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The debate about the classification of professional wrestling as a real sport may never end but there is no question regarding its popularity, including its performers, which has produced globally recognized names. One of its famed performers is Bray Wyatt, and like all popular people, his personal life has been a news subject, which includes his marriage to Samantha Rotunda and their unfortunate divorce.

Samantha Rotunda, who has so far done a great job of keeping out the media despite her status as a public personality, was with the wrestler for five years of marriage before they went their separate ways. In this article, we take a quick look at her marriage to Bray Wyatt, her background and all other things you need to know about her.

Samantha Rotunda’s Biography

As fun and exciting fame can be, some people simply don’t want it, even when it falls into their lap as it did for Samantha Rotunda. As a result, she has done an extensively good job of removing herself from media attention, albeit a very difficult task considering the personality of her ex-husband.

Still, it hasn’t been without success and so far, we only know that she was born sometime in 1986 in an unknown city and state in America as Samantha C. Krieger. We also know that her parents are Curt Krieger and Patricia Krieger but we cannot determine if she has any siblings.

As for education, Samantha Rotunda read up to college level, attending Troy University in Alabama where she met her future husband and future WWE star, Bray Wyatt. We do not know much about her course of study back at Troy but since graduation, it is believed she has spent a majority of her time as a housewife, raising her two children.

Having been forced to become a single mother, Samantha has picked up her life and created a modestly successful private company to cater to her financial needs by putting people in touch with their dream house via her real estate company, Southern Belle Realty Company.

While her own professional life remains a mystery, her ex-husband, Bray Wyatt has carved a public career for himself as a WWE superstar, having joined the organization in May 2012. He has had an elaborate and successful WWE career, winning the WWE Championship, the Raw Tag Team Championship, and the Smackdown Tag Team Championship at least once.

Relationship with Bray Wyatt

Samantha Rotunda
Samantha Rotunda with her ex-husband and their children

Samantha Rotunda’s popularity is very much tied to her relationship with the WWE superstar, and it was a journey to the spotlight that began all the way back in college when they were both attending Troy University in the state of Alabama.

Their young love flourished even as Bray Wyatt, who joined Troy University on a football scholarship made the switch to wrestling and started on a path to lasting fame. After dating for a couple of years, their young love blossomed into a marriage that began in 2012 during a wedding that featured friends and family of the couple.

Having joined WWE, Bray Wyatt went on the road for the wrestling promotion company while Samantha stayed back in their home in Florida, nurturing her own career and their home. For a couple of years, the arrangement worked for the couple, and they were able to give birth to a second child, Cadyn, in 2013, having given birth to their first child, a daughter, Kendyl, in 2011 before they got married.

The effect of the long absence of Bray Wyatt from their home began to manifest, culminating in divorce papers that were filed by Samantha Rotunda in 2017, who accused Bray Wyatt was infidelity, cheating on their marriage with a fellow WWE professional, Jojo Offerman.

Despite what was a contentious divorce that saw both camps level various accusations at each other, Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt eventually went their separate ways, completing the divorce in 2017. It is believed that Samantha got custody of their two children.

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Other Interesting Facts about Bray Wyatt’s Ex-Wife

1. Samantha’s sister-in-law, Mika Rotunda is a fitness and health enthusiast. She also tried out for a career in WWE.

2. Although she married into a family of wrestlers, Samantha doesn’t have the physique of one and has a modest height of 5 feet.

3. She has a modest presence on social media, specifically Instagram where she posts pictures about her life via the account, @samatsouthernbelle. She also has a Facebook account.

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