Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Comes Smart With 21-inch Touchscreen And A Hefty Price Tag

OMTech! Imagine a world where everything goes Smart!, with inventions like the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, I’d say we’re not far from such a world. Family Hub is Samsung’s answer to refrigerators with no need for stick-up paper posts as its 21-inch touchscreen substitutes for that function and is capable of even more. But it doesn’t come cheap. Each Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator will set you back a cool $5,800 which is thousands more than the price of other premium refrigerators in the market, however, none of them will offer the very handy functions exclusive to the Family Hub.

Imagine you need to get groceries on your way back from work but can’t seem to remember the items your fridge is lacking. Well with the Samsung family hub, there would be no need to fret yourself. Because your fridge comes equipped with a series of three cameras which are capable of taking snapshots of your fridge’s inside, those photos can be accessed anytime via a companion app on your already synced SMARTphone. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

And when you’re at home and don’t wana go out for the sole purpose of getting groceries, you can order them right from Shoprite via the 1080 touchscreen using the pre-loaded apps like the Groceries by MasterCard and Instacart. We bet times are coming when the fridge would be capable of telling when items are running low and thus automatically make orders for you. Though it is currently impossible to get third party apps onto the Tizen operating system “fridge-tablet”, Samsung has promised it will make room for that in the near future.

What’s more? The Food reminder app works with the cameras which lets you tag an expiration date on each item. The expiration date automatically updates by the day, telling you how soon you need to use a product if you don’t want to lose them.

Entertainment isn’t left out of course, The Samsung Family hub comes equipped with a TV mirroring feature and door-embedded speakers from which you can play TuneIn or Pandora. Samsung doesn’t want you just standing there while whipping up dinner, feel free to step to some tunes but have your eye on your cooking pot as well.

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

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