Sara Orrego Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

If you are a fan of Spanish music, then you are probably familiar with the pop music video Los Problemas. And if you are familiar with Los Problemas, then chances are high you already know something about Sara Orrego. She is the actress featured in the music video. Yet, she came to prominence via the social media platform, Instagram, where she currently enjoys a huge following of over 1 million subscribers.

What could make up to 1 million persons willingly follow Sara Orrego on Instagram alone? Who is she? What can we know about the personality behind the name? Join us as we explore interesting facts you need to know about the Instagram diva cum actress. But, let us have an overview of her biography first.

Sara Orrego Biography

She was reportedly born in Colombia to Colombian parents on March 1, 1997. Her birth name is Sara Yuliana Orrego. While we are still seeking to get details of Sara Orrego’s early life, her parents, siblings, education history, and what have you, there are reports that she began to model as a teenager.

Meanwhile, Sara Orrego became known to much of the world when she started posting her sexy photos on her Instagram page. Thus far, she has been able to attract over 1 million followers on the platform.

1. Relationship with Nengo Flow

In the Dayme & El High music video Los Problemas, Sara is featured alongside Nengo Flow, Kevin Roldan, and Jory Boy. Among all these, Sara is reported to get along well with Nengo particularly. They are so close that it is even being rumored that they will soon be collaborating in more ambitious projects.

Nengo Flow (who was born as Edwin Laureano Rosa Vasquez Ortiz in 1981) is a talented singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico. Nengo Flow is said to have appeared on stage the first time at the age of 14 as a result of his great talents; that was in 1995. But his first studio album, Flow Callejero, would be coming ten years later in 2005. Since then, Flow has produced at least six studio albums and six mixtapes. He plans to get even bigger in the industry. As already said, he hopes to incorporate Sara Orrego in his future projects.

2. Who Is Sara Orrego’s Boyfriend?

Sara Orrego boyfriend novio
Sara Orrego poses with an anonymous man for Sports Illustrated: Image source

So far, the connection between Sara and Nengo Flow is known to be professional only. But some people are wondering if he is her boyfriend. We do not have any proof or indication that the duo is romantically involved.

However, we found one indication that Sara Orrego might be dating someone against what most of the media seems to know: she was found striking a romantic pose with an anonymous man in one of her photoshoots for Sports Illustrated. We are still digging to unravel who the man actually is.

3. She Has Been Featured On Playboy Magazine

We found a series of Sara Orrego’s sensual poses on an issue of Playboy Mexico under the ‘Instagirl’ gallery. The entry is dated February 23, 2017. There, Sara’s profile is spectacularly entitled “Sara Orrego La Colombiana De Los Ojos Enigmaticos” which translates as “Sara Orrego, the Colombian of the enigmatic eyes”. The magazine went ahead to describe her as a very sensual Colombian girl who dazzles with her beauty. Stressing that she is a model who overflows with sensuality at every moment, the magazine pointed out that Sara is a lover of music. Of course, we already know this last part.

4. Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurement

Sara reportedly stands at a height of 5 feet. Her bust measures 35 inches, her waist 25 inches, and her hips, 38 inches. This gives her the hour-glass shape or what some people would call ‘figure 8’. Her hair is brown, long and flowing while her eyes are uniquely green and a piercing pair. So far, we have no figure to put to her weight, shoe size, and other body stats.

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5. What’s Her Net Worth?

Sara Orrego has appeared on a music video and has been a model, but apparently, her primary source of income is as an Instagram influencer. According to an analysis by, Instagram influencers earn principally by promoting brands. With a whopping 72 percent of major brands saying they are dedicating most of their marketing budgets to influencers, the earning potential is really huge.

It is said that influencers with up to 1 million followers can get anything from $10,000 to as much as $250,000 per post. Of course, with over 1 million Instagram followers, this is where Sara Orrego belongs, which gives you an idea of how much she earns. Although Sara is reported to be living a very luxurious life, we can’t give any precise figure as her net worth.

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