Get To Know Santtu Seppälä (Sarah Rafferty’s Husband) With These 6 Facts

Santtu Seppälä is the husband of the famous stage and TV actress Sarah Rafferty who is also noted for being a former colleague and friend of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Yet, there are far more things to know about the highly respected stock analyst than just being a husband. So, in this post, we shall endeavour to find out salient facts about him. We will seek to answer questions like; What is his parental and ethnic background? How did he meet his wife? What job positions does he fill? How much does he earn? Who are his children? and much more in this article.

Who is Santtu Seppälä?

Santtu Seppälä was born at Yuletide (precisely December 6) in 1974. Born to a pharmaceutical consultant Anti Seppälä, Santtu’s place of birth is somewhere in Illinois, USA. Although he was born an American citizen, Santtu Seppälä’s country of origin is Finland. He was raised in Lake Forest, Illinois where his family resides even now but nothing is known about his early education. As for his college education, however, he obtained his BA from the prestigious Yale University, New Haven Connecticut in 1993.

Although it is not known the exact course he studied, it is obvious his college training was finance-related, judging by his work history. He also obtained an MA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (a business school) in Philadelphia in 1998.

Santtu Seppälä met his future wife, Sarah Rafferty sometime in 1999, a few months after he had concluded his MA program. They dated for about two years before their wedding held on June 23, 2001.

6 Facts You Should Know About Santtu Seppälä

Real Name

Although he is now very much known in the media as Santtu Seppälä, the stock analyst was born as Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka Seppälä. It seems that ‘Santtu’ is a Finnish abbreviation for ‘Aleksanteri’.

Work History

After graduating with a BA from Yale University in 1993, Santtu immediately landed a job as a financial analyst with the investment bank, Salomon Brothers headquartered in New York City. He was in that position from July 1993 to June 1995. After that, he spent one year of national service in his native country, serving as a corporal with Finnish Defence Forces at Helsinki, Finland. That was between July 1995 and June 1996 before he proceeded for his MA program.

Not long after completing his MA program in 1998, Santtu Seppälä landed a job as an analyst with the prestigious New York-based asset management company, Lazard – a position he occupied between June 1998 and March 2003. Then, he went on to start a new job as a portfolio manager at Cantillon Capital Management LLC, also in New York City. That job lasted from June 2003 to January 2008.

Sometime in 2008, Santtu joined Kiitos Capital Management, LLC, a financial services firm based in Beverly Hills, California. He serves as a member of management as well as the Chief Investment Officer at the firm’s Los Angeles office. He has continued in that position till date. Also, while still in that position, the highly industrious Santtu started another job in October 2015 as the Chief Strategy Officer and a Member of the management committee at Staxxon, LLC. Both the Kiitos and the Staxxon jobs still run concurrently to date.

Santtu Sepala and wife
Santtu Seppälä and his wife Sarah Rafferty: Image source

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Santtu Seppälä’s Kids

Santtu Seppälä is a proud father of two gorgeous daughters whom he shares with his wife Sarah Rafferty – and they are Oona Gray who joined the family on 22 October 2007 and Iris Friday who arrived some five years later in January 2012.


The respected finance guru still has time for his faith. He is a Catholic Christian. We have been able to know this judging from the fact that his wedding with Sarah Rafferty in 2001 had held at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary in Greenwich, Connecticut, officiated by the Reverend  Alfred Riendeau.

Social Media Presence

Being a serious corporate career person, Santtu Seppälä does not seem to have time for social media interactions on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more like them. We can say this because we have not found his valid presence on any of them. He, however, has a strong presence on the career-oriented social media LinkedIn.

How Much Does Santtu Seppälä Earn?

Figures obtained from Glassdoor at press time shows that the average base pay for a chief investment officer in the US is $219,814 per year while he enjoys an average additional cash compensation of $32,632 and which ranges between $15,790 and $64,525. So, we take it that Santtu Seppälä’s pay pack at Kiitos hovers around these figures.

As for a chief strategy officer, the same source earlier cited reveals that the average base pay is $203,222 per year and includes an average cash compensation of $42,106 which ranges between $21,233 and $106,555. That gives us an idea of how much Santtu is paid at Staxxon.

While the above figures and ratiocination give us an idea of how much Santtu Seppälä earns in his current jobs, it neither reveals what he possibly earns from any personal investment concerns he may have (being a stock analyst himself) nor does it reveal his net worth immediately. So, for now, his net worth remains under review.

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