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When it comes to fame, there is a duality that is inherent to the phenomenon. Sometimes, it is acquired through one’s own actions and sometimes, bestowed via a connection to someone who acquired it. In the house of the former rapper, Joseph Simmons, who is popularly known as Rev Run, both categories exist. While Joseph Simmons acquired fame through his work in hip hop and his reality show, Russy Simmons had it bestowed on him through his connection as the son of the rapper.

While his father has maintained relevance for decades through music and reality shows, Russy Simmons is on his own journey of a public career. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the life of Russy Simmons and his journey from a child in Run’s House to the adult he is now. Read on to learn more.

Russy Simmons’ Biography & Age

Russy Simmons was born on the 30th of August 1997 in Saddle River, Bergen County in New Jersey to parents Joseph Simmons, popularly known as Rev Run and mother, Justine Simmons. At the time of his birth, Russy Simmons was named Russell Simmons but has come to be known as Russy Simmons. He was named after his father’s older brother, Russell Simmons who is the co-founder of Def Jam Records. He is also the youngest son in the family and he has five siblings.

Russy Simmons’ first introduction into the world of fame came through his appearances in Run’s House, a reality show about their family that ran from October 2005 to July 2009. The show transformed members of the Simmons household into famous personalities, other than his father, Joseph Simmons who had achieved fame as a member of the rap group, Run – D.M.C.

While he was on the show, Russy Simmons developed a reputation for having a different personality and interest from the other members of his family, exhibited through his interest in things like skateboarding. However, despite his unique personality among his family, he has continued to appear in various shows of his family, including appearing in post-Run’s House shows like Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers and Rev Runs Around The World.

Among his family members, Russy Simmons interacts with the family the least and does not have a large presence on social media, with his occasional social media posts coming via his account, @iamrussy_

His Family Members

Russy Simmons
Russy Simmons with other members of the Simmons family

Celebrity families are not a new thing in Hollywood and Russy Simmons has been a part of one all his life, starting with his parents – his father, Joseph Simmons who, having retired from his hip hop career, has established a career of a lifetime on screen in different capacities, first with the Run’s House reality show and then later on channels like HGTV, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel with shows like Rev Run’s Renovations, Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers and Rev Runs Around the World.

His mother, Justine Simmons also appears along with her husband on the various shows and has published a book, Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America’s Parents, co-written with her husband.

As for his siblings, his brother, Diggy Simmons has carved a life as a model and released a couple of music projects, including some singles and an album. Sister Angela Simmons is a businesswoman running a Pastry and the clothing line, Foofi & Bella. She also appears in Growing Up Hip Hip. Vanessa Simmons is also a businesswoman, a model and also stars in Growing Up Hip Hip. Russy Simmons, along with his youngest sister, Miley Simmons continue to appear together on their parents’ show, Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers.

Russy Simmons Net Worth

While his father, Joseph Simmons is believed to be worth in excess of $70 million dollars and Russy Simmons could own a decent amount of that in inheritance from his father, he is currently believed to be worth as much as $2 million, earned from his multiple appearances on his father’s various shows.

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Other Facts About Russy Simmons

He has a sister, Victoria Anne Simmons, who died from omphalocele.

Although he hasn’t taken to rap music like his father or his brother, Diggy Simmons, Russy Simmons has released a couple of songs like The Christmas Song, Someone Like You and Find Your Love.

He has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 65 kg.

He lives with his family in Saddle River, New Jersey in a mansion reportedly worth $5.5 million.

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