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Whatever negative could be ascribed to YouTube, there is no denying that it has given the average person a voice, an opportunity to express themselves without censoring to please others. One group who have benefited extremely from this are creatives, particularly comedians, like Ryan Higa. No longer do comedians have to beg for time slots at comedy clubs in order to showcase their talents, with the help of YouTube, they can get their name into the world.

Ryan Higa has used this opportunity brilliantly, so much that he has grown to become one of the biggest channels on YouTube, all with his comedy videos. The definition of how big Ryan is can be summarized by one fact – He had the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days, lasting from 2009 to 2011.

There is plenty to say about Ryan Higa and consequently, plenty to learn from him and we cover all of those below. Read on.

Who is Ryan Higa?

Ryan Higa began his life on YouTube by posting lip-syncing videos, today he has his own video production company and has starred in films. The exceptional journey, which doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon started in 2006, sixteen years after Ryan was born on the 6th of June, 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii.

A man of Japanese descent, his childhood, and early teenage life were spent at Waiakea High School where he competed in judo before he graduated in 2008. When his YouTube career began in 2006, alongside Sean Fujiyoshi, it was limited to lip-syncing videos before they expanded to other comedic pieces.

The channel, nigahiga, first ran into a challenge when its early lip-syncing content was flagged for copyright violations. It then later suffered from content creation after Ryan Higa had to move to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to study nuclear medicine.

However, as a determined man, Ryan managed to overcome the challenges and grow into one of the biggest names on YouTube. His comedy pieces on YouTube have featured other YouTubers, including names like Smosh, Andrew Garcia, Lilly Singh and a couple more.

Within a year of creating his channel, Ryan Higa achieved 100,000 subscribers and has so far reached over 21 million subscribers along with over 4 billion views on his channel. He has a second channel, HigaTV which he has dedicated to vlogs and behind the scenes videos of his productions and it has equally been a successful channel with over 5 million subscribers with more than 780 million video views.

Other ventures include his film career, which includes starring in films like Agents of Secret Stuff, Tel Me How I Die and a couple more. He is also a member of the K-pop band, Boys Generally Asian, which is a musical parody group. The group has had multiple charting songs on the K-Pop charts, including a number one song, Who’s It Gonna Be.

What is Ryan Higa’s Net Worth

With over 4 billion views on his primary YouTube channel, and close to a million on his second channel, Ryan Higa is well placed to earn massive income from YouTube Ad revenues. An analysis of his channel’s income potential shows that the YouTuber averages $2,500 to $3,000 a day which accumulates to over a million dollars per year. Having been on YouTube since 2006, and has incorporated other ventures into his entertainment career, including his own production company, it comes as no surprise that Ryan Higa is estimated to be worth $10 million.

Does He Have a Girlfriend, Who Is He Dating?

Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa with his girlfriend, Arden Cho

His entertainment career may have started on YouTube but he has expanded beyond it as so has his dating pool. He is currently in a relationship with Arden Cho, an actress. He has been in a relationship with her since 2015 and from all indications, the relationship appears to be on solid ground.

Arden Cho has worked on shows like Teen Wolf, Chicago Med, Tween Fest, and a couple more others.

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Ryan Higa has a brother named Kyle Higa and they love each other. From an appearance he made on one of Ryan’s videos, Kyle Higa became a notable personality. Though he does not have a YouTube channel of his own, he is a big supporter of his brother’s work. He has also maintained a strong relationship with him despite his brother’s mammoth success.

How Tall is He

Not only is Ryan Higa a funny man, but he is also a handsome man. His handsome nature radiates off a body with a height of 5 feet 8 inches while his body weight is 58kg. He has a slightly oval face with black hair and black eyes.

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