What Happened to Ryan Buell, How Much Is He Worth and Is He Gay?

The American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell is a popular face in the widely viewed TV show, Paranormal State, which aired between 2007 and 2011. The TV personality who is also an author and producer earned his BA degree in journalism and anthropology from the prestigious Penn State University before hosting the aforementioned A&E show.

Through the show, he has gained fame as well as enormous fanbase on various social media platforms. Despite his popularity in the entertainment industry, his involvement in several controversies brings a twist to his personality. Here are some facts about the Pennsylvanian star.

Who Is Ryan Buell And When Was He Born?

Ryan Daniel Buell, who is of Italian and Native American ancestry, was born on July 8, 1982, in Pennsylvania’s northwest city of Corry, USA but he grew up in Sumter, South Carolina. Not much is known about his childhood but according to his writeup about himself, his parents had him when they were about entering adulthood. He has a sibling named Jordan who happens to be his mother’s first child after remarrying.

How He Became Famous On A&E Network TV series, Paranormal State

In addition to being a producer, author, and paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell considers himself as a journalist, TV host, teacher, and many more. While at Pennsylvania State University, Ryan Buell established the Paranormal Research Society. His establishment of the society was probably sparked by his interest in exploring the unknown. Hence, he read books and other materials that speak of the unknown. In fact, it was his research and examinations that became an essential focus of A&E’s TV series, Paranormal State which was instrumental in his rise to stardom.

As a producer, Ryan Buell produced the paranormal movie titled American Ghost Hunter in 2010. He also co-produced and co-created The Ghost Prophecies, in the same year. His book, “Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown” was also released in 2010 and it chronicles his sexual preferences and his struggle with religious identity. His Paranormal State, however, aired its final episode on the 2nd of May 2011.

Details of His Net Worth

Based on his multiple careers, it is quite difficult to place just how much the Pennsylvanian TV host earns annually. This also affects his net worth as there are variations to his earnings. However, we quite believe that Ryan Buell’s net worth experienced a significant push following his much-viewed TV show, Paranormal State, which also boosted his popularity. he is currently estimated to be worth $1.5 million.

Ryan Buell is also said to have landed properties in various areas in Pennsylvania.

His Mother

Ryan Buell is fond of talking about his mother, especially for her role in his life, even after remarrying and having other kids. Ryan’s mother is Shelly Bonavita Lundburg and she was involved in a controversy sparked up by her son when he made claims of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In July 2012, Ryan had revealed on his Facebook page that he had been suffering from Pancreatic cancer. He even went further to raise awareness on pancreatic cancer and in the following year. He also made claims of being near remission. However, when his mother was approached on his said illness, she denied all of them, saying he never had a cancer diagnosis.

Is Ryan Buell Married or In A Gay Relationship?

Ryan Buell boyfriend
Ryan Buell with his Husband Sergey Poberezhny – image source

An interesting thing about Ryan Buell is his outspoken nature. The celebrity ghost hunter had, in 2010, announced his sexuality as being bisexual. He went further to reveal that he was in a relationship with his Paranormal State co-star Sergey Poberezhny.

In his book, Buell also addressed rumors about him being gay, he categorically stated that he is not gay but bisexual. He also stated that he was struggling to reconcile his sexual preference with his religion as a Catholic.

In November 2014, he announced on his Facebook page that he was getting married to his partner. Ryan also claimed that he was disowned by his parents ever since he spoke about his sexuality. In one of his posts on Facebook, he also implied that his partner has received ill-treatment ever since his family knew of his orientation. The two eventually tied the knot in 2014 but they are yet to have children.

Why Was He Arrested?

Ryan Buell’s name has been involved in several controversial issues. In fact, the TV star has been arrested twice. The first was on September 18, 2016, while he was in Florence County, southern California; he was arrested for theft of leased property and for failing to refund his fans the money they used to buy tickets for his show, Conversation with the Dead, which was canceled in 2014. He was, however, granted bail on October 18, 2016. The following day, his passport was relinquished and his right to a jury trial was also waived.

On April 21, 2017, Ryan was also arrested for harassing and assaulting his boyfriend. After being released in July 2017, he made a blog post where he admitted being a drug addict. He also added that he has been discharged from rehabilitation.

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