she starred in three more projects like The Soup Investigates, Perception and Trophy Wife.

While she managed college life, battling assignments and exams, Sari Arambulo continued to appear in films and TV shows like The Middle, Girl Meets World, Chase Champion where she played a recurring character named Nikki. She also starred in Abby Normal. The Los Angeles-born actress has also appeared in Astrid Clover, Modern Family, Buccaneer Galaxy and the Spanish show on Estrella TV, Noches con Platanito. In just over a decade of being an actress, Sari, has appeared in over 15 movies and TV Shows, with the greater percentage of them being TV Shows.

Sari Arambulo
Sari Arambulo (left) with castmates of A.P Bio Spence Moore and Allisyn Ashley Arm  during an interview

In 2018, Sari Arambulo got her most significant and most popular role yet, as Grace in the NBC comedy, A.P Bio. The comedy features other talented cast members like Jean Villepique, Jacob Houston, Patton Oswalt, and a couple more others. Since she began appearing on the show, Arambulo has experienced an upward tick in her popularity and her net worth.

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Who Are Sari Arambulo’s Parents?

Sadly, despite the fact that Sari Arambulo never shies from praising her parents or talking about them on her social media feeds, we do not have concrete details about their identities.

So far, all we know is they are supportive parents whose inclination to allow Sari pursue her interest as an actress at a young age has given the world a chance to marvel at one of the best young talents Hollywood has to offer.

Personal Life

Although she has several things she is juggling at once, from her acting career to her academics, Sari Arambulo has still managed to find time for love, and she is currently in a relationship with Jack Edman.

Not much is known about who her boyfriend is, but they have reportedly been together for a while as shown by her social media page on Instagram (@sari.arambulo).

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