Is Sal Vulcano Gay, Is He Married and Who is His Sister?

Fans of the comedy troupe, Tenderloins, which stars on the hit TV show – Impractical Jokers, will definitely be familiar with the name Sal Vulcano. The TV program which has been airing since December 2011 on different channels in the U.S, UK, India and Ireland, features the American actor, comedian and producer, alongside his three high school friends – Joseph “Joe” Gatto, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Murray “Murr”. The show sees the foursome pranking themselves before an audience and their comic actions have amassed over 32 million views across social media channels like YouTube.

Sal Vulcano whose original name is Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano has received a huge number of followers as well, thanks to the group’s ongoing comedy tour to different countries. Apart from his well-known professions as actor, comedian and producer, the New York native is also a writer but he speaks of stand-up comedy as his best profession because according to him, it’s more challenging and fun.

Vulcano and his friends formed The Tenderloins in 1990 while receiving his formal education at Monsignor Farrell High School. The founding members at that time included Vulcano, Mike Boccio, James Murray and Joe Gatto. Here are more facts to know about Sal Vulcano.

Short Biography

Sal Vulcano is of mixed Italian, Cuban, Puerto Rican and American descent. He was born on November 5, 1976, in New York City’s Staten Island. He was born to his parents, Adele and Sal Vulcano Sr. who divorced when he was a child. While he was at Monsignor Farrell High School, Sal was involved in sports activities like basketball, football and hockey. After high school, he proceeded to St. John’s University on an academic scholarship. There, he earned a degree in Finance.

After earning his educational qualifications, Sal did some casual jobs like pizza delivery and bartending before taking a bold step towards becoming a stand-up comedian which he performed with other comedians like Big Jay Oakerson and Chris DiStefano.

Sal Vulcano debuted as an actor in a 1998 movie Damned! which was produced by his friend James Murray. In 2006, he starred in Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy which also featured professional wrestlers like Joanie Laurer and April Hunter. Sal also appeared in films like Bones (as a sanitary worker), and in 12 Monkeys (as a security officer). He joined the Impractical Jokers in 2011 as a member of the Tenderloins and the show which has garnered millions of views names Sal as the best joker of the four. As a writer, Sal Vulcano’s book is titled “Impractical Jokers: The Book”.

His Net Worth Details

Sal Vulcano is not only a famous comedian and actor but also wealthy enough to take care of his needs. Following his many talents, Sal rarely has time for himself. He is always busy with one show or the other which has, in turn, helped him generate quite a lot for himself. Although his salary is not yet known, he is believed to have as much as $400,000 as his net worth.

Sal Vulcano with the Tenderloins
The Tenderloins – Image Source

Is Sal Volcano Gay?

Comedians like Sal Vulcano are popular for keeping their personal life private. Sal usually leaves so many unanswered questions about his relationships and sexual orientation. He has not been seen with either the ladies or the guys which makes his fans wonder if he is gay or not.

One other scenario that increased people’s inquisition about his sexual orientation was during one of his moments on the Impractical Jokers TV show where he told his audience that he was gay just to make his friend and co-comedian, Murr to speak up about his sexual orientation. When Murr quickly followed suit in saying he is gay, Sal turned to say he wasn’t gay. So apparently Sal Vulcano is not gay but Murr is.

Is He Married? Who is The Girlfriend or Wife

Having been upfront about his orientation, Sal Vulcano still leaves one aspect of his life a mystery and that is if he is married or has a girlfriend. The New-York native has not been seen with any lady as his girlfriend neither has he spoken of anyone as his wife. In 2016, however, the actor-comedian set Twitter ablaze with a funny post where he made reference to his wife only to return to say that it was just a joke.

Even though the young comedian who is 5 feet 7 inches tall has flirted with girls in a number of his shows, he is not married and is not with anyone as his girlfriend.

What To Know About His Sister

Information about Sal Vulcano’s siblings is not yet clear as there are varying opinions about his family. While some mention his siblings to include Kelly Ann, Dana and Jenna, some others record only Jenna as his sister. One thing remains clear though, and that is – he has a sister named Jenna and he is very protective of her and consequently, it has been used against him in challenges and punishments.

According to some unconfirmed information, Sal’s sister Kelly is the eldest of the four children born to their parents while Dana and Jenna are his younger sisters.

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