Inside Look At Salman Khan’s Net Worth, Family and Recent Legal Troubles

With a net worth of $230 million and an entertainment career spanning over 30 years, Bollywood actor Salman Khan has worn many hats to become a force in the entertainment industry. He has functioned as an actor, TV personality, producer, and occasional singer. Khan is also a known humanitarian who has spent millions of dollars in giving back to society. Often described as one of the most commercially successful entertainers, both in India and the world at large, the reality TV show host has attracted the attention of Forbes who named him in their list of top earners in the entertainment industry more than once.

Salman Khan’s Net Worth and Sources of His Wealth

In 2014, Salman Khan appeared on the Forbes India list, leading in revenue and fame. The next year, the business magazine named him as the highest-paid Indian on its list of highest earners among entertainers with an income estimated at $33.5 million. Two years later in 2017, the magazine named the actor again as the 2nd highest-earner in his country and 9th in the world. Currently, his net worth is pegged at an astounding $230 million.

The Sources of Salman Khan’s Net Worth

The major sources of the Asian actor’s wealth include income from his two production companies. He first launched SKBH Productions (Salman Khan Being Human Productions) in 2011 and another called Salman Khan Films (SKF) in 2014. Also, he has been earning massively from his various acting roles. Salman has multiple sources of income that includes earnings from endorsement deals. He is known to be in partnership with big companies like Limca, Campa Cola, Double Bull, Hero Honda, and others.

In addition to the foregoing, working as a TV presenter for almost ten years, and hosting various Bollywood events has contributed in no small manner to the actor’s wealth.

Along with his parents and unmarried siblings, he lives in his Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. The family occupies the entire building with Khan taking the ground floor. When he is not at the Galaxy Apartments, the Bollywood star might be at Arpita Farms, another of his properties which he named after his beloved sister. For someone with a total net worth estimated at a massive $230 million, it is not a surprise that Salman has a fleet of luxury cars and superbikes.

An Overview of What He Has Achieved In His Acting Career

Just like several other actors of his ilk, Salman Khan started small with a supporting role in 1988’s Biwi Ho To Aisi. His first leading role was accomplished the next year on the set Maine Pyar Kiya. The advent of the 1990s brought good tidings as the popular actor appeared in a plethora of productions including Aapke Hain Koun, the 1994 romantic drama; Karan Arjun, an action thriller released in 1995, Biwi No.1, the popular comedy that came to light in 1999, and Hum Saath-Saath Hain, a family drama produced the same year.

He went on a hiatus in the 2000s but made a successful comeback during the 2010s. Khan finally achieved stardom with lead roles in popular action movies such as 2010’s Dabangg, Ready (2011), Ek Tha Tiger (2012), and Kick released in 2014. Others include Sultan (2016) and Tiger Zinda Hai that was the flavor of 2017.

Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss, a reality television show since 2010, and is the proud owner of two production companies. Even though he is well into his 50s, the veteran actor is still very much active in the entertainment industry.

Salman Khan’s Family Background and Upbringing

Born on the 27th of December 1965, Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan is the son of Salim Khan who also works in Bollywood as a respected screenwriter. Salman Khan’s mom Salma Khan, formerly Sushila Charak, is a Hindu faithful which is in contrast to the actor’s dad who is a Muslim. The Bollywood superstar equally has a step-mum named Helen; a known Bollywood actress and dancer who is a Christian. The handsome actor says he is proud to be both Hindu and Muslim.

Salman Khan is the oldest son of his father and was raised alongside four siblings. Though what they do for a living are not known, two of his brothers have been identified as Sohil and Arbaaz. His sisters are Alvira and Arpita; the Khan family hails from Indore in Madhya Pradesh

Salman Khan
Salman Khan and his brothers: image source

The actor and his two brothers finished from St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra. He previously attended The Scindia School, Gwalior with Arbaaz for a few years. Salman Khan joined St. Xavier’s College Mumbai for higher academic qualification but had to drop out before graduation.

What We Know About The Actor’s Love Life

Salman Khan’s love life has been a subject that piques the interest of his many fans who have been wondering why the actor has never been married.

While the answer to that remains unknown, it is no secret that he has dated some popular figures. For instance, he dated actress Aishwarya Rai from 1999 to 2001. Thereafter, he began a relationship with Katrina Kaif, another actress. His relationship with Kaif ended in 2010 and he dated other actresses like Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani before his relationship with Iulia Vantur kicked off. She is a Romanian actress and they have been lovers since 2012.

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Controversies and Legal Troubles He Has Faced

Salman Khan has been enmeshed in a few legal troubles and controversies. It was in 2015 that his problems started when he was arraigned for culpable homicide and negligent driving. It happened that he ran over five people while driving, killing one.

Though he was convicted, his conviction was later set aside on appeal. It would appear that providence contrived against the actor to have him spend some time behind bars. On the 5th of April 2018, the actor was found guilty and convicted of a blackbuck poaching case; he was sentenced to jail for five years. However, he managed to get out on bail and appealed the case which was subsequently dismissed following the death of the key witness.

The death of the witness made the higher court declare that the case could no longer proceed because of a lack of sufficient evidence. Nevertheless, people were unwilling to believe that the death of the witness was natural. It circulated that the death of the witness was an organized crime involving Salman Khan. In a nutshell, people believed that Khan killed the witness to avoid prison. This has not been substantiated in any way.

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