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The name, Ethan Hawke has held a place in the heart of film fans since he appeared in films like Training Day, Before Sunrise and Dead Poets Society. Although not the biggest of names in the industry, Ethan has cultivated a level of popularity for his often critically successful works, which has made personalities in his life equally famous, such as his wife, Ryan Hawke, whom he has been married to since 2008.

Ryan Hawke, just her like husband, is also a member of Hollywood but has worked more behind the scenes as a producer than in front of it as an actress, with her only known acting credit coming in 2006 for the film, The Hottest State.

With her husband being an already well-known personality, we take a quick look at who Ryan Hawke is, and her life with Ethan Hawke thus far.

Ryan Hawke’s Biography

She is popularly known today as Ryan Hawke but she was named Ryan Shawhughes when she was born in 1979. Much of her background remains unknown but she is known to have attended Columbia University after she completed her high school education.

Her journey from Columbia University to becoming Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s nanny remains unknown. However, her history as a public personality began after she joined the family and inevitably became a part of one of the most controversial love triangles in Hollywood history.

Although she had a brief career as an actress before she joined the Hawke family, she has mostly forged a career as a producer, working alongside her husband, Ethan Hawke to produce critically acclaimed projects like Seymour: An Introduction.

Despite no longer making the news as much as she did when she first stormed onto the scene, Ryan Hawke has been known to make interesting appearances alongside her husband in major Hollywood events like the Oscars.

Ryan Hawke’s Career Achievements

Ryan Hawke had her first recorded credit in Hollywood in the movie, The Hottest State, where she played an unnamed character simply described as Williamsburg Hip Girl. She did not record any other credit to her name until 2014 when she made her debut as a producer.

As a producer, which is where Ryan Hawke as made the most achievements, she has produced projects like Seymour: An Introduction, which is a documentary about Seymour Bernstein, a pianist, and a teacher.

She has gone on to produce other projects like the films, Adopt a Highway, Blaze, First Reformed and the show, The Good Lord Bird.

Relationship with Ethan Hawke

Hollywood often has to look into its imaginations to create exciting stories but sometimes, all it needs to is look inward into its own reality. The drama that led to a relationship between Ethan Hawke and Ryan Hawke is one that feels straight out of a romantic comedy.

When they met for the first time, Ethan Hawke was married to Uma Thurman and Ryan Hawke, who at the time was Ryan Shawhughes, was the couple’s nanny. The continued presence of Ryan in the family, taking care of Ethan and Uma’s children soon led to an affair with Ryan.

Although the media directed the cause of the eventual split between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman to Ryan, Ethan has repeatedly come out to deny such conclusions, suggesting his affair with Ryan was the symptom of larger problems between himself and his now ex-wife.

After his split from Uma Thurman was completed in a well-publicized divorce in 2005, Ryan and Ethan Hawke continued their relationship and two years after the divorce, the couple got pregnant with their first child.

In June 2008, Ryan and Ethan Hawke got married in a private ceremony in New York City and shortly after, gave birth to their first child, their daughter, Clementine Jane Hawke. In 2011, Ryan Hawke and Ethan welcomed another child, a daughter named Indiana. The couple currently resides in Boerum Hill, New York City with their children.

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Other Facts About Ethan Hawke’s Wife

• Ryan Hawke is a lover of tattoos and one of her tattoos is the initials of her husband tattooed on her arm.

• Aside from their Boerum Hill home, they also own a townhouse in Manhattan and an island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

• Her husband, Ethan, has two children, whom she was a nanny for, from his marriage to Uma Thurman. They are named Maya and Levon.

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