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Sara Eisen is a Jewish-American journalist, television anchor and host of several finance and current affairs related shows on television. She has worked with very prestigious media groups such as Bloomberg and CNBC and is a household name due to the quality of her work, and the professionalism that she has put into it over the years. Let learn more about Sara Eisen, including her rise to the higher echelons of American journalism.

Sara Eisen’s Biography & Age

There are a few conflicting reports about Sara Eisen’s actual date of birth. Some reports claim she was born on August 7, 1970, while some claim it was on December 7, 1970;  and there is another which reported the date to be August 7, 1985. This latter date seems a more realistic date considering the timeline of events in her life.

One fact that is not controversial though, is who her parents are. Both her parents are highly skilled professionals in the medical industry. Her mother, Dr. Jane Eisen is a pediatric dentist, taking care of the oral health of children. She retired from the profession a long time ago, having put in many meritorious years of service into her profession. Her father, Dr. Drore Eisen, is a dentist and dermatologist. He is a co-founder, vice president, and Medical director of CDX Diagnostics, with his partner Mark Rutenberg. He is an alumnus of the Medical College of Virginia and the University of Michigan; institutions where he obtained his medical degrees from. He has written 2 textbooks to date about his profession and also several articles.

Sara attended Medill High School and finished her studies there. She thereafter got admission into the University of New York, Manhattan, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in business coverage and television reporting. She again proceeded to the North Western University, Illinois, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

She started her professional career working for an online FOREX-centric media organization known as; which was where she developed her interest in financial industry reportage. She began working with Bloomberg Media Group in 2011. She presented a show “On the Economy” on Bloomberg Radio; while also working as a news anchor and financial reporter for their Television arm, and was a co-anchor of the program “Bloomberg Surveillance”. She reported on issues such as business and governmental policies, general business topics and global macroeconomic policies.

She joined CNBC on December 2016 and works there presently. She is the co-anchor of popular shows such as “Squawk on The Streets” and “Closing Bell”; she had previously hosted shows such as “Power Lunch” and “Worldwide Exchange”.

Sara Eisen’s Family: Married Life and Husband

Sara Eisen
Sara Eisen and Mathew Levine (Image Source)

Sara is married to Mathew Levine. Mathew, at the time he met Sara, was a Managing Editor with Bloomberg Television though over the years he has also held various top ranking positions with the media group.

Sara Eisen and Mathew Levine met sometime between the years 2011 and 2014, and they began a very secret relationship which lasted for a few years before they eventually decided to make it a permanent one. They got married on May 29, 2016, at an event center in Brooklyn – Weylin B. Seymour’s. It was a very private affair which had only close friends and family members in attendance. The ceremony was a Jewish one and had a Rabbi – Gavriel Bellino, as the officiating minister. The newly wedded couple then went on their honeymoon in Thailand and explored very many beautiful sites over there.

They have been married for about 3 years now, and had their first child – a son they named Samuel in December 2017. The couple is reported to have had another child, a daughter, but there is no official information from the couple about her exact date of birth.

Mathew graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Classics from Harvard University, and also studied Law at Yale Law School.

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He began his work career teaching Latin in Wellesley High school for about a year while studying for his degrees. In 2004, he worked with the United States Court of Appeal for the Third Circuit as a Law Clerk; and by 2007, he had joined Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker. In 2011, he began his transition to the media world by joining Breaking Media LLC as their Deal Breaker Editor, where he excelled tremendously. This gave him the opportunity to join Bloomberg Media Group as a Columnist in 2013, and he has risen through the ranks to hold high ranking positions with the Media giant.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Sara is worth about $5 million. She made most of her money from her television programs where she reported earns a salary of $600,000 per anum. Sara Eisen also hosts very popular events across the United States, and is known to be working with the World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, and has events their very prestigious events like the Wrestle Mania.

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