We Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Bill Gates’ Son Rory John Gates

According to William Shakespeare, some people attain greatness just by being born, some achieve this same feat by working hard while some others have it thrust upon them. What Shakespeare failed to add here is that some are born great and they also work hard to achieve greatness. This new twist to William Shakespeare’s classification would be realized beyond words some centuries later in the family of William Henry Gates III (popularly known as Bill Gates). Bill Gates’ son Rory John Gates was born as the second of three kids of Bill and Melinda Gates. He is the only son of the elite couple and well on his way to prove he can achieve a lot without basking on his family’s greatness.

Rory John Gates is famous, not just because he is a son to the Microsoft founder, but he has succeeded in carving a niche for himself in the public consciousness. In this article, you will learn a lot about Bill Gates’ son Rory alongside his net worth and relationship with other family members.

Meet Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates was born into one of the wealthiest families in the world on May 23, 1999. So, what has he been up to all these years? Everyone seems to know Bill Gates for co-founding Microsoft at 20. Then, Microsoft went ahead to become the world’s largest personal computer conglomerate. Bill is also known for having been the world’s wealthiest billionaire for a long time. But, who knows Bill’s son Rory? Does Rory John Gates have a name of his own or is he still bound up in his dad’s big shadow?

Although a son to the world’s wealthiest, John Rory Gates was largely unknown until after his tenth birthday. Around the time his dad was wrapping up his work on his bestseller Business @ The Speed Of Thought in 1999, Rory was born. Ten years later, Rory would be writing the poem that set him on his own path to stardom. The poem titled Diamante was published on Bill Gates’ personal website in 2010. Although Bill’s book and his ten-year-old son’s poem had entirely different themes, it may be reasonable to suppose that Rory’s poem may have been influenced by his dad’s work. Just imagine Rory staying around his dad’s paperwork and associating the idea of speed to the idea of light in his ten-year-old mind and you will understand his potentials.

Then, reports have it that Rory asked his dad to publish the poem on his website. If this is true, then he must have inherited his father’s ingenuity and the power of initiative. But, while the world still waits for Rory to manifest these traits in more ways than just writing a poem, he is so far, following a conventional life path. After receiving degrees in Computer Science and Economics, Rory has also undergone the MBA Program of the Stanford University.

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Rory John Gates’ Net Worth

Rory John Gates is the only son to the current second richest billionaire on the planet. His father Bill Gates is worth $96.5 billion as of 2019. Besides, Bill has consecutively been among the three richest billionaires for over a decade. Yet, from childhood, Rory has always been taught financial discipline. For example, before he was ten, he began to earn his pay by running errands and doing chores at home.

There is no other source of earning linked to Rory John Gates outside his father’s wealth. Also, Rory’s parents have promised to bequeath only $10 million of their huge worth to each of their three children. So far, this promise is yet to be actualized. Yet, there is an overwhelming media report that Rory John Gates is worth as much as $20 million to his own name.

Relationship With Other Family Members

Rory John Gates
The Gates – image source

Rory John Gates is second in a line of three children born to Bill and Melinda Gates. He has an elder sister named Jennifer Katharine and a younger sister named Phoebe Adele.

Being raised in the midst of girls may have had a profound influence on Rory. It probably makes him very sympathetic to womanhood. For instance, he is so given to defending the interests of women that his mother Melinda would refer to him as a ‘feminist’. Perhaps, his feminist worldview is the reason he is so bonded to his two sisters and mom. But, is this also the reason Rory is not known to be dating any girl?

Meanwhile, Rory has a very good relationship, not only with the female members of his family but also with his father. Thus, while it is expected that he should have been seeking youthful autonomy at 20, he still enjoys living with the rest of the family at their Xanadu 2.0 Mansion in Medina, Washington.

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