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Best known for her comic tweets, Sarah Beattie is one comedian who possibly derives satisfaction in being involved in controversies. The American internet comedian, who is also an actress, created an internet uproar with her tweet – promising to give a “blowjob” to anyone who would hit the MAGA kid in the face. By her statement, she was referring to Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who recently got involved in a confrontation with a Native American and it went viral on the internet.

Sarah is one person who applies her creativity in writing with her comic skills to bring about witty tweets that leaves her fans in stitches. Thanks to her jokes, she has gained so much fame with a growing fanbase. Get to know more about the sensational blogger and media star.

Sarah Beattie Biography

Sarah Beattie is a native of Oceania, Hawaii, she was born on the 4th day of November 1992. Although there are just a few pieces of information about her childhood, her educational background shows she attended high school in Big Island and after graduating, she enrolled in Florida State University where she earned a degree in English Literature.

So far, not much is known about Sarah’s initial professional career until recently when she was linked to a controversial tweet. Moreover, the Hawaii native is known for being part of The Fall, a television program which ended in 2016 after airing for three years. She appeared in the series as Olivia Spector and was loved by viewers, mostly for her beauty and acting skills.

Beattie’s greatest achievement as a comedian could as well be linked to her role as one of the Frankie Boyle’s New World Order cast. The comic television series which premiered in 2007 had 19 episodes and Sarah Beattie appeared in seven episodes of the second season aired in 2018

Sarah Beattie’s Controversial Tweet

Sarah’s rise to fame on the internet follows her latest comment over an incident that occurred in Washington DC involving some students from Covington Catholic High School wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) face caps. The students were caught mocking an Omaha native American and political activist, Nathan Phillips, also known as Sky Man. The disrespectful behaviour displayed by the high school boys raised some mixed reactions among different American citizens and people like Sarah Beattie didn’t keep quiet about it. Being an active commentator who takes interest in various emerging trends across the country, she reacted to the matter by tweeting that she would perform fellatio as a reward to anyone who will hit the MAGA kid in the face – referring to one of the high school boys named Nick Sandmann who was standing face to face with the old Indian native.

Sarah Beattie vs the MAGA Kid – image source

Sarah Beattie’s name became more controversial after a full video about what actually happened between the students and the native American went viral and it turned out that the boys were not actually mocking Nathan Phillips but were only singing their high school song. Realizing what actually happened, Sarah then deleted her tweet, hence, becoming a controversial figure on the platform. Despite the mounting backlash, the online personality refused to apologize for her vulgar comments.

Who Are Sarah Beattie’s Family?

The American comedian belongs to white ethnicity. Unfortunately, details about her parents are not known. It is not also clear if the Hawaii native has siblings or not. Also not known is her relationship status as the young comedian is yet to reveal a thing about her love life.

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Facts About the Comedian

1. Sarah’s claim about working as a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL) at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) turned out to be false after the showrunners denied being connected to her. The media’s disassociation from her came in the midst of the misconstrued MAGA incidence.

2. Sarah is very active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On her Instagram page, for instance, she is known for her sizzling videos embellished with humour. Sarah has over 329k followers on Twitter and more than 99.1k followers on Instagram. She uses these platforms to air her views on political and feminism-related topics.

3. Occasionally, she speaks on racial issues around the states of America. Her hilarious writeups and stories also earned her a place among five best comedians on NBC.

4. The young lady addresses herself as an Instagram model and to prove her point, she posts catchy photos of herself wearing revealing outfits. Additionally, she makes open comments about tits and boobs.

5. The self-named comic writer is about 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall and the weight of her body is about 55 kg (123 lbs). Her bust is 34 inches, while her waist and hips measurements are 24 and 35 inches, respectively.

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