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If you are familiar with the name Rashed Belhasa, Dubai’s richest kid, then you must have heard of his father Saif Ahmed Belhasa, the Arab Emirati entrepreneur whose wealth cut across almost every lucrative businesses in the United Arab Emirate.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa owns a number of commercial ventures in every part of the Middle East. He is the CEO of the multiple award-winning Belhasa International Company best known as the largest swimming pool construction company. He has also invested in energy, advertising, education, transportation, and tourism. His decades-long diversified experience in all forms of business has earned him the success he currently enjoys. Let’s take a deeper look into the life and personality of this Dubai billionaire.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s Early Life

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is a UAE citizen born in Dubai in 1966. He attended Al Ain University of Science and Technology where he studied for a degree in business management. After graduating in 1988, he traveled to the United States of America for his master’s degree in the same course.

While nothing much is known about Saif’s childhood and how he developed an interest in business, it is easy to draw a conclusion that he followed in his father’s steps in business. At his return from the USA, Saif Ahmed Belhasa joined his father’s business which has been running since the early 1960s. Saif worked in his father’s company for half a decade taking a role in different departments and gaining knowledge and experience necessary for his future business career. Shortly afterward, he was promoted to the company’s general manager and while managing the family company, he established his own company, a commercial car driving business known as Belhasa Driving Centre (BDC). The business started with just fifteen cars but today, it manages about 700 cars. In 2001, he established the ‘Saif Belhasa Group of Companies,’ which currently has expanded to over thirty subsidiaries that cut across retail, travel and tourism, real estate, building material, advertising, steel and Metal, fashion and training businesses within and outside the Middle East. However, most of his commercial ventures are in the energy sector.

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His $2 Billion+ Impressive Net Worth 

Thanks to his diversified business interest, Saif Ahmed Belhasa is named among the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in Dubai and the middle east. His business successes have earned him numerous awards and worthy recognitions from every part of the business world. His Belhasa International Company and the Saif Belhasa Group of Companies are just a few of all his establishments which have earned him enormous wealth and a net worth estimated at $2.1 billion.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the recipient of the 2007 CEO Middle East Business Expansion Award for owning the most successful establishments in Dubai. He also occupies 38th position on the list of the 2013 ‘Strongest Arabs’ and as of 2019, he is ranked 18th richest Arabian. His company has received many Pool Excellence Awards for being Dubai’s largest pool construction company. Also a philanthropist, Saif Ahmed Belhasa has contributed immensely to the lives of people within and outside his country. One of his notable contributions was to the victims of the Pakistan Flood.

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Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s Interesting Family Life

While Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s parents’ details are not known, we know of his own family including his wife, Sarah Belhasa and three children namely Abdulla, Mayed and Rashed Belhasa. While not much is known about Saif Ahmed’s wife, their children are quite popular, especially their youngest son Rashed Belhasa. He is a popular YouTube vlogger best known by his nickname ‘Money Kicks’.

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Born in Dubai on January 5, 2002, Rashed is also an entrepreneur dealing on clothing items. He is famous for his display of exotic collections that include legendary sneakers and cars that also include supercars like Lamborghini and Bugatti. He also likes cars like Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Saif’s other sons, Mayed and Abdulla are football players and they play professionally for the UAE national team, The Whites (Al Abyad). Outside his business life, the Dubai business mogul enjoys his time with his family. He either sails to Palm Jumeirah for fishing or travel to France where he bought a mansion in Évian-les-Bains.

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