Insights Into the Life of CNBC’s Sara Eisen and How Much She is Worth

The world of business and financial reporting can be a bit tedious and boring but if there is one person that has been able to make it more relatable, it is Sara Eisen. A television anchor and host of Jewish-American origins, she has worked with very prestigious media groups such as Bloomberg and CNBC.

In a career spanning over a decade, Eisen has anchored several finance and economic-related shows and has contributed new ideas to grow the networks that she has worked with. She has also distinguished herself with her savvy combination of financial acumen and millennial insights and is now regarded as a change agent in the industry.

Her Illustrious Family Background

There are a few conflicting reports about Sara Eisen’s actual date of birth. Some reports claim she was born on August 7, 1970, while others claim it was on December 7, 1970. Yet another source has it as to be August 7, 1985, and this latter date seems a more realistic date considering the timeline of events in her life. One fact that is not controversial though, is who her parents are. Both of Sara’s parents are highly skilled professionals in the medical industry.

Her mother, Dr. Jane Eisen is a pediatric dentist, who took care of the oral health of children. She retired from the profession a long time ago, having put in many meritorious years of service into her profession. On his part, Sara’s father, Dr. Drore Eisen, is a veteran dentist and dermatologist. He is a co-founder, vice president, and Medical Director of CDX Diagnostics, a New York-based company that specializes in cancer detection and prevention.

He is also the medical director of Stem Holdings Cannabis Company (a company that intends to develop produce and market medical CBD products for dermatology and gerontology). Drore is an alumnus of the Medical College of Virginia and Columbia University; institutions where he obtained his medical degrees from. He has written two textbooks to date about his profession and has also authored several articles.

A native New Yorker, Sara spent her formative years in the Big Apple and attended Medill High School. She thereafter got admitted into the University of New York, Manhattan, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. Upon achieving that particular feat, the young lady again proceeded to the North-Western University, Illinois, where she completed her Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with a focus in business reporting.

Making Her Mark at Bloomberg Media

Sara Eisen
Eisen during her days at Bloomberg – Image Source

Sara Eisen started her professional career by undertaking an internship with an online FOREX-centric media organization, known as, which is where she cut her teeth in the field of financial reportage. She thereafter joined Bloomberg Media Group in 2008. This was right in the middle of the global financial crisis and the New York native went on to spend five eventful years at the organization during which she served as a correspondent for their TV arm.

She also co-anchored a TV program, Bloomberg Surveillance, whilst hosting a show on Bloomberg Radio titled, On the Economy. During her time at Bloomberg, Sara reported on issues such as business and governmental policies, general business topics, and global macroeconomic policies. She specifically covered the European debt crisis, the tsunami aftermath as well as the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan.

One of the Leading Ladies on CNBC

After a fruitful sojourn at Bloomberg, Sara Eisen left the organization for CNBC in December 2013. She has been there to date and has risen from correspondent to anchoring positions. The New York native previously co-hosted CNBC shows such as Power Lunch (covering latest developments in stocks as well as the economy, politics, media, tech, real estate) and Worldwide Exchange (a global business conversation).

She now serves as the co-anchor of popular shows such as Squawk on The Streets (which provides real-time coverage of happenings on the NYSE) and Closing Bell (that covers the last hour of the trading day). Through it all, Eisen has impressed viewers with her in-depth knowledge of financial matters and has helped to challenge stereotypes about millennials. Her charts and analysis have also been adopted by several reputable organizations and her career success has been profiled by the likes of Forbes Magazine.

Her Love Story With a Fellow TrailBlazer

It is often said that opposites attract but this is not the case with Sara Eisen. The CNBC anchor is married to a fellow high flyer and investment banker-turned finance columnist, Mathew Levine. Sara and her husband first crossed paths while they were both working at Bloomberg Television in the year 2011. They became good friends and Levine eventually asked her out. She, however, demurred as she didn’t want to date a co-worker. Fast-forward to 2013, Sara left Bloomberg to CNBC. She, therefore, had no legitimate reason for not dating Levine and thus agreed to a relationship with him.

Sara Eisen
Sara Eisen and Mathew Levine – Image Source

The couple has been together ever since then and tied the knot on May 29, 2016, at the Weylin B. Seymour’s event center in Brooklyn. The ceremony was a very private affair that had only close friends and family members in attendance. It was officiated by a Rabbi, Gavriel Bellino, and the newlyweds then proceeded for their honeymoon in Thailand. Sara and her husband have been married for about four years now and have two sons. Their first, Samuel, was born in December 2017 while their second son hose name is still unknown, was born in October 2019.

Meanwhile, Sara’s husband, Mathew, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Classics from Harvard University, and also studied Law at Yale. He began his career by clerking with the third circuit of the United States Court of Appeal in 2004 and by 2007, he had joined Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker. In 2011, Matthew transitioned to the media world by joining Breaking Media LLC as their Deal Breaker Editor. He excelled tremendously and this allowed him to join Bloomberg Media Group as a Columnist in 2013. Levine has been there ever since and authors a daily financial newsletter known as Money Stuff. He also contributes articles to the Bloomberg terminal.

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How Much is Sara Eisen’s Net Worth?

Sara Eisen is worth about $5 million. She primarily made most of her money from her anchoring career where she reportedly earns about $600,000 per annum. It is also possible that she may have inherited some from her wealthy parents. Whichever it is, there is no doubt that the CNBC anchor is doing quite well for herself given the kind of positions she has occupied.

Sara and her family previously resided in a Chelsea apartment worth $2.6 million. They purchased the apartment in 2014 and spent four years in it during which they did massive renovations. They increased the space to two beds and two baths and also added huge closets as well as other features. Sara and her husband eventually sold off the house in 2018 to move to a bigger house to accommodate their expanding family.

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